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15 Sep 2019
12:53:21@gitter_microtherion:matrix.orgMatthias Neeracher (Gitter) joined the room.
12:53:22@gitter_microtherion:matrix.orgMatthias Neeracher (Gitter)Is there any documentation on upgrades between versions? I just tried upgrading my 1.2.1 instance to 1.4, and it seems gitea is no longer recognizing the app token.
14:05:33@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter)Gitea have been changed to OAuth2
15:11:44@gitter_microtherion:matrix.orgMatthias Neeracher (Gitter) Thanks, @tboerger! I have it running now, was just a bit surprised… the failure mode when upgrading is not pretty.
15:43:52@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)I was told Gitea moved to oauth2 months ago and no longer supported the previous auth method. So if you are running an old version of Gitea I guess you could run into issues on upgrade
15:53:42@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)If we realized this would impact some users we would have made a note about it in the documentation. But we did not realize this because ... well ... we are not perfect
15:55:48@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) (edited) ... we realized this would impact some users we would have made a note about it in the documentation. But we did not realize this because ... well ... we are not perfect => ... we knew this would impact some users we would have made a note about it in the changelog.
15:59:41@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) (edited) ... the changelog. => ... the changelog, but it can be difficult to predict all things. we do the best we can.
16:29:41@gitter_techknowlogick:matrix.orgtechknowlogick (Gitter)Yes, Gitea supports OAuth2 as of april.
16:31:47@gitter_techknowlogick:matrix.orgtechknowlogick (Gitter) Basic user/pass handling is not secure especially since it doesn't support 2FA.
16:44:23@gitter_techknowlogick:matrix.orgtechknowlogick (Gitter) If OAuth2 isn't support in the version of Gitea that is in use then an upgrade should happen due to security vulns we have patched.
17:51:44@freenode_te-rangi:matrix.orgte-rangi joined the room.
22:23:34@freenode_georgie_:matrix.orggeorgie_ joined the room.
16 Sep 2019
05:37:00@gitter_varkalaramalingam:matrix.orgvarkalaramalingam (Gitter) joined the room.
05:37:01@gitter_varkalaramalingam:matrix.orgvarkalaramalingam (Gitter)my drone cli is working good but If I push code to git hub the build is always in pending state only.How to solve this problem please helm me.
05:39:16@gitter_varkalaramalingam:matrix.orgvarkalaramalingam (Gitter)the only problem with drone console. please help
05:54:51@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)see the FAQ at discourse.drone.io, there is a section for this
06:05:30@gitter_xuanwo:matrix.org@gitter_xuanwo:matrix.org left the room.
07:27:32@freenode_RV06:matrix.org@freenode_RV06:matrix.org joined the room.
10:33:54@gitter_himanshumonga32:matrix.orgHimanshu Monga (Gitter)How can I pass the go binaries built in one pipeline to another dependent pipeline?
15:13:32@freenode_RV06:matrix.org@freenode_RV06:matrix.org left the room.
17:48:17@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter) Pipelines don't share any storage. You could upload it to something like an object store and download it within the other pipeline.
18:40:51@gitter_virgofx:matrix.orgMark Johnson (Gitter) joined the room.
18:40:53@gitter_virgofx:matrix.orgMark Johnson (Gitter) Anyone got a link to a cloud drone repo publically available? Just curious -- I'd like to checkout the interface
18:40:58@gitter_virgofx:matrix.orgMark Johnson (Gitter) (Can't find links from documentation / google)
18:48:35@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) we have Drone Cloud (free for open source) at https://cloud.drone.io
18:48:45@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) example project using Drone Cloud at https://cloud.drone.io/drone/drone
18:48:52@gitter_virgofx:matrix.orgMark Johnson (Gitter)perfect thx
17 Sep 2019
00:01:08@freenode_de-facto:matrix.orgde-facto left the room.
00:01:24@freenode_de-facto:matrix.orgde-facto joined the room.

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