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6 Dec 2022
@caesarovich:matrix.orgCaesarovichOh okay I see that, the christmas socks on the fireplace kinda ?12:48:41
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenyeah, similar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas_Day12:49:27
@resmo:libera.chatresmo Gwmngilfen, true that. 12:49:44
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenok, its by the chimney, not by the door. like I said, not a UK thing, we're just stealing it 🙂12:49:51
@resmo:libera.chatresmo we are stealing "halloween" and "black fryday"... but I am not a big fan of these 12:52:57
@resmo:libera.chatresmos/fryday/friday ;)12:53:35
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenblack fryday is any day the bacon gets burned12:53:52
@resmo:libera.chatresmo anyways "happy spending money for shit so economy is happy" whatsoever event 12:54:07
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinheh, get special offer to pay original price something had two weeks ago before it was raised12:54:29
@resmo:libera.chatresmo Gwmngilfen, well, fryday would be nice! 12:54:49
@resmo:libera.chatresmo felixfontein, you would lough but that is true. I know a few sales employees of bigger retail stores, buying things especially for "january sales" so they have enough goods. 12:57:10
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein resmo: I'm not surprised at all, even though so far I 'only' had anecdotical evidence... 12:58:39
@resmo:libera.chatresmo My dad used to say: "Don't expect the goods to have more value then the price they sell it for. They're business companies." 13:01:18
@resmo:libera.chatresmohe was a business man.13:01:32
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfengood words13:02:43
@resmo:libera.chatresmo felixfontein, Gwmngilfen, cybette gundalow: cfgmgmt? yay or nay? 13:08:18
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfeni'm going13:08:26
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfencfp closes today if you want to send a talk, I'd love to hear from you 😉13:09:05
@cybette:matrix.orgCarol ChenYay for cfgmgmtcamp :)13:09:43
@gundalow:ansible.imgundalow resmo: I'll be at cfgmgmt camp 13:13:05
@caesarovich:matrix.orgCaesarovichcfgmgmt ?13:13:31
@caesarovich:matrix.orgCaesarovichConfig Mega Good Master Training Camp ?13:13:51
@cybette:matrix.orgCarol Chenhttps://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/ghent2023/13:14:11
@cybette:matrix.orgCarol ChenConfiguration Management13:14:49
@caesarovich:matrix.orgCaesarovichMmh kay13:15:49
@caesarovich:matrix.orgCaesarovichIf it wasn't so far maybe i'd go but nay13:16:04
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinresmo: yay13:18:25
@maxamillion:one.ems.hostmaxamillionmorning all!14:07:31

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