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22 Oct 2020
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneRight, but banning imports on cultural grounds strikes me as an ultra-right thing to do.17:48:49
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneAlthough, hmm... Maybe I'm actually conflating libertarians and conservatives here.17:50:26
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneIt's just that most "right" parties have more libertarian DNA than the Australian ruling party, perhaps.17:51:00
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneThinking in terms of this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nolan_Chart17:51:31
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneLike, I wouldn't expect the US Republicans to ban hentai imports17:53:08
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneThat would be incredibly surprising to me17:53:14
@genrtyl:matrix.orggenrtoneAlthough I guess that did happen to TikTok, so dunno.17:59:06
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615 joined the room.19:26:51
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615How r u?19:34:20
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615 set a profile picture.19:34:34
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615Im new can u help me?19:34:50
@w_d_gabe:matrix.orgSinonwhat is it that you need help with?19:38:49
@w_d_gabe:matrix.orgSinonsorry I am roleplaying right now19:39:01
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615Can u send me a private message19:39:11
@w_d_gabe:matrix.orgSinonso that is why there will be a delay in my responses19:39:13
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615oh ok19:39:13
@deeo1615:matrix.orgdeeo1615HI AGAIN 22:18:06
In reply to @genrtyl:matrix.org
Like, I wouldn't expect the US Republicans to ban hentai imports
The republicans of 20 years ago absolutely would have if it was popular at the time. At the moment you'd have to worry more about the democrats. It'd be a different reason for banning it, but the outcome is the same
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerThe aussies are a bit weird when it comes to porn stuff anyway. They were mocked for banning porn featuring adults with small breasts years ago23:33:46
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerGenerally any group banning things for moralistic reasons ends up looking really silly later23:34:51
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerLike I'm glad the violent video game debate is basically buried, aside from trump briefly bringing it up and being made fun of for it (by the same people that were cheering for it years earlier)23:35:52
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerIIRC australia has a weird thing with their content review board. Which is partly why video games release like 6 months later there than everywhere else, and they cost twice as much23:39:37
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerprobably hentai would go through the same review, and they figure it's not worth doing the review23:40:14
@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI follow aussie politics off and on, because it's basically the same train wreck that american politics is, except if you replaced all the professional image conscious politicians with internet trolls 23:43:40

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