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26 Feb 2021
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaWhat is your site?15:28:07
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaoh, ok15:28:13
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaDid not think it looked like you, but never know15:28:38
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa "I finally wrote another song"... I love it 15:29:32
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa wolftune: I also "finally wrote another [piece]" (not technically a "song" as there is no singing) I just put up a new post at https://www.devinulibarri.com/2021/02/25/update-on-new-piece-kaleidoscope/ 15:32:35
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneinteresting, will check out and catch up more when I get through morning routine15:39:41
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaI like your song.15:40:00
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa My piece is pretty dense, but I am totally feeling "dense" at this moment in my life, so it is appropriate. 15:40:48
@alignwaivers:matrix.orgAlignwaivers pikurasa have you seen kiteguitar.com yet? wolftune is pretty active on that musical project... 15:42:10
@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBR6A48wJGk15:42:49
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaThanks. I new Aaron was a musician, and spoke to him a few times, but (honestly-speaking) this is the first chance I have to listen. I just downloaded the song, btw.15:44:10
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa Aaron, do you teach songwriting? If so, maybe you could help me with a few of my students who are headed in that direction (but not going to get as far with a "classical" musician like myself) 15:45:05
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaMaybe you could a workshop or two? Please reach out. I will pm you my email.15:45:34
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa2nd listen. I ~LOVE~ it! I love the wordplay!15:50:29
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune smichel17: that's still amazing, but it has no connection to my own music particularly, but sure; found music 15:54:34
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune * smichel17: that's still amazing, but it has no connection to my own music particularly, but sure; found music 15:54:41
@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17I know, I was just linking it because it's SO COOL15:57:17
* @smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17 has double digit listens16:00:35
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftunejust youtube-dl it16:00:56
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa wolftune: that is a pretty interesting rhythm ( https://invidio.us/watch?v=HBR6A48wJGk ) 16:07:47
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaI am waiting for it to get boring or out of sync... not yet. Wild.16:08:33
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftuneoh yeah, no it just gets better16:09:01
@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17Peaks around 6 minutes in, imo16:09:25
@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17(for a few minutes)16:09:30
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa reminds me: Walter Bender and I have been experimenting with Fibonnaci. We created a Music Blocks project where pitches in semitones is Fib sequence in mod-12 space. Check it out at https://musicblocks.sugarlabs.org/index.html?id=1614295906967854&run=True 16:15:39
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasa(The JS is all free/libre, but--yeah--must use JS to run the project.)16:16:01
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaThis is the visual output: https://musicblocks.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fibonacci-Experiment-Mod12.png16:29:10
@freenode_pikurasa:matrix.orgpikurasaInterestingly, there is one pitch out of the 12 possible chromatic pitches that is skipped, the 6th, aka the tritone.16:36:32

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