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30 Aug 2022
@_discord_367633594614546442:t2bot.ioBrad_UMATR changed their display name from Brad_UMATR to Brad_UMATR#8384.09:01:43
@_discord_367633594614546442:t2bot.ioBrad_UMATR changed their display name from Brad_UMATR#8384 to Brad_UMATR.09:01:44
31 Aug 2022
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 who is going to stop you? 🙂 12:59:05
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 I used to have it overridden to JDK 17 with some extra parameters 12:59:19
1 Sep 2022
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 there is nothing like that currently, only if you start metals with different java versions it will suggest you restart bloop with that version 07:15:30
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 but not mechanism in Bloop for it 07:15:38
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 You can take a look here https://github.com/scalameta/metals/blob/main/metals/src/main/scala/scala/meta/internal/metals/BloopServers.scala#L446 for an example 14:01:54
2 Sep 2022
Do you know by any chance if I can use the BSP launcher and still install Bloop?
I think it's possible, but it would be much simpler to use the BloopLauncher to install Bloop. Bsp launcher likely requires something specified locally, so you would need to install Bloop CLI first and run bloop bsp or something like that
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 och, that might be, though I wonder where that additiona MB comes from 🤔 07:10:57
6 Sep 2022
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 it's a jar with some of it's dependencies shaded to avoid incompatibilities 06:31:28
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 Unfortunately, there is no way currently to do that. It should be possible to implement, since Metals does it with an additional discovery mechanism 07:44:25
7 Sep 2022
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 I think it should, I've seen people using it. It only requires the Scala plugin 14:38:47
10 Sep 2022
@hobbitProg:matrix.orghobbitProg joined the room.18:33:04
@_discord_957313992915824701:t2bot.ioNio#0287 changed their display name from mugeng to Nio#0287.18:50:35
@_discord_957313992915824701:t2bot.ioNio#0287 set a profile picture.18:50:41
12 Sep 2022
@_discord_469980680944877568:t2bot.ioEmily changed their display name from Emily to Emily#6789.03:04:54
@_discord_469980680944877568:t2bot.ioEmily changed their display name from Emily#6789 to Emily.03:04:57
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 Heh, I saw that as well - Scribe probably detects that it's being piped into somewhere instead of terminal, and disables colours? 16:03:40
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 given that Bloop is a server and SBT is a ... umm.. not a server 16:04:10
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 * given that Bloop is a server and SBT is a ... umm.. not a server? I think? 16:04:13
14 Sep 2022
@_discord_97104885337575424:t2bot.ioskip#2048 changed their display name from skip to skip#2048.07:11:19
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 Maybe, java is oncifgured in .bloop/bloop.json ? 11:48:25
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 though not sure where that warning is coming from 11:48:36
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 Maybe change to the newest one? This should automatically get updated with the version from Metals 12:10:40
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 Speedie when you first start ScalaCli do you use the jvm flag ? 12:16:26
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 or maybe it's in the script? 12:16:38
@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 scala-cli compile --jvm 18 ? 14:03:52
Change what to the newest one
newest java in bloop.json, though it shouldn't be needed
19 Sep 2022
@_discord_984595059863326740:t2bot.ioantonkal changed their display name from antonkal to antonkal#9938.17:14:39
@_discord_984595059863326740:t2bot.ioantonkal changed their display name from antonkal#9938 to antonkal.17:14:52

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