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21 Sep 2021
@_discord_228985596696199169:flowtivity.ioProBoz * isn't there a mod for the fishtail F1 to be on PC? 04:23:39
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar Ye there are lots of mods for the longtail for PC 04:24:04
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar on Nfsaddons 04:24:08
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar but like we talking about the base game 04:24:13
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar https://nfsaddons.com/downloads/nfshs/cars/mclaren/844/mclaren-f1-gtr-longtail-1997.html 04:25:26
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar This is my favorite one 04:25:29
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar All the others are great too 04:25:46
Download unknown.png
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar And this version of the GT-R is much better 04:26:16
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar NFSF1McLaren they did a great job 04:26:29
@_discord_159508273760960515:flowtivity.iobeavis2323 i find it funny how the police radio says they are going after me for driving 30 mph 06:45:01
@_discord_228985596696199169:flowtivity.ioProBoz too fast 07:38:41
@_discord_700762233990414418:flowtivity.ioOskarzina joined the room.13:29:39
@_discord_274235483410661378:flowtivity.ioPredatorace Hi guys, quick question 19:41:06
@_discord_274235483410661378:flowtivity.ioPredatorace I've installed NFS High Stakes (PC) with the modern patch and official addon cars. All good so far 19:41:26
@_discord_274235483410661378:flowtivity.ioPredatorace Now I've installed the NFS Wizard. I've changed the FEDATA of the Ferrari F50 so I can use it in Pursuit mode. I've saved it but now for some reason the Ferrari F50 in the car list is all the way at the bottom (not with the other Ferrari's) any idea why? (serial number didn't change...) 19:42:41
@_discord_274235483410661378:flowtivity.ioPredatorace Never mind figured it out 🙂 20:09:28
@_discord_792373628503195648:flowtivity.iormschesser changed their display name from NEEDFORSPEED to rmschesser#6289.21:39:48
@_discord_792373628503195648:flowtivity.iormschesser changed their display name from rmschesser#6289 to rmschesser.21:39:50
@_discord_792373628503195648:flowtivity.iormschesser Man it would be nice if we can change the opponent car is nfs IV 21:39:52
22 Sep 2021
@_discord_274235483410661378:flowtivity.ioPredatorace Has it ever been figured out how to increase the track limit (19) in NFS HS? Since the car limit is 50 (gives some room to add extra cars). Is it hard coded in the game or? 05:24:51
@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar Idk nfs mixer maybe 06:28:07
@_discord_208470311308492800:flowtivity.ioMeteor/OD211 Yes, the track limit is hardcoded. The track order itself is hardcoded too. 11:20:24
@_discord_774875945281519657:flowtivity.iogamerbrain101 changed their display name from gamerbrain101 to gamerbrain101#0653.14:43:43
@_discord_774875945281519657:flowtivity.iogamerbrain101 changed their display name from gamerbrain101#0653 to gamerbrain101.14:43:46
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@_discord_708221100747915345:flowtivity.ioBlazar changed their display name from Blazar#0842 to Blazar.17:37:26
23 Sep 2021
@_discord_153495831847239680:flowtivity.ioHypercycle [ru] VEG has told some time ago that even some track object animations & sounds is strictly hardcored for the specific track slots 06:30:28
@_discord_198508855729192960:flowtivity.ioDe-M-oN For example the train 10:32:16
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