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28 Nov 2016
@lfcohen:matrix.orgLeonardo Cohen Thank you! This is going to be great. And congrats again for such a great event and atmosphere. 12:01:54
29 Nov 2016
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4 Dec 2016
@lfcohen:matrix.orgLeonardo CohenAny news on the videos and presentations? Thank you very much! Also, any idea already for the next ChatBot Summit? Date and location?08:34:11
5 Dec 2016
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22 Dec 2016
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31 Dec 2016
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10 Jan 2017
@lfcohen:matrix.orgLeonardo Cohen Guest 69356: Any chance presentations and videos might available from the ChatBot Summit now? Thanks! 09:33:15
15 Feb 2017
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22 Feb 2017
@_neb_guggy:matrix.orgGuggy 17:58:53
25 Jun 2017
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30 Jul 2017
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27 Aug 2017
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6 Sep 2017
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29 Sep 2017
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21 Nov 2017
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4 Dec 2017
@lfcohen:matrix.orgLeonardo CohenSo I guess we can use this chat for the next year ChatBot Summit again in Tel Aviv.... :-) he he00:56:27
4 Mar 2019
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5 Mar 2019
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4 Jun 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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2 Jan 2020
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@denemeden:matrix.orgdenemedenhello people15:12:49
@denemeden:matrix.orgdenemedeni dont know am i correct place but i need to ask smthng.15:12:58
@denemeden:matrix.orgdenemedendo someone have information about chatbots on riot.im15:13:09
13 Jan 2020
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26 Jun 2020
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6 Jul 2020
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