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7 Apr 2022
@_discord_739735540483752006:t2bot.ioDiscortics™#3850Redacted or Malformed Event08:20:19
12 Apr 2022
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@_discord_803631505452433470:t2bot.ioTarsok#7390 i have edititing mgm-hurry.example.json max drawdown from 90 to 30 10:56:13
@_discord_803631505452433470:t2bot.ioTarsok#7390 my wished target is drawdwon by 1 - 2 % ten can i activate future witch leverage 10x 10:57:32
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000 1-2% drawdown would probably mean you're overfitting, which is not what you want.
Realize that there will always be losses tied to trading, since no-one can make an exact prediction of the future.
We can only make well weighted, mathematically & past-data backed guesstimates about what the future will bring.
And those can very well be profitable! But never without any losses
@_discord_692051366805373009:t2bot.ioJögn I suppose it doesn't need to be overfitted if it's on a very small timeframe, but on the standard ones we run yeah, for sure 13:22:10
@_discord_899413703630418001:t2bot.ioTraNz#1791 changed their display name from TraNz to TraNz#1791.17:44:09
18 Apr 2022
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20 Apr 2022
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22 Apr 2022
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24 Apr 2022
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27 Apr 2022
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@_discord_739735540483752006:t2bot.ioDiscortics™#3850Redacted or Malformed Event12:02:18
30 Apr 2022
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1 May 2022
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2 May 2022
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3 May 2022
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4 May 2022
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6 May 2022
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8 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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