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15 May 2022
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 I've had it working in the past (in the context of shadows rather than stereo), but lost the source code. 22:29:05
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear Abdu this line is busted, makes both ssao shaders work terribly in interiors, I'd get rid of it 22:34:04
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear float water = pos.z * omw.eyeVec.z - pos.y * xylength + omw.eyePos.z; 22:34:12
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear or fix it, but up to you 22:34:57
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear https://pastebin.com/RKsqwWHv 22:38:47
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear need this 22:38:59
@_discord_600478577552785408:t2bot.iosungazer changed their display name from sungazer to sungazer#6156.22:55:21
@_discord_600478577552785408:t2bot.iosungazer changed their display name from sungazer#6156 to sungazer.22:55:28
16 May 2022
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Got rid of it. 00:41:02
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu That issue it caused was really annoying. 00:41:11
@_discord_534103544383537172:t2bot.ioBrenner Little joined the room.05:00:40
@_discord_506652622913011725:t2bot.ioDewy#9704 changed their profile picture.07:31:20
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Download IMG_20220516_113750.jpg
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo#6530 11:33:52
@_discord_384460687793192981:t2bot.iodocent27 Let Khajiit go, he didn't steal anything.🤣 12:50:52
@_discord_211572189722312704:t2bot.ioSandro Æsher https://esahubble.org/images/potw2220a/ 15:42:09
@_discord_334934512758947841:t2bot.ioMr_Squarepeg#0365 changed their profile picture.18:12:35
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@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear lol 20:48:24
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear * lol 20:48:26
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear psi29a just reported its rejecting that on macs 20:48:26
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear 😅 20:48:26
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear will need to revert, I don't know how to detect this at runtime... 20:48:53
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu The highp one right? 20:55:03
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu That's going to be problematic if it can't also use those in a shader:
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Some shaders can/willuse them. 20:56:29
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * Some shaders can/will use them. 20:56:37
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * Some post processing shaders can/will use them. 20:56:56
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * That's going to be problematic if MacOS can't also use those in a shader:

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