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18 Apr 2021
@replicant2000:matrix.org@replicant2000:matrix.org left the room.02:18:18
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineNo, it's when you complete a lap really fast06:05:39
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaNo, its like a document if it was scanned.07:16:14
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineSo, koreader is broken on my Pocketbook07:22:49
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineApparently there was a firmware update that broke it07:23:04
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineThis is the kind of thing that kind of makes me question the hype about keeping things updated07:23:29
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineIt seems as likely to break something as to fix something07:23:38
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineLike, I can always update if it turns out that I need to, but rolling back updates seems to rarely be an option07:24:33
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaHoly shit Pocketbook actually updated something? :P07:25:51
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineThey release firmware updates somewhat regularly07:26:13
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineBut I'd honestly rather they didn't07:26:20
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaStone tablets are good they don't require firmware updates07:26:45
@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyor just one without connectivity07:27:08
@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdywhy does ebook readers even need those07:28:11
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineAt this point I guess I'm on the treadmill?07:30:47
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineI'm hoping they release another one that fixes what they broke before07:30:57
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineMaybe it's a naive hope07:31:02
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineLooks like there's a hack to fix it, but I'll need to compile koreader myself07:32:16
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineWell, might as well07:32:19
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineor ok, no compilation necessary07:34:21
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineOk, cool. It works. Seems to be a fair bit more responsive than the default reader too08:07:28
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineOh, the reflow is good. I had a sucky pdf which was showing two "book" pages on one pdf page. It seems to be dealing perfectly with it.08:24:25
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineMan, I love these "embedded" devices with a lot of community support08:25:54
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineI didn't know my Pocketbook was like that08:26:00
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineBut I loved my Rockboxed Sansaclip music player more than anything in the world for a while08:26:23
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritine * But I loved my Rockboxed Sansaclip music player more than anything in the world for a while08:26:29
@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyyeah, ko is much faster than default on my kindle as well08:44:08
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritine <3 tleydxdy 08:55:02
@genrtyl:matrix.orggentritineThanks, this has made my PB a lot better08:55:11

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