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25 Aug 2017
21:11:55@patrickdaniel:matrix.orgLinkwe're just getting everyone from team into this chat :)
21:12:09@robertlauko:matrix.orgrobertlaukothat's great!
22:37:29@brainiac5:matrix.orgbrainiac5 joined the room.
23:59:51@thanke:matrix.orgthanke joined the room.
26 Aug 2017
27 Aug 2017
06:12:49@null_radix:matrix.orgnull_radix hiya patrickdaniel !
06:21:10@null_radix:matrix.orgnull_radix hiya robertlauko !
28 Aug 2017
07:44:49@tomburger:matrix.orgtomburger joined the room.
07:45:13@tomburger:matrix.orgtomburgerHey all
29 Aug 2017
12:00:41@jibjab:matrix.orgjibjab joined the room.
20 Sep 2017
05:38:23@null_radix:matrix.orgnull_radix invited @mntr:matrix.orgmntr.
05:38:30@mntr:matrix.orgmntr joined the room.
05:47:50@null_radix:matrix.orgnull_radix invited @cranau:matrix.orgcranau.
18:50:15@cranau:matrix.orgcranau joined the room.
19:42:29@cranau:matrix.orgcranau invited @pablanopete:matrix.orgHutch.
19:42:36@pablanopete:matrix.orgHutch joined the room.
22 Sep 2017
04:37:39@derek7272:matrix.org@derek7272:matrix.org joined the room.
27 Sep 2017
14:04:28@pablanopete:matrix.orgHutch changed their display name from Chris Hutchinson to Hutch.
7 Oct 2017
07:59:35@patrickdaniel:matrix.orgLink changed their display name from patrickdaniel to link.
14 Oct 2017
17:42:18@expeditus:matrix.orgexpeditus joined the room.
30 Oct 2017
00:55:09@appadude:matrix.org@appadude:matrix.org joined the room.
15:57:36@cisco:matrix.orgcisco joined the room.
18 Nov 2017
01:38:49@patrickdaniel:matrix.orgLink changed their display name from link to Link.
21 Nov 2017
05:31:04@zacklocx:matrix.orgzacklocx joined the room.
22 Nov 2017
12:00:08@cisco:matrix.orgciscoIs thier an annoucments channel?
29 Nov 2017
15:57:15@null_radix:matrix.orgnull_radix cisco:  not really
21 Dec 2017
05:42:58@kuldeepsinh:matrix.orgkuldeepsinh joined the room.
30 Dec 2017
15:46:41@rdb:matrix.orgtryopt joined the room.
19 Jan 2018
19:32:04@null_radix:matrix.orgnull_radix invited @Mike_DH:matrix.org@Mike_DH:matrix.org.
27 Mar 2018
14:26:29@rdb:matrix.orgtryopt Hello
Is this Room absolutly dead or what?

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