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26 May 2023
@slack_astropy_U01BLKESP2B:openastronomy.orgmaxnoe From (parts) of the VHE community there is this project: https://astro-colibri.com/#/ 07:56:52
@slack_astropy_U01BLKESP2B:openastronomy.orgmaxnoe I've never seen a better implementation of this xkcd then astronomical alert systems to be honest: https://xkcd.com/927/ 07:58:00
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27 May 2023
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29 May 2023
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@slack_astropy_U059QRHJ1KP:openastronomy.orgyash I am fairly new to open source and was wondering if I am planning to work/already working on an issue should I comment under that issue that I am working on this so that the other person who might also be planning to work on that can work on another issue? 07:17:08
@slack_astropy_U0LE97SBD:openastronomy.orgtomaldcroft That's a good idea! 09:35:56
30 May 2023
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@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim People do that sometimes but most do not follow through with a PR. The best way to "claim" an issue is to open the PR. There can be multiple PRs with slightly different implementations, but it is better than no PR after you think someone is working on it but the person is MIA. Thank you. 11:19:12
@slack_astropy_UK6RZ6C3S:openastronomy.orgDerek Homeier You can open a draft PR at a quite early stage, and perhaps add a comment that you are just starting to work, so people know to wait with reviewing any details. 11:39:57
@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Hopefully we don't use these stdlib modules no more? https://discuss.python.org/t/pep-594-has-been-implemented-python-3-13-removes-20-stdlib-modules/27124 13:55:07
@slack_astropy_U059YC8CSDT:openastronomy.orgFabian Schussler Good point, kelle! As PI of the Astro-COLIBRI platform mentioned by maxnoe, let me briefly clarify our point of view. There is indeed a proliferation of brokers, associated alert formats, and transport protocols. Some of this is historical (e.g. the separation between sources announced via the NASA General Coordinates Network vs sources announced via the Transient Name Server), some of it is new developments preparing for LSST (like the brokers you mention). The aim of Astro-COLIBRI is to provide a top-level interface to the most interesting transients. We focus on providing access to the alert information via interfaces (web, Android, iOS) and an API. More details at https://astro-colibri.science. We ingest them from all kinds of sources/brokers and formats, so a common package would really helps us. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have the manpower to provide something like this ourselves, but we are certainly happy to help. I also think (to avoid making the XKCD situation worse) that all of this should be closely synchronized with the IVOA. E.g. the existing VoEvent standard could evolve if necessary and adopted more widely. 15:31:10
@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Reposting from megan https://cfp.scipy.org/2023/talk/X7YH7A/ 16:58:14
@slack_astropy_U0LE97SBD:openastronomy.orgtomaldcroft Astropy is lucky to have had Michael on our team for a while. He is one wicked smart developer. I tried to learn from him where possible, including things like being pragmatic in code design. 19:30:26
@cadair:cadair.comCadairI am now double sad to be missing scipy. Been way too long since I chatted to him.19:49:14
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31 May 2023
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@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Stuart, not too late to change your mind. Show your baby USA. 13:55:23
@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Re-posting from hamogu (https://groups.google.com/g/astropy-dev/c/muKJHNVJQlM): APE 21 accepted, no LTS beginning v6.0 14:28:18
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