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29 Oct 2023
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1 Nov 2023
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4 Nov 2023
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich Looks like there is no Arm version available. 19:53:48
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich Do you need Bloop installed separate? Metals will just use the latest bloop so unless you are doing specific Bloop stuff I would not install it. 19:55:27
9 Nov 2023
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik key_eugene sorry for the late answer. You should instead use cs install bloop-jvm 16:18:30
13 Nov 2023
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik what is the issue? Might be good to reprot it in intellij discord 14:37:36
@_discord_936395565154054144:t2bot.ioeje4073 changed their display name from eje to eje4073.18:30:41
14 Nov 2023
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16 Nov 2023
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr 01:26:12
28 Nov 2023
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30 Nov 2023
@_discord_736256129323106384:t2bot.iovazand 08:41:12
2 Dec 2023
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3 Dec 2023
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5 Dec 2023
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik Och, I didn't see your message earlier. How was this popping up? The runtime config was supposed to be the same as sbt runtime config. What was wrong about it? I should fix it before the next release 😱 23:20:25
6 Dec 2023
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik I double checkec and it seems I already fixed the issue in main 15:54:33
9 Dec 2023
@_discord_316549337167560706:t2bot.iounarist 07:17:18
11 Dec 2023
@_discord_387435475142705152:t2bot.iojungle_hacker69 changed their display name from jungle_hacker69#0 to jungle_hacker69.16:30:37
16 Dec 2023
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19 Dec 2023
@_discord_305362010374406144:t2bot.iosteadhaven changed their display name from marouan28 to steadhaven.14:38:12
22 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2023
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik I am starting a long fight of merging Scala CLI Bloop fork and Bloop, so if anyone wants to help I would be glad for reviews or information about any issues the changes might bring.

For now, I am looking at the changes .alexarchambault did and moving ones that make sense, since a lot of things changed in Bloop itself or were already backported.

Later I plan to move the Bloop rifle to mainline Bloop and start publishing it alongside it, which means we will be able to start using it in both Metals and Scala CLI -> this gets us to the point where we have only one Bloop starting underneath.

Last will probably be removing launcher and bloopgun modules and relying exclusively on bloop rifle.

Couple of questions that might be worth pondering and if anyone has an opinion please shot them my way:
1. Should we have Bloop rifle under a different repository as suggested before?
2. Does anyone need the separate launcher? I know it's used in Intellij, though we could replace that also.
3. Anything I haven't thought about? (probably quite a few things)

Some initial PR tidying up things:
- https://github.com/scalacenter/bloop/pull/2221
- https://github.com/scalacenter/bloop/pull/2223
- https://github.com/scalacenter/bloop/pull/2224
2 Jan 2024
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.ioTomasz Godzik Anyone uses Bloop launcher 2.12.x or would it be safe to remove it? 11:06:24
10 Jan 2024
@_discord_510415959480336393:t2bot.iopotatoef changed their profile picture.11:33:02
12 Jan 2024
@_discord_945331330294624276:t2bot.iozhao_nan changed their display name from Zhao Nan to zhao_nan.17:01:58
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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_967195426275065976:t2bot.ioose_369 changed their display name from OSE to ose_369.00:42:10
14 Feb 2024
@nrktkt:matrix.orgnrktkt!discord bridge 632150470000902164 88488169630085944217:29:49
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord BridgeI'm asking permission from the guild administrators to make this bridge.17:31:39
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge

Timed out waiting for a response from the Discord owners.


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