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30 Jan 2018
@_slack_astropy_U07529085:matrix.orgastrofrog I think we should try and regenerate from Python and see if we still need to patch them - also we should document the process in case we need to regenerate again in future 14:50:25
@_slack_astropy_U07529085:matrix.orgastrofrog So lextab files are written by hand and parsetab are generated? 14:50:36
@_slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:matrix.orgbsipocz no, I think both are generated 14:52:21
@_slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:matrix.orgbsipocz I may have some notes written up on the updates, but even if I do, it’s hidden on a backup disk somewhere. 14:55:03
@_slack_astropy_U07529085:matrix.orgastrofrog ok, no rush anyway 🙂 15:04:58
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg Anyone, but especially eteq and astrofrog since you have written about this - what’s a good (citable) reference for the relative use of IDL, python, and maybe IRAF over the last 10+ years? There’s a plot that was tweeted, I think, but anything in text? Momcheva & Tollerud give a snapshot at 2015, I’m trying to look back a bit at history (2008-2010) 17:37:30
@_slack_astropy_U07529085:matrix.orgastrofrog I tweeted a plot based on ADS searches 17:41:14
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org Can you DOI your tweets, astrofrog? 😉 🤓 17:44:04
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org More seriously, perhaps that’s a good RNAAS item to write up? 17:44:51
@_slack_astropy_U07529085:matrix.orgastrofrog I must have made a notebook to go with it 17:45:01
@_slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:matrix.orgbsipocz what happened to figshare? 😉 17:45:24
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg on a sort of related note… do you know how to find out when a package was first put on github? Obviously I can look at the logs to find out commit dates, but I want to know when I finally ditched mercurial…. 17:45:37
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg figshare still exists 17:45:49
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg we made updated version of that plot recently…. 17:46:07
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org If you look at https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/ it appears that the API gives you a “created_at” entry for a repo. That’s probably what you want? 17:47:21
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg maybe we should dump these onto figshare? https://github.com/astrofrog/astropy-graphs/pull/4#issuecomment-300714137 17:47:24
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg thanks, yes 17:47:35
@_slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:matrix.orgbsipocz or if it’s possible maybe zenodo (only for the reason that we tend to use that more often, so randomly finding it there is more likely than on another service) 17:48:54
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org FWIW, I do find those quite interesting on the basis that the fraction is so *small*. That is, probably the vast majority of every astronomy paper in the last few decades used one of those languages, yet the highest number is Python at 6% 17:49:21
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg true. Which raises another question - how can one ‘discover’ data hosted on figshare/zenodo/dataverse? Who is indexing these services (no one)? How do we solve that in astroquery….? 17:49:39
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org Librarians. Or at that is their value proposition these days 😉 17:50:13
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg agreed. The integral is maybe 10-15%? 17:50:47
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg Huh. Why aren’t librarians contributing to astroquery, then? 17:51:19
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg but seriously, the question has come up for me in practice: I have some data I’ve posted on figshare (years old now), I was on a TAC and someone asked to repeat the project even though the data there are perfectly adequate. They just don’t know about it. 17:52:02
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org Yeah, it’s a tough one. I suppose it’s that astronomers go looking in archives or papers, not data repositories. 17:53:29
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org But maybe the archives need to start pointing people to the data repositories sometimes? 17:53:39
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg yes 17:57:00
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg I wish I could convince them of that. 17:57:03
@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org@_slack_astropy_U067V68UQ:matrix.org Might be worth a chat w/ Josh Peek. I think he’d get the point of this, and is now MAST PI. I’ll see if I can convince him to jump in to chat on this 17:58:44
@_slack_astropy_U75LC6SKV:matrix.orgadam.g.ginsburg oh? That’s a good point 18:04:53

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