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20 Sep 2022
@slack_astropy_U75NUJ99P:openastronomy.orgparejkoj https://docs.astropy.org/en/latest/development/workflow/virtual_pythons.html#virtual-envs 17:50:12
@slack_astropy_U75NUJ99P:openastronomy.orgparejkoj Linked from the “Try the development version” page. 17:50:44
@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Oh... definitely needs updating. Thx. 17:51:49
@slack_astropy_UGQUJMUS3:openastronomy.orgJames Davies
conda create -n astropy python -y
conda activate astropy
pip install -e .[test]
@slack_astropy_UGQUJMUS3:openastronomy.orgJames Davies The above makes a minimal conda environment with just python installed, does an editable install of development astropy, and runs the tests. 17:53:29
@slack_astropy_UGQUJMUS3:openastronomy.orgJames Davies You can also replace the last 2 lines with
pip install tox
tox -e test
@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Opened https://github.com/astropy/astropy/issues/13724 17:55:21
@slack_astropy_UGQUJMUS3:openastronomy.orgJames Davies This has the updated information, I think… https://docs.astropy.org/en/latest/development/testguide.html#tox 17:55:58
@slack_astropy_U75NUJ99P:openastronomy.orgparejkoj This sequence of commands seems to have gotten me a working environment that will run pytest in my astropy git clone:
mamba create -n astropy-dev python
conda activate astropy-dev
pip install -e .[test]
@slack_astropy_U75NUJ99P:openastronomy.orgparejkoj There’s a bunch of intertwined information on the three pages (I added links on the Issue you created): someone who understands that better should probably update, but I’m happy to proofread or be a guineapig for stepping through the updated process. 18:23:41
21 Sep 2022
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22 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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@slack_astropy_U043LK4KWTG:openastronomy.orgYukta SharmaIMG_20220925_170632.jpg
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@slack_astropy_U043LK4KWTG:openastronomy.orgYukta SharmaIMG_20220925_170649.jpg
Download IMG_20220925_170649.jpg
@slack_astropy_U043LK4KWTG:openastronomy.orgYukta Sharma I am having trouble using gala astroquery. First I tried it on notebook in VS code and getting error: could not build wheels for gala, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects Then I shifted to replit for 'from gala.units import galactic ' I am getting error that I must specify a unit of physical type ' length ' 11:37:35
@slack_astropy_UK6RZ6C3S:openastronomy.orgDerek Homeier Looks like one of your packages is installed in a too old version for up-to-date units support. Possibly gala, but that’s hard to tell since the path names of the relevant packages are cut off in your screenshot. Could you post a full view, or better, just copy and paste the error message as a code block (probably Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C)? 14:27:16
26 Sep 2022
@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim adrn can probably help with Gala stuff. 14:28:43
@slack_astropy_U75UFQL6P:openastronomy.orgadrn Hi Yukta Sharma -- I'll DM you to see if we can debug this! 14:29:46
27 Sep 2022
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28 Sep 2022
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