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Classic Need for Speed Community | Website: https://bit.ly/2FtkeOV  | Community: https://matrix.to/#/+classicnfs:matrix.org | Discord Server: https://bit.ly/2SQzaKS This is (Need for Speed Porsche) room, that is a part of a larger Need for Speed Classic community. We cover all the classic NFS games such as The Need for Speed. Need for Speed II, III Hot Pursuit, High Stakes, Porsche and Hot Pursuit 2. This community is Bridged with a Discord Server.6 Servers

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26 Jun 2022
@_discord_341243432184053761:flowtivity.iopete You can find the mods from it at many different addon websites 11:20:24
27 Jun 2022
@_discord_851708527638609930:flowtivity.ioSnoocomics9452 [🇭🇰] changed their display name from Snoocomics9452 [🇭🇰] to Snoocomics9452#6341.05:41:09
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@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul I tried to go to their page, Conti Gestapo says Nein! 🤬 18:13:11
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@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul They don't like NFS Cars either 18:15:07
@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul Oddly enough they got no beef with NFS Addons or NFS Police H.Q. though but on NFS Police H.Q. they block all pics from showing, Not on NFS Addons though., 18:15:47
@_discord_698851685124276244:flowtivity.io-=TRR=- bug nfscars's certificate is expired 19:23:11
@_discord_698851685124276244:flowtivity.io-=TRR=- bug nothing to do with isps 19:23:19
@_discord_324661689972686849:t2bot.iochloerawr ♀#5011 changed their profile picture.19:34:46
28 Jun 2022
@_discord_492901004358975499:flowtivity.ioZas993[🇵🇪] changed their display name from Zas993[🇵🇪] to Zas993[🇵🇪]#9533.07:17:58
@_discord_492901004358975499:flowtivity.ioZas993[🇵🇪] changed their display name from Zas993[🇵🇪]#9533 to Zas993[🇵🇪].07:18:02
@_discord_275587823799894028:flowtivity.ioK3nningar [🇫🇷🇨🇭] Continental has a ISP? What the actual fuck 09:30:09
@_discord_275587823799894028:flowtivity.ioK3nningar [🇫🇷🇨🇭] * Continental has an ISP service? What the actual fuck 09:30:23
@_discord_698851685124276244:flowtivity.io-=TRR=- bug i dont really understand what polizeipaul was talking about 11:20:28
@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul We have some crap on our PCs that mess things up, Blocks pics and certain sites..Not our own ISP, Just a ignorant program. 11:46:30
@_discord_275587823799894028:flowtivity.ioK3nningar [🇫🇷🇨🇭] That's very weird... you should try to reinstall Windows my friend... 11:49:13
@_discord_698851685124276244:flowtivity.io-=TRR=- bug n4s was also blocked because its not HTTPS 11:49:35
@_discord_698851685124276244:flowtivity.io-=TRR=- bug recently google and other browsers put HTTP sites as dangerous 11:50:18
@_discord_698851685124276244:flowtivity.io-=TRR=- bug which is kinda true, but meh :/ 11:50:39
@_discord_306314079029428224:flowtivity.ioPolizeiPaul I can do nothing at work, Now as for my own PC I have uninstalled all that Security crap, Norton was a big pain in the ass and as for Google trying to block stuff, I disabled that as well. Again at work it's all locked though. 14:04:17
@_discord_346316069549637643:flowtivity.ioPlayNeth [🇧🇷] changed their display name from PlayNeth [🇧🇷] to PlayNeth#3583.15:46:16
@_discord_346316069549637643:flowtivity.ioPlayNeth [🇧🇷] changed their display name from PlayNeth#3583 to PlayNeth [🇧🇷].15:46:19
@_discord_281496728480382979:flowtivity.ioAJ_Lethal [🇨🇷] it's not a program, it's your work's network firewall that's blocking access to non-work related sites so gg no re 16:35:48
29 Jun 2022
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