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Discuss how authorities use the threat of Covid to supress freedom and how to counter the mainstream narrative. Admin does not implicity agree or disagree with any post. If you do not want to see posts from certain users you are free to use the IGNORE function of your Matrix client to make your experience here more to your liking.44 Servers

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15 Jun 2024
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16 Jun 2024
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sent a file.
Outstanding book.
I just began this one and it's also excellent.
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17 Jun 2024
@burmeister:matrix.org🍌Burmeister👩🏻‍🦰🦍🦍🦍 yes, xalamander should be read by everyone! 08:54:39
@burmeister:matrix.org🍌Burmeister👩🏻‍🦰🦍🦍🦍and ill check you book out!08:54:49
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@thebeanbaron:matrix.orgthebeanbaronCheck this out09:17:32
@einka:matrix.orgeinkaA good refresher for not only citizens of the US but all people on earth: https://off-guardian.org/2024/06/17/timely-lessons-about-tyranny-from-the-father-of-the-constitution/12:13:13
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18 Jun 2024
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@oneno:matrix.orgonenoHow can millions of people, all exhibiting signs of COVID have whole genome sequences that match the SARS-CoV-2 reference genome if viruses don't exist? https://kirschsubstack.com/p/how-can-millions-of-people-all-exhibiting20:20:32
19 Jun 2024
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20 Jun 2024
@umadelicia:matrix.thisisjoes.siteMaximilian Muster
In reply to @oneno:matrix.org
How can millions of people, all exhibiting signs of COVID have whole genome sequences that match the SARS-CoV-2 reference genome if viruses don't exist?
The vaccine modified their DNA
@umadelicia:matrix.thisisjoes.siteMaximilian MusterPermanently, that is20:34:55
@relichunter:nitro.chatrelichunterDownload Neil_Admits_Scientists_Dont_Know_Shit.mp420:44:25
@relichunter:nitro.chatrelichunterTrust the science! But the scientists say they are 96% stupid.20:45:19
@umadelicia:matrix.thisisjoes.siteMaximilian Muster

"our model isn't wrong, we just need to replace 96% of the universe with immeasurable and invisible entities drifting around in space changing everything"

21 Jun 2024
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipESTAMOS NA TERCEIRA GUERRA MUNDIAL / WE ARE IN WWIII ! 🇺🇸: The Dangerous speech of "Climate Change" - Scientist and Climatologist Ricardo Felicio O Perigoso Discurso das “Mudanças Climáticas” — O Farol do Brasil https://youtu.be/dLea1ux8jUs 48:36 June, 06 of 2024 - Traitor Bolsonaro done exactly what Nazi-Fascists done to exterminate more than 6 million of Innocents in Concentration Camps when Bolsonaro signs Bill 13.979 that was the deployment of social control, experimentation in humans and all that is evil that all Tyrannies, Dictatorships that are Despotic,Authoritarian,Censors,Feudalist Communist-Nazi-Fascist, Totalitarian, Enslaver, Infanticidal and Genocidal do that are Crimes Against Humanity, Satanist Antichristian Cruelty against population Hypocrites! If Bolsonaro that acts like a Nazi-Fascist of Tojo or Hitler he is killed long time ago if Bolsonaro was judged by Nuremberg Tribunal or Tokio Tribunal. Bolsonaro acts like Nazi-Fascista that obeys all illegal and unconstitutional orders from UN/WHO BY PLANDEMIC AND HOAX-COVID! If Nuremberg Tribunal or Tokio was active again they will condemned Nazi-Fascist Bolsonaro to be hanged and killed in front of all world! Who are you Hypocrites and Liars like from Evil Satanic Left to says anything about Nuremberg Tribunal or Tokio Tribunal that was installed in the end of WWII? Brazil don't participated of these sad events of mankind like these TWO WORLD WARS. Eduardo Bolsonaro: The phrase more listened from Nazi-Fascist of High position in Nazi-Fascist Army and in Third Reich in Nuremberg Tribunal was: "I only obeyed the legal orders from Hitler." By Twitter https://twitter.com/BolsonaroSP/status/1799568138968727715 June, 08 of 2024 June, 06 of 2024 - What kind of Right Wing / Conservative exist in Europe since 2016? A damn Satanist fake Right Wing / Controlled Opposition by Satanic Elite and Terrorist Left? What kind of Right Wing that wins in 2024 European Elections in a European Parliament that each politician like Mr. Nigel Farage expose to us in 2015 can't even propose a Bill and all Bills that are proposed comes from Deep State that becomes giant Leviathan of Bruxelas? Bia Kicis: Europe tired of left. The leftist agenda destroyed West and even young people are understand and choose a better future to themselves. https://t.co/73wCsjhW6q By Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biakicis/status/1800277089779667415 June, 10 of 2024 June, 14 of 2024 - The Right Wing (Conservative) have the obligation to have CLEAN hands and a CLEAN HEART because they affirms that they are Christians and Lord Jesus Christ says to all Christians to obtain Eternal Life and Real Soul's Salvation: "BE SAINT AND CLEAN OF HANDS AND SINCERE HEART LIKE I AM."18:09:41

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