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13 Nov 2020
In reply to @slack_astropy_UFSE52VT3:openastronomy.org
Since I don't have WCS , I will try writing a hack with the shift and rotation in CRPIX and CROTA values.
Or you can generate one with existing information
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@cadair:cadair.comCadairIs there an easy way of doing allclose on a Time object?14:44:36
@slack_astropy_UEBMCAEG0:openastronomy.orgtimj There’s an open PR for that 15:05:40
@slack_astropy_U0LE97SBD:openastronomy.orgtomaldcroft Merged! https://github.com/astropy/astropy/pull/10646 15:06:00
@slack_astropy_UEBMCAEG0:openastronomy.orgtimj Yes, I just was checking and saw that 🙂 15:07:08
@cadair:cadair.comCadairwell that's great, now all I need is for it to be in a release so it can be in my tests 😛15:07:27
@cadair:cadair.comCadairit's a good feature tho15:07:42
@cadair:cadair.comCadair I assume the best way to do it in 4.1 is allclose on .jd1 and .jd2`? 15:08:17
@slack_astropy_U0LE97SBD:openastronomy.orgtomaldcroft If I needed this today I would just copy those methods as standalone functions (replacing self, other with time1, time2, or whatever). 15:13:41
@slack_astropy_U0LE97SBD:openastronomy.orgtomaldcroft But barring that, the three lines of code here have all the real functionality sans error handling:
            dt = self - other
            dt = abs(dt)
            out = dt <= atol
14 Nov 2020
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17 Nov 2020
In reply to@krisastern:matrix.org
Or you can generate one with existing information
To be honest there are never 100% accurate WCS anyway, they are always just approximations anyway, with seeing and aberrations due to atmospheric conditions
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19 Nov 2020
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20 Nov 2020
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22 Nov 2020
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@slack_astropy_U01F7462FBP:openastronomy.orgSiddhant Sharma I am Siddhant Sharma, a 3rd year Undergraduate pursuing B.Tech at The NorthCap University. Please guide me and give me tasks. 16:17:50
@slack_astropy_U01F7462FBP:openastronomy.orgSiddhant Sharma I want to Participate in GSOC 2021 16:18:18

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