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22 Nov 2022
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@genrtyl:matrix.orgGNU/gentritineIf you meet this man at night, run23:16:52
@nalix:matrix.org努力 未来 A BEAUTIFUL STARIf you meet this man at night… Farewell23:17:25
@nalix:matrix.org努力 未来 A BEAUTIFUL STAR

Some maintain that “or” is ambiguous in English, with an inclusive and an exclusive sense. But another possibility is that the exclusive interpretation is a generalized conversational implicature. One piece of evidence supporting the implicature hypothesis is that the exclusive interpretation seems cancelable. Thus “Jane will visit France or Germany this summer; indeed, she will drive through both on her way to Poland” has no contradictory interpretation.

The twist, though

@nalix:matrix.org努力 未来 A BEAUTIFUL STAR

Principle of Style: Be stylish, so be beautiful, distinctive, entertaining, and interesting.

Analytic philosophy be like

@nalix:matrix.org努力 未来 A BEAUTIFUL STARhttps://plato.stanford.edu/entries/implicature/23:43:20
@nalix:matrix.org努力 未来 A BEAUTIFUL STAR *

Principle of Style: Be stylish, so be beautiful, distinctive, entertaining, and interesting.

Analytic philosophy be like

23 Nov 2022
@sheila910k:matrix.org@sheila910k:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event03:44:45
In reply to @nalix:matrix.org

Since 1990s, a citizen of Russian Federation is usually called россиянин (ros-see-yuh-nin) in Russian, while the term русский (roos-skeey) usually has ethnic connotations, though the difference is not clear cut. For instance, nationalists prefer the term русский regardless of their degree of civicness. But if you want to make a distinction, that’s the way.

Historically, a similar confusion existed in Russian Empire. Unlike, say, in British Empire, there weren’t separate terms for imperial (a Brit) and ethnic (an Englishman) identity, and an ethnic Georgian could without a second thought be called русский (= a subject of Russian crown). Thus, notably, when Lenin decried greatrussian chauvinism he used the term великороссы, not русские. I do not know if in his time it would make an outright mistake of reference, but at the very least, presumably, it was considered a more precise term. Though, nowadays, I think, most agree that русский refers to “ethnicity,” sorts of (trying to make an ethnic identity a civic/imperial one usually dries the term out; a lazy conception of what made a Russian in late imperial times was “Faith, Tsar, and Fatherland”). In this sense русский refers rather to nationality than ethnicity. Naturally, nationalists of various sorts would disagree.

So TL;RD, there’s a recent term россиянин, which, when used, always refers to citizenship, and there’s a contentious русский, which is connoted with ethnicity, but whose reference will depend on the speaker.

Ah so there isn't anything that precise for ethnicity anymore. Thanks for enlightening me.
In reply to @nalix:matrix.org
Well, in English there’s only Russian, which, afaik, makes many people pause before answering, “Are you Russian?” including myself.
Wait why would you pause?
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In reply to @salusbury:midov.pl
Ah so there isn't anything that precise for ethnicity anymore. Thanks for enlightening me.
There isn’t a separate term for ethnicity specifically, but the term русский is associated with ethnicity, partly ’cause in the USSR it was the official term for ethnicity while the civic identity was Soviet, and after the disintegration a separate civic term россиянин emerged, and thus the mere existence of alternative affects implication. But historically, русский was used without distinction, and this usage has not eroded completely. For one, the English word Russian seems to be used like that.
@nalix:matrix.org努力 未来 A BEAUTIFUL STAR
In reply to @salusbury:midov.pl
Wait why would you pause?
The distinction between русский and россиянин is important enough that a term which ignores it does not sit right
24 Nov 2022
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@cekkin:matrix.orgbased win 11 userwhat's up with the recent ghost-pinging?14:58:28
@genrtyl:matrix.orgGNU/gentritineLike, actual mentions? I've definitely had the room say there's new posts when there isn't anything, and I think that's a bug, but never had a ping I couldn't find.15:49:27
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25 Nov 2022
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26 Nov 2022
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