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26 Sep 2022
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy Plum too, and it was one of the brighter colorschemes in win98 20:46:00
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy then 2000s come and it's all neon yellow and shit 20:46:11
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy and when we get off that crazy we arrive at blinding white or emo black 20:46:25
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy With no inbetween 20:46:30
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo better readability maybe 20:46:44
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy but gray is super readable 20:47:03
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy * but black on light gray is super readable 20:47:10
@_discord_471429575919009802:t2bot.iojvoisin#8882 /me is using https://www.nordtheme.com/ everywhere 20:47:20
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@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy I've been using this custom gray scheme for a little over a year now, it's ugly but it's ugly the way I like it 20:48:28
@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy and it's the best thing I've arrived at for my eyesight 20:48:35
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@_discord_176450745263063040:t2bot.ioCammy Krita's builtin gray isn't bad either 20:48:55
@_discord_211572189722312704:t2bot.ioSandro Æsher Both clean black and clean white are tiring, they really should be toned up and down respectively. 20:49:36
@_discord_211572189722312704:t2bot.ioSandro Æsher Windows 8.x had #FCFCFC window backgrounds (Explorer and such), then went full F for no reason. 20:51:30
27 Sep 2022
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter I needed a status monitor for my server, for private use but couldn't find a free app with reasonable intervals. 14:04:03
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter https://uptimerobot.com/index/ 14:04:09
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter Until this one. 14:04:20
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu OpenMW and Daggerfall Unity work on exagear. 22:38:48
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Daggerfall Unity works with Fantastic quality too. 22:39:14
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu On the build I'm using it has a gamma issue. 22:39:52
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu So can't really play it. 22:40:01
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu arx libertatis works fine tko. 23:27:53
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * arx libertatis works fine too. 23:31:13
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * arx libertatis works fine too (much faster than the original engine). 23:34:40
28 Sep 2022
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris seems not 02:27:42
@_discord_149995955729596416:t2bot.ioWhat Would Astolfo Do? Understood. 02:27:45
@_discord_859964198297534465:t2bot.iogeobuzdek#8120 changed their display name from ywebsol#8120 to geobuzdek#8120.04:07:07
@_discord_859964198297534465:t2bot.iogeobuzdek#8120 changed their profile picture.04:07:19
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