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18 Oct 2019
16:20:30@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)

Furries have suffered enough at the hands of our human-supremacy based culture.

Please spread this article and help spread awareness about the hateful actions UwU

Sincerely, Draco Dragonico: 67, Genderfluid, Dog/dragon/serpent hyrbid, pan

16:52:57@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)POSSIBLY A BIGOT???? who knows.
16:53:09@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)please recognize furries as a separate race.
16:53:16@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)thank you!
16:54:31@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)image.png
16:56:26@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)god. i love funny. parody. news website.
16:56:31@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled)it makes me coom.
17:22:23@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)medical necessity
21:30:03@ff777:matrix.orgFF777oh my fucking god
21:30:10@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i thought this was a joke........
21:30:42@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i mean kellogg's is already a piece of shit for its founder encouraging wide-spread circumcision in the USA.........
21:30:49@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 * i mean kellogg's is already a piece of shit for its founder encouraging wide-spread circumcision in the USA.........
21:30:56@ff777:matrix.orgFF777although i think he is dead now
21:32:59@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)wtf is this aids
21:33:15@ff777:matrix.orgFF777it comes up on multiple news sites.....so i think it is real..
21:34:20@ff777:matrix.orgFF777ironically the abomination it turns in to when you mix all of the cereals together is reflective of what happens when you do the same to societies..
22:22:39@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)lucky charms
23:05:46@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)image.png
23:19:59@ff777:matrix.orgFF777oh well who cares about afghanistan
19 Oct 2019
00:11:58@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)holy shit lmao
00:12:06@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men)get her. tulsi. TEAR HER UP.
01:01:47@ff777:matrix.orgFF777changed room power levels.
3 Nov 2019
01:15:09@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their profile picture.
4 Nov 2019
09:51:49@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheen changed their profile picture.
09:52:01@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheen changed their profile picture.
09:59:26@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgCharlie Sheen changed their profile picture.
5 Nov 2019
02:47:59@anel_lena:matrix.org🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) changed their profile picture.

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