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17 Nov 2022
@specing:libera.chatspecing in any case #vegastrike_community:gitter.im is the matrix<->gitter bridged VegaStrike developer chat 09:01:03
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_elouin:irc.freegamedev.netElouingitter is MIT licensed if I remember correctly.09:13:28
@specing:libera.chatspecingThey have MIT license in root of their webapp project09:14:12
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1it's already been added13:17:05
@specing:libera.chatspecing emorrp1: when? I didn't find it 13:23:35
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1 dunno, joined it, clicked on #libregaming-games:tchncs.de space and it was already in the room filter 13:25:41
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1if you're using the search option, that can be quite slow. If you're looking on the website, that's a static export - see git repo13:26:32
19 Nov 2022
@pavanvo:tchncs.de@pavanvo:tchncs.de left the room.09:00:50
22 Nov 2022
@franzopow:matrix.orgfranzopowDuion seems incapable of being bad today01:21:01
@specing:libera.chatspecingdid he actually praise us?!05:58:48
26 Nov 2022
@specing:libera.chatspecing i think we should start refering to eachother with she/her to push duion's buttons :D 12:45:42
@specing:libera.chatspecingnah I think she/her would push the buttons the most13:03:20
@specing:libera.chatspecing the hedgewars players seem to be doing this, it's hilarious 13:03:35
@franzopow:matrix.orgfranzopowRampoina is known to be a she bc of her nick lol13:04:12
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqTbh I was also confused by the nick 😅13:04:42
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinawhat do you mean, I am a lady13:06:06
@specing:libera.chatspecing yes ma'am 13:11:48
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqmy mental image of Rampoina: https://tenor.com/en-GB/view/edna-krapabble-gif-1443840113:38:42
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinano, I don't smoke15:07:51
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinathis lady has skin cancer from smoking so much15:08:12
@specing:libera.chatspecingskin ... from smoking?!15:13:24
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinahow else do you explain 0xFFFF00 skin?15:31:37
@specing:libera.chatspecinglazy artist15:32:35
3 Dec 2022
@sndein:pub.solarsndein changed their profile picture.21:24:11
@sndein:pub.solarsndein changed their profile picture.21:24:14

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