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12 Feb 2019
21:17:47@freenode_Kiss_:matrix.orgKiss_ joined the room.
13 Feb 2019
18:28:09@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni [ Get a Library Card - State Library of Ohio ] - https://bit.ly/2V2OhSr
18:28:13@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanothey are on a separate network than the Columbus Metro Library
18:28:22@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni [ Libby, by OverDrive - an app for library ebooks and audiobooks ] - https://meet.libbyapp.com
19:12:59* @freenode_The_Miser:matrix.orgThe_Miser requested a card from the State Library.
14 Feb 2019
06:16:20@freenode_Tylak:matrix.orgTylak left the room.
17:29:16@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni left the room.
17:48:07@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni joined the room.
20:29:25@freenode_xenial64-user:matrix.org@freenode_xenial64-user:matrix.org joined the room.
20:29:46@freenode_xenial64-user:matrix.org@freenode_xenial64-user:matrix.orgum. is this room filled with law buffs?
20:33:30@freenode_The_Miser:matrix.orgThe_MiserNot I. I do technology, not law. :)
21:37:45@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoxenial64-user: sadly, nope
21:37:51@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoi do tech stuffs too
23:22:52@freenode_xenial64-user:matrix.org@freenode_xenial64-user:matrix.org left the room.
15 Feb 2019
12:57:58@freenode_The_Miser:matrix.orgThe_MiserI was going to point that person to /r/legaladvice but thought that would be too snarky. ;)
14:36:40@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanohehe, probably :p
16:59:37@freenode_Kiss:matrix.orgKiss that's the craziest shit i've heard in a while
16:59:29@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni [ Man charged with setting sheriff's deputy on fire - ABC News ] - https://bit.ly/2Ecrw8L
17:00:31@freenode_jenni:matrix.orgjenni [ Man charged with setting sheriff's deputy on fire - ABC News ] - https://bit.ly/2Ecrw8L
19:53:35@freenode_The_Miser:matrix.orgThe_Miser I'm on the fence on capital punishment, but sometimes ... for a heinous crime such as that, taking the perp out back and just beating on them for awhile doesn't sound so bad.
19:53:57@freenode_The_Miser:matrix.orgThe_MiserHow could you honestly defend burning someone like that?
16 Feb 2019
00:33:58@freenode_Kiss:matrix.orgKiss I mean who's sitting around prepped to set someone on fire in the first damn place - f'in nutter
00:46:54@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano yeah, that's awful
17 Feb 2019
15:12:05@freenode_Tylak:matrix.orgTylak joined the room.

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