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this is NOT some kind of furry community.. it is for hot furry pics. No talking allowed or you will maybe might be muted eventually maybe, i don't know....probably not but there is always a chance i guess..:kong: (this doesn't apply to admins or any of my friends or extended family (except my fat stupid mom, she is still getting muted if she comes in here))12 Servers

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28 Jul 2021
@taiga86:midov.pltaiga Mr. Fox: thanks. saved that as a copypasta 21:47:05
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxaM74zABp_700w_0.jpg
Download aM74zABp_700w_0.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. Fox402923fbfc6e2877b616f5ff5eb89fa9.jpg
Download 402923fbfc6e2877b616f5ff5eb89fa9.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxA mandatory porn after speaking one's mind on a shitpost room.21:50:36
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. Fox
In reply to @taiga86:midov.pl
Mr. Fox: thanks. saved that as a copypasta
Hecc, then I should have typed well at least!
@taiga86:midov.pltaigano no21:53:39
@taiga86:midov.pltaigait's more authentic this way21:53:50
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxaL9rjRz0_700w_0.jpg
Download aL9rjRz0_700w_0.jpg
Download 223871237_224940862838826_7178335764486442956_n.png
@taiga86:midov.pltaiganot sure if nekomimi gura counts as furry21:55:08
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. Foxc3a261922205c777c95f68750b6d3778.jpg
Download c3a261922205c777c95f68750b6d3778.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxCan't say they're my thing. Though I'd say they're on the spectrum of furry. Just the lowest. 21:56:10
Download buttpage.png
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxDownload 1567732502575.webm22:03:48
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxDownload 7dbd0a2994049789f04d92cc641986df.webm22:05:35
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxNow, if anyone can explain to me where the based transhumanists are at. That'd be a mighty service indeed... Because it's either regressionistic trad mentality conservatives that basically want to return to religious monke. Or hyper liberal ree-rees with less cognitive cohesion than a stroke patient on acid. 22:06:06
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxTranslation: Mr. Fox has no friends. 22:17:28
@taiga86:midov.pltaigaheh, same. at least you're smart22:19:48
@taiga86:midov.pltaigai hope. i can't even tell22:20:03
Download 0a948d2e1699920d515b51ab67234592.gif
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxEveryday cat things.22:21:37
Download AdT8qcEr.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxDownload signal-2020-10-21-170916.mp422:22:43
Download AnimeFlux-495676-Deeply_Involved.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. Fox1625539086764.jpg
Download 1625539086764.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxDownload 5eeee36777351a06091505f60d2c2f72.webm22:28:24
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. Foxfurry_irl-os7svf.jpg
Download furry_irl-os7svf.jpg
@adrianlusvep:matrix.orgMr. FoxDownload 1b389368179547476ae896b1101c3c6f.mp422:32:25
29 Jul 2021
@the-switchify:matrix.orgTheSwitchifyā„¢can y'all chill out with the porn just a little00:28:11

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