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5 Mar 2021
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpIt actually doesn't seem that terrible for me. Firefox Nightly on Mac.20:47:29
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartit's slightly less bad in Chromium20:47:41
@cmart:matrix.orgcmarti have a hypothesis20:48:12
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpAlso, I just did a performance recording in Firefox. Checking that out.20:48:41
@cmart:matrix.orgcmarthypothesis: it's got something to do with scrolling under high-load conditions. the visual elements catch up to scrolling events faster than the "clickable" areas do20:50:54
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartso if you scroll down and then immediately click a Choose button where some tags just were, the browser thinks you're clicking on a tag20:51:29
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartjust a guess, but if it's true, fixing the resource usage will fix the original problem20:53:31
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartalso, if it's true, waiting a few moments after scrolling and before clicking the choose button would fail to reproduce the error20:53:52
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpLet me check.20:54:16
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpCan't reproduce.20:56:35
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpI have to run. Getting chased off café patio closing. Be back in a bit.20:56:54
6 Mar 2021
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpOK! Tested and merged all three MRs: !395, !396, !39701:06:05
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpDone for today. I'll have a look at the image list view speed issue on TACC on Monday.01:07:25
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartthanks! catch you then.01:17:51
8 Mar 2021
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpGood morning!18:25:23
@cmart:matrix.orgcmarthow's it going18:25:39
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpNot bad. Ready for the week. How about you?18:26:02
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartsame 😎18:27:08
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartwhat are you up to today?19:13:26
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpReviewing Sanjana's documentation, then looking at image list performance.19:14:37
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpCreated an issue for it: https://gitlab.com/exosphere/exosphere/-/issues/48119:24:59
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpI also want to address the technical debt I left lying around: https://gitlab.com/exosphere/exosphere/-/issues/46719:26:06
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpI approved https://gitlab.com/exosphere/exosphere/-/merge_requests/398 by the way.19:27:52
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartunsure what I'm doing today.. could implement localized cloud resource nomenclature. could write that SuperUser article19:54:26

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