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4 Jan 2019
18:33:22@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairheadOSS fund ($10.2m) for OSS replacing CA's: https://www.handshake.org/
18:36:27@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairhead(added to here where I've been keeping track of funds etc. much of the stuff is from other lists but in case people want to fork the repo to collaborate etc. https://github.com/Joshfairhead/Resources/wiki/The-Commons)
18:37:44@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williams joshafairhead: much appreciated!
18:38:21@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairheadNp, I say the same to you who made some of the lists the list was made from
18:38:49@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamssoon I'll go through it all and try to make some updates
18:39:11@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsunfortunately it seems like a decent amount of the more popular funds are not currently open for business but there are also plenty of new opportunities
18:40:09@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairheadYeah, I've noticed that there isn't much open at the min but since they are pooping up its good to have them tracked :)
but since they are pooping up its good to have them tracked
19:12:26@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairheadgod that typing is dodgy hahahaha
7 Jan 2019
12:14:10@paslar:matrix.orgpaslar joined the room.

Greetings everyone!
Hope you all have had a great New Year so far!

As some of you might be aware, we are working on a project called Ether Bank which provides zero-interest loans by accepting ETH as collateral and issuing stablecoins called Ether Dollar.

Here's the github repository for those who are interested in giving a look at what we've been up to:

We have also presented our project in a couple of social coding meetings and have had a milestone on social coding campaign to create our command line client.
That milestone is done and our client is finalized now, thanks to Giveth and Unicorn DAC.

Ether Bank is a non-for-profit, open source project and it is most beneficial to Ethereum community because of its zero-cost for providing loans, so we think it eligible to receive grants for its further growth.
Yalor advises us this is the best place to get help applying for grants. Specially cause parker_williams is here.

14:19:31@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williams paslar: thanks for reaching out and providing that info! the project sounds awesome
14:19:38@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsI would be happy to work with you to get some applications in
14:19:49@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamswill send you a private message and we can discuss further
8 Jan 2019
In reply to @parker_williams:matrix.org
will send you a private message and we can discuss further
I look forward to it my friend. Appreciate it.
12 Jan 2019
11:14:13@liamz:matrix.orgliamzRedacted or Malformed Event
14 Jan 2019
14:08:19@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williams changed the room name to "GrantOps" from "Grant Support Campaign".
15 Jan 2019
02:20:31@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williams@room I am excited to make a couple of announcements!
02:20:51@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsFirst as you may have noticed, the name has been changed from Grants Support Campaign to GrantOps
02:21:38@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsafter Griff rightly pointed out that Grant Support Campaign had the same acronym as Giveth Social Coding, Yalor came up with a new name for us, GrantOps
02:22:28@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamswe submitted a couple proposals looking for funding for this initiative to be able to expand the support provided to a wider audience and include more means of support and GrantOps was the name we used
02:22:44@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsI've been delayed updating the campaign page on giveth and the room to this name but wanted to just provide some background
02:24:12@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsGrantOps is still an available campaign on the Giveth DApp and is running completely off of donations but since the DApp is in beta testing I wanted to find another place to seek donations more publicly
02:24:47@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsso with great thanks to the team at Gitcoin, GrantOps is now an available subscription option on the new gitcoin grants platform
02:25:35@parker_williams:matrix.orgparker_williamsso if you would consider donating to allow the support we provide to continue, please do visit our subscription page there
02:33:55@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensanders 😀
03:49:05@zetet:matrix.orgz joined the room.

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