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30 Nov 2021
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined Might be a little too high-tech. 😄 11:18:59
@_discord_599630931216695297:t2bot.ioeddie5 Dwemer golem mod. Part of Sobitur facility. 11:19:35
@_discord_471429575919009802:t2bot.iojvoisin#8882 Dang, Starwind looks massive, impressive work! 12:50:42
@_discord_471429575919009802:t2bot.iojvoisin#8882 (and a ton of benching/testing opportunities for OpenMW !) 12:51:00
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad And when you're done playing Morrowind you can reduce the quality of the game down to nothing by modding it with clown mods! Applies to Skyrim, too xD 12:54:56
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad Like sure that Automaton Warsuit is just a joke mod...but then I hear that replaced low-tier synth fantasy music running in the background and all I can think is: Why? D: 12:55:38
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad Luckily everyone is free to do to their own game whatever they please! 12:55:52
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined For me it's not necessarily about the quality. Although quality helps a lot. But also about a different experience. 13:05:26
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined Starwind does deliver when it comes to being unique and different despite its flaws. 13:05:56
@_discord_234686725182455808:t2bot.ioPhoenixGSU joined the room.13:12:59
@_discord_676454089474703385:t2bot.ioMortLikesGoats joined the room.13:23:50
@_discord_676454089474703385:t2bot.ioMortLikesGoats Anyone ever play the Arktwend total conversation? really underrated, by the same team that did Nehrim for Oblivion and Enderal for Skyrim 13:56:47
@_discord_597959640092901386:t2bot.ioVert Sleeping Dogs was a street fighting / martial arts game that was like a GTA Clone. You could engage enemies in hand-to-hand melee, use weapons like knives, purses, batons and even guns later on in the game. You could also action hijack vehicles by jumping from car to car to carjack bad guys or steal better cars. 14:14:20
@_discord_345794761141256195:t2bot.iosoaringcupcake joined the room.14:24:21
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad Played and loved all of em. Of course they have their own strengths and weaknesses but Enderal is certainly their "Magnum Opus" so far. Especially considering it at the price of "free".

Local game sites also decided to rate it not as a mod but as they would an entirely standalone game and it STILL holds up.
@_discord_477810636412420106:t2bot.iomyrix joined the room.16:13:38
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tua7aK6Y7NY 16:17:14
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad Hory shet that's a pretty good cgi trailer 16:17:22
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad Spoilers I guess if you havent played the story yet lmao 16:18:03
@_discord_251060096929366026:t2bot.ioShehriazad I still think that Warframes Story Arc has evolved to become one of the better ones' in the online gaming landscape. Like it's not the best...but it's somewhere up there. 16:21:40
@_discord_176535827961085952:t2bot.ioOutlander yeah, fantastic game 16:35:30
@_discord_176535827961085952:t2bot.ioOutlander highly recommend if you like stuff like Evangelion 16:35:56
@_discord_176535827961085952:t2bot.ioOutlander I've been playing since 2014, off and on, lmao 16:37:54
@_discord_226165836899942410:t2bot.ioFreerey#6821 I love how it looks like a completely different game despite still being in Morrowind 17:26:02
@_discord_226165836899942410:t2bot.ioFreerey#6821 Reminding me of Lego exo force of all things 17:26:47
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined Morrowind modders tend to have a talent for making models feel like Morrowind. 17:31:35
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined I'd probably have difficulties replicating that. 17:31:59
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined And I guess some don't try to. 17:32:47
@_discord_226746119013662722:t2bot.ioDestined https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/342812393497427968/914999876251680828/Screenshot_20211129-184628.jpg 17:37:01
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm#2224 I always love the mixed-in Morrowind clothes models 17:37:29

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