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16 Sep 2019
14:12:33@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewrendering to canvas is pretty trivial
14:13:02@thosgood:matrix.orgTimno worries, i really wanna see this working! i’m travelling today, annoyingly, but should really be able to work on it tomorrow
14:13:13@thosgood:matrix.orgTimhow long are mozilla testing for?
14:13:52@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewuntil Oct 9th iirc
14:14:05@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewso we have a few weeks
14:14:15@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewis an example of Canvas already being used in Riot/Web
14:14:29@thosgood:matrix.orgTimok, will check that out, thanks
14:15:08@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewand would be what one would shamelessly rip off (including the uploading) to do the needed here
In reply to @matthew:matrix.org
until Oct 9th iirc
oh god please anything but slack.
In reply to @cadair:cadair.com
oh god please anything but slack.
the only thing worse would be discord haha
In reply to @cadair:cadair.com
oh god please anything but slack.
oi ;P
In reply to @thosgood:matrix.org
the only thing worse would be discord haha
Don't think that's in the running.
In reply to @matthew:matrix.org
oi ;P
Obviously it should be Matrix. but what it shouldn't be is slack.
17:01:26@thosgood:matrix.orgTimon my phone so can’t test, but how do you send inline images ?
17:02:28@cadair:cadair.comCadairhtml img tag
17:02:34@cadair:cadair.comCadairin the formatted body
17:02:44@cadair:cadair.comCadairwith an mxc url
17:04:28@thosgood:matrix.orgTimah ok, it is that simple
18:01:22@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewthe catch is that we don't currently have any way of defining baseline offsets
18:01:36@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewi think everything might be baseline-aligned by default
18:04:24@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewwe could probably mitigate that by adding in a vertical-align attribute of some kind
18:05:24@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewit's needed for custom emoji too
17 Sep 2019
00:14:11@thosgood:matrix.orgTimmaybe i'm being dense, but I don't see how to use canvas to turn some HTML into an image
00:14:35@thosgood:matrix.orgTim i've looked at createThumbnail, but from what i can tell, this takes an actual image to make a thumbnail from
00:16:25@thosgood:matrix.orgTimseems like the KaTeX people say this isn't yet really supported? https://github.com/KaTeX/KaTeX/pull/251
00:22:41@thosgood:matrix.orgTimand even with MathJax instead of KaTeX, support is dodgy http://jsfiddle.net/RG7yG/4/
01:25:13@thosgood:matrix.orgTim starting to go back to the opinion that it should be up to the receiving client to provide better fallbacks, like images, but i understand why this isn’t always practical
01:49:01@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregI found https://github.com/CurriculumAssociates/canvas-latex which looks somewhat promising. With MathJax, you could try outputting to SVG, and then drawing the SVG on a canvas.

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