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28 Mar 2020
17:54:29@adroit:matrix.orgAdroit Completely decentralized chat using dht. But it's still not really reliable yet tbh
17:55:00@adroit:matrix.orgAdroitEvery once in a while I open it up and check on it though
19:53:02@Salt:matrix.orgSaltI use rsync + git-annex, been considering encrypting them and uploading somewhere though...

I ended up deciding on anacron + rsync + date --iso-8601 for creating date-based folders. I have enough storage that space is not a worry

20:01:17@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17Maybe I'll also set a cron to check free disk space and periodically delete old backups, but probably not
20:02:45@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17The main thing I need to decide is whether I want to switch her to Fedora Silverblue. Seems like a good idea overall but I need to make sure I can get gnome's simple scan application working
20:40:02@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17(Her = my grandma, for whom I am setting up said backup system). Going with this version because it does not require her to use any new tools; she can just use the file manager to recover old files if needed.

Salt: wolftune : virtual office opportunity -- I'm going to be going through my emails soon for an hour or so

29 Mar 2020
02:41:34@freenode_awolf:matrix.orgawolf left the room.
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04:58:19@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneI have just two emails in inbox, one is generally about my lessons and online organizing, the other is the OSI / Snowdrift-BoD stuff. Neither really needs to be in inbox, so…
05:04:39@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneokay down to 1
05:41:32@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneokay, should have gone to bed, but inbox-0 and okay enough (stuff captured where I trust it enough)
05:41:42@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftunealso down to no browser tabs!
11:01:42@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17I got through about half of my inbox yesterday. Down to 300. Wasn't too bad.
15:38:15@Salt:matrix.orgSaltOkay okay, after a bunch of positive feedback from the other places I've put this... I wanted to share a project I've been following for a while is doing a KS campaign. Randomly decided to check what their status last night and luckily caught it! Anyway, wanted to share, but also feel a bit uncomfortable promoting goods.... That being said, I think people here would appreciate it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/keyboardio/atreus
16:31:46@ericwayman:matrix.orgericwaymanSmall world; I remember when Phil Hagelberg (Lisp languages programmer, advocate of 4:3 screens, among other things) started doing these a few years ago.
16:33:10@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel174:3 is much better for a single document… 16:9 is more flexible since it can usually handle two windows side by side
16:40:48@ericwayman:matrix.orgericwaymanIt depends on the overall size of the screen; I should have said advocate of 4:3 laptop screens.
17:59:06@adroit:matrix.orgAdroit 16:9 for movies and other media; nicely compliments human peripheral vision. And honestly 9:16 (turned vertical) for a single document is even better than 4:3
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20:54:44@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune16:10 !!!
20:54:57@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneIt's so much better, should be more common
20:55:39@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneI have dual 16:10 displays, made it easier to narrow the choices that way. I could turn them vertical, though I generally haven't made a habit of it
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22:41:38@adroit:matrix.orgAdroit Wouldn't that add a frustratingly thin black border above and below every video? Lol
22:47:04@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune Adroit: you don't notice it really, and for everything else it's better

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