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30 Mar 2023
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein your module apparently depends on a docs fragment called 'my_namespace.my_collection.my_doc_fragment_name', which ansible-core cannot find 09:50:11
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinalso better use this link: https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/dev_guide/developing_modules_general.html09:50:37
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinthe link you are using is pretty old (2019)09:51:04
@poppel:matrix.orgMartin Møller Skarbiniks Pedersenok. thanks10:43:43


Contributor Summit & Community survey results for Feb

After CfgMgmtCamp and Contributor Summit, we ran our usual post-event survey, which also asks more general questions about the state of the community too.

I've now closed the forms and done the analysis, and you can find the results here. In general it's fairly consistent with previous surveys (which you can find here.

Overall we're seeing more of the themes we've already discussed in the community strategy so I hope the plans for the year ahead will positively impact that. Check it out, and let me know your thoughts!

@newsbot:ansible.imnewsbot✅ Hey Gwmngilfen, thanks for your report! I'll store it safely for the next Bullhorn review!10:44:42
Download image.png
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinthese 2.10 blocks scare me :)10:45:40
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenit's still in RHEL though10:46:35
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenso I expect it won't go awat entirely for a while10:46:44
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfen * so I expect it won't go away entirely for a while10:46:57
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfonteinyou sure you mean 2.10 and not 2.9?10:48:01
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfeneh, perhaps I should have put 2x10:48:18
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenmostly I'm happy to see a big chunk of 7.X given it came out since the last survey. I know we have a regular schedule, so it's good to see folks upgrading.10:49:13
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfen(worth noting there were more categories, I strip the zero-response ones)10:49:35
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenin general the response rate was pretty low, I think we have a bit of survey fatigue10:50:05
@felixfontein:libera.chatfelixfontein let's do a survey on that! 10:50:19
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenI think a yearly model with a wider call-to-action is the way to go. we don't put it on the docs page, for example, because it's somewhat specific to the event.10:51:03
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfen(the one time we did a docs survey, back in 2020/1, we got 900 replies)10:51:50
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfen I'd really love some data from somewhere else on something like what version people use or how long they've been using it, so I can weight the survey properly. But I don't think it exists. 10:52:42
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfen maybe ssbarnea can get me some of that VSCode telemetry 🙂 10:53:09
@mchappell:matrix.orgtrembleTrouble is that when you're getting the info from something like VSCode you're tying it to a group of folks who're also using another specific technology and it's probably going to be oddly skewed11:37:31
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenwell, possibly, yes. the question is "does the userbase of VSCode distribute well over other characteristics like type-of-user or version-used?" and you're right, it doesn't but nothing does, really, and if you have a few you can weight with all of it11:59:46
@gwmngilfen:ansible.imGwmngilfenthis is why so often you'll see deomgraphic questions on surveys - because they already know the % of religion/ethnicity/sports-affiliation/etc for a given area from census data, and can use it to weight/12:01:01
@remindbot:ansible.imremindbot @room It's Bullhorn release day! Please share your news items with newsbot by 18:00 UTC to be included in this week's issue. Thanks! 13:10:20
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31 Mar 2023
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