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8 Nov 2018
19:39:50@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerdavidak: hello, sorry for late reply, i have been offline+traveling the last week
19:42:25@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerYes, there are news: the registration process is through, the registration court accepted the bylaw text including online voting (without physical presence) and everything else. Confirmation of non-profit status by tax authority still pending, paperwork is essentially done but they might possibly request more details or changes in bylaws text, we are waiting for reply.
19:43:23@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtler techknowlogick: the quick response to the recent security reports has been extremely encouraging
19:45:05@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtler We deployed git HEAD (1.6pre) to the test server, davidak’s git killer repo is taking the server down for some seconds but it is recovering
19:48:10@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtler Continuing the organization side paperwork for opening the bank account is done and has been sent to the bank, waiting for reply here too (this was blocked before due to the long processing time of the registration office, annoyingly slow here in Germany). As soon we have the bank account open (hopefully next week?) we can officially operate
21:01:46@davidak:matrix.orgdavidakvery good news. thanks!
21:02:53@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerIt all takes much more time than expected, yet, considering how much gogs/gitea accelerated maturing in recent weeks, hopefully worth stressing the patience
21:03:39@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerAnd that German authorities are really slow, ... well, we should know
21:04:00@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerBut the worst is (hopefully) behind us now
22:23:20@fnetx:matrix.orgfnetxHey there ... will there be a data merge between the staging and the official platform? I want to try teahub with a new project and I don't know if I should use my existing (staging) account or register a new one at the 'official' site.
22:43:02@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerPlease use the TLD teahub.io, not staging
22:44:47@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtler We will try to migrate accounts and repos as complete as possible
22:45:24@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerYet there might be conflicts (double accounts, same repo names etc)
22:45:42@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerWe will have to see how this will work out
13 Nov 2018
17 Nov 2018
16:19:07@fnetx:matrix.orgfnetxWhat I meant is that I have been using staging.teahub.io already, so I tried not to create these conflicts by not creating a second account.
16:29:30@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerfnetx: have you tried the „Create ... New Migration“ function (the „+“ button top right corner)? Staging will live on until migration is complete and we can be certain that no data loss occured
16:30:09@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtler In any case thank you for the heads-up, I will double check with you that everything is alright then
16:32:13@fnetx:matrix.orgfnetxHmm okay ... If I get you right, I should create a new account at teahub.io and create my existing projects in "migration", so it copies the content from the staging instance?
16:54:49@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerYes, and from then on commit/push to teahub.io (update the git remote on your client or work on a fresh checkout from teahub.io)
26 Nov 2018
06:25:52@tklk_:matrix.orgtechknowlogickversion 1.6.0 of Gitea is out: https://blog.gitea.io/2018/11/gitea-1.6.0-is-released/
07:08:11@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerThank you for heads up! (already deployed on the testing node)
09:57:55@davidak:matrix.orgdavidak techknowlogick: again a very nice update with some useful features, but there are still 18 security issues open.
10:31:52@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlertechknowlogick: playing with the image, I realized that the heatmap widget is allocated, but not rendered (spinning wait wheel forever). Is some special database migration or setup required or the feature simply not yet finalized?
27 Nov 2018
17:28:13@tklk_:matrix.orgtechknowlogickholger: no DB migration required, although it will be replaced with updated version in 1.7.0 release. If it isn't working for you, then I recommend disabling it via settings, and re-enabling when 1.7.0 comes out.
17:45:12@holger.waechtler:matrix.orgholger.waechtlerThank you! I will try
3 Dec 2018
19:44:15@zeratax:dmnd.shZeratax?utf8=✓ changed their profile picture.
4 Dec 2018
17:51:59@zeratax:dmnd.shZeratax?utf8=✓ changed their profile picture.
3 Jan 2019
22:32:38@thw:matrix.orgthw[m] changed their display name from thw to thw[m].
13 Jan 2019
14:50:01@davidak:matrix.orgdavidaki would like to get the information from the uptime monitoring ticket from staging and the wiki page with press feedback

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