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15 Feb 2019
20:58:17@hellcp:matrix.orgLCPRedacted or Malformed Event
20:59:15@hellcp:matrix.orgLCPRedacted or Malformed Event
21:10:55@discord:linuxgaming.lifediscordRedacted or Malformed Event
21:11:11@discord:linuxgaming.lifediscordRedacted or Malformed Event
21:12:55@discord:linuxgaming.lifediscordRedacted or Malformed Event
21:12:57@discord:linuxgaming.lifediscordRedacted or Malformed Event
21:01:20@hellcp:matrix.orgLCPRedacted or Malformed Event
21:05:07@hellcp:matrix.orgLCPRedacted or Malformed Event
21:14:34@discord:linuxgaming.lifediscordRedacted or Malformed Event
21:14:49@discord:linuxgaming.lifediscordRedacted or Malformed Event
16 Feb 2019
13:57:03Room Avatar Renderer.
13:57:03@hellcp:matrix.orgLCP changed the room topic to "+opensuse:matrix.org | News from openSUSE Land" from "News from openSUSE Land".
20 Feb 2019
18:01:44@jacky:matrix.hanibal.mywire.orgEric joined the room.
21:22:03@vinzv:matrix.org@vinzv:matrix.org joined the room.
21 Feb 2019
14:33:38@grauwolf:skyforge.atGrauwolf joined the room.
27 Feb 2019
07:11:54@jacky:matrix.hanibal.mywire.orgEric set a profile picture.
4 Mar 2019
23:24:34@jacky:matrix.hanibal.mywire.orgEric changed their display name from jacky to Jack.
5 Mar 2019
16:22:23@grauwolf:skyforge.atGrauwolf changed their display name from grauwolf to Grauwolf.
11 Mar 2019
10:54:14@nelov:matrix.orgnelov joined the room.
11:03:52@nelov:matrix.orgnelov set a profile picture.
13 Mar 2019
23:11:28@mrey:matrix.orgmrey joined the room.
23:13:46@mrey:matrix.orgmrey set a profile picture.
15 Mar 2019
22:16:02@mildras:tchncs.de@mildras:tchncs.de joined the room.
22:17:15@mildras:tchncs.de@mildras:tchncs.de left the room.
16 Mar 2019
22:09:59@talvdav:matrix.orgtalvdav joined the room.
17 Mar 2019
12:27:13@talvdav:matrix.orgtalvdav changed their profile picture.
22 Mar 2019
15:39:32@vinzv:matrix.org@vinzv:matrix.org left the room.
25 Mar 2019
10:54:00@jacky:matrix.hanibal.mywire.orgEric changed their display name from Jack to Eric.
26 Mar 2019
20:35:51@jacky:matrix.hanibal.mywire.orgEric changed their profile picture.
20:39:38@jacky:matrix.hanibal.mywire.orgEric changed their profile picture.

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