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13 Feb 2019
19:22:11@cadair:cadair.comCadairchanged room power levels.
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14 Feb 2019
17:47:26@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluRedacted or Malformed Event
17:47:55@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu(sorry, wrong channel - and can't delete, oh the irony)
18:06:15@SolarDrew:matrix.orgSolarDrewfinal reminder: apply for PyAstro19 before 22:00 UTC today! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3mxZ7HR0oMrW00hTO49Q8861l-mEApU_4ab-tfudB1pnDcA/viewform
15 Feb 2019
23:39:33@slack_astropy_U765NS6SG:openastronomy.orgMatt Craig I’m going to submit a proposal in a few minutes to the Plenary session on SciPy tools. These are min-talks (3 minutes maybe?) for short updates on the major tools. I think p3y1i4n did it last year
23:40:40@slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:openastronomy.orgbsipocz 5 mins as I recall reading the instructions a few hours ago
23:52:27@slack_astropy_U765NS6SG:openastronomy.orgMatt Craig oh, are you submitting one? If so, I won’t hit the submit button….
23:52:55@slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:openastronomy.orgbsipocz I’m planning to submit a big talk about the infrastructure, so don’t hold back on my account
23:55:43@slack_astropy_U765NS6SG:openastronomy.orgMatt Craig ok, for astropy stuff I’m just submitting for the mini-talks. Already submitted a separate talk and tutorial proposals…
23:57:10@slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:openastronomy.orgbsipocz tutorial for astropy or something else?
16 Feb 2019
00:02:42@slack_astropy_U765NS6SG:openastronomy.orgMatt Craig Tutorial for jupyter widgets, have done it the last two years
00:03:37@slack_astropy_U765NS6SG:openastronomy.orgMatt Craig Submitting a talk about the infrastructure is a good idea — that has been a ton of work and should be a broad interest.
00:07:41@slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:openastronomy.orgbsipocz yeah, let’s hope they interested in it 🙂
18 Feb 2019
11:49:47@amet-vikram13:matrix.org@amet-vikram13:matrix.org left the room.
14:55:32@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Pretty sure they started to chase me off the stage at 3 mins last year. But then again it seemed like they squeezed in Astropy status update as an afterthought.
19 Feb 2019
15:51:31@slack_astropy_U9GHPBMPX:openastronomy.orgRohan Rajpal changed their profile picture.
19:11:27@slack_astropy_UGAV114HZ:openastronomy.orgJoseph Schlitz joined the room.
19:11:28@slack_astropy_UGAV114HZ:openastronomy.orgJoseph Schlitz Hello, Everyone
19:13:28@slack_astropy_UFMKAD021:openastronomy.orgRounak Hi jrschlitz0725 😀 Welcome to Astropy🎉
20 Feb 2019
06:17:09@slack_astropy_UGBFPMJCU:openastronomy.orgYash Kumar joined the room.
06:17:10@slack_astropy_UGBFPMJCU:openastronomy.orgYash Kumar Hello everyone, I was quite interested in the astropy widgets GSOC project. I have basic knowledge of python, css, js and have done some projects in them. I'm unable to work my way out with the github repo of astropy widgets. Can someone guide me through that? And is there a separate channel for this?
06:37:27@slack_astropy_UFMKAD021:openastronomy.orgRounak Hey yash.kmr.99 Welcome to Astropy🎉 You can join the channel #astrowidgets
06:57:00@slack_astropy_UGBFPMJCU:openastronomy.orgYash Kumar Thank you rounakr.ag73 😀
15:35:45@slack_astropy_UEP6GS2RX:openastronomy.orgK.S. yash.kmr.99 You might want to try the #gsoc channel too...
18:08:11@slack_astropy_UGBFPMJCU:openastronomy.orgYash Kumar Thanks krisastern
18:08:30@slack_astropy_UEP6GS2RX:openastronomy.orgK.S. You are welcome
20:27:07@slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:openastronomy.orgbsipocz here - there are 21 open PRs/issues in the upcoming bugfix releases. If you see any of those are not likely to get finished in ~2 days, please move them to the next milestone to help me with getting the releases out of the door as smoothly as possible (otherwise uninformedly I’ll move them myself).
21:18:35@slack_astropy_U76R9NRLP:openastronomy.orgbsipocz p3y1i4n - you’re a saint, thank you very much!
21:21:31@slack_astropy_U774ARTKR:openastronomy.orgpllim Awww. You are welcome.

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