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11 Apr 2021
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldThey’re stereotypically American Sheep.03:14:30
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold This is so ridiculous I could easily give you several screenshots of my messages with her but I don’t want to invade her “privacy.” 03:15:11
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold She gives so much away to the FEDS and constantly clicks on Facial Mask Ads. 03:15:27
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldShe’s doing another one, says “It’s approved by the FDA so it MUST be good”03:15:44
@weeep:matrix.orgweeepoh okay, just tell her FDA approved vioxx and it killed everyone https://www.npr.org/2007/11/10/5470430/timeline-the-rise-and-fall-of-vioxx03:16:20
Download 34547845685345.png
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold Oh, and guess what folks? 03:16:39
@weeep:matrix.orgweeepWHO says masks dont work avoid those as well03:16:43
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldYou know what the REAL highlight is?03:16:45
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldSHE HAS DONE SO MANYYYYYYYY FACIAL TREATMENTS03:16:58
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Goldfrom big and high and godly Big PHARMA03:17:08
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold NONE OF THEM 03:17:11
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldWORKED.03:17:13
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldPeriod.03:17:15
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldI sound high but I’m speaking my heart out here03:17:31
@einka:matrix.orgeinkaResearch the revolving door and show her how the FDA is full of biotech people regulating themselves. Talk about foxes guarding the hen house...03:17:33
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold
In reply to @weeep:matrix.org
oh okay, just tell her FDA approved vioxx and it killed everyone https://www.npr.org/2007/11/10/5470430/timeline-the-rise-and-fall-of-vioxx
Snakes poison! Scam
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold“It’s just one drug.” I could easily predict what she’ll say.03:19:17
@weeep:matrix.orgweeepCONCLUSIONS Industry payments to journal editors are common and often large, particularly for certain subspecialties. Journals should consider the potential impact of such payments on public trust in published research.03:20:20
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Goldima_1f6fab1.jpeg
Download ima_1f6fab1.jpeg
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold....03:21:47
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldI rest my case.03:21:51
@weeep:matrix.orgweeepTell her that science was invented by freemason Robert Boyle founder of the Royal Society (originally called 'the invisible college') and Rosicrucian Robert Moray. King Charles II approved of the venture, and on July 15th, 1662, he signed a royal charter that brought the Royal Society of London in existence. and it's a lot of lies03:24:03
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold Everything is lies 03:26:56
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldI have rested my case with my family. They can stay the way they are.03:27:22
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus Gold“And I have talked to the ones above the 33rd degree of freemasonry, who advocate for population reduction. They say, there’s too many people on this planet!”03:28:55
@ghs:matrix.orgDr. Marcellus GoldI forgot who said it but it’s relevant03:29:03
@dav:xpowx.mooo.comdavsomebody posted somewhere a link in relation to australian common law how it was changed in the late 80s, they also posted about Gough Whitlam creating the queen of australia but i cannot find that information now, has anyone seen it?03:32:55
@weeep:matrix.orgweeepthis is great, same company who helped genocide in ww2 is helping with vaccine passports https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/04/08/how-did-ibm-enable-the-holocaust.aspx04:36:27

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