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12 Apr 2024
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1 lol, so it's for autoindexes mapping to /usr/share/apache2/icons https://libregaming.org/icons/folder.open.png 08:59:55
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️https://serverfault.com/questions/153177/apache2-and-icons-path-behaving-differently Mega Lol, I got this by searching for "/usr/share/apache2/icons"09:01:53
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Should I rename it lg-icons?09:02:41
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️ * Should I rename it to lg-icons?09:04:55
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️If we are going to put images in the same directory as icons then yes (Idk which is the common practice tbh)09:10:10
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️done and pushed09:49:58
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1note for next time, that commit message says the what not the why, it'd have been best to mention the apache defaults causing 404 there, because we won't remember that was the point in moving them in 5 years time10:09:08
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Noted, thanks10:37:47
15 Apr 2024
@franzopow:matrix.orgfranzopowJuliet lol06:57:56
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LC <fgdb> [FGD] <Skyflare[M]> https://git.libregaming.org/LibreGaming/matchmaking-bot/pulls/9 13:02:01
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LCplease merge this already13:02:04
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️
In reply to @franzopow:matrix.org
Juliet lol
I thought the same, but was Juliet have to do with FelixActually?
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️* I thought the same, but what does Juliet have to do with FelixActually?14:59:43
@franzopow:matrix.orgfranzopowMaybe she contacted him15:06:19
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Who is in charge of the matchmaking bot?17:24:45
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I technically have permission to accept pull requests, does that mean that I can just accept them if I find them good?17:25:55
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqRampiona is the main author of our fork17:31:23
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqbut I think yes17:31:40
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqhowever best to quickly double-check with me as I am the one running it17:32:08
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoq but I don't really see any issues for smaller changes 17:32:38
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinait's a collaborative project17:36:31
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaso yeah just accept the PR imo17:36:42
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinathere's no governance here17:36:54
16 Apr 2024
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️noisytoot: done04:38:25
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️ emorrp1: Do you have any resources regarding the auto-generated navbar? 04:43:29
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I'll probably argue for a manual one but I would prefer to explore this first04:44:21
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1Only their manual, IIRC it needs all the content to be in a subdir07:53:01

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