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25 May 2020
15:54:32@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerIt's fun when you're doing something and you have that though "I bet this is going to break a bunch of things"
15:55:57@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI was trying to install hikari, and noticed a bunch of conflicts, and had that thought but went ahead anyway lol
15:56:35@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmulleranyway it broke a bunch of stuff so I had to fix it, that was entertaining
15:58:00@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI also installed a terminal called "cool-retro-terminal" which adds filters and effects to make the terminal look like a crt screen
15:58:35@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerIt's obviously not lightweight, but it's an amusing gimick
16:16:44@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI really liked Sailor Moon. Its probably a fair guess that it was the first anime I ever watched. Anything before that would've had to have been incidental at best
16:29:38@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI think that's why sailor moon and dbz are popular
16:31:08@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerSailor moon was only really tolerable when the girls were just being retarded together. Anytime something was actually happening it was basically unwatchable for how stupid it was
16:32:36@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerDBZ was unwatchable always, nothing ever happened, but they didn't fill that in with something sort of silly, it was just 20 minutes of reaction shots
16:32:58@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerand there's that time when I think baby goku just cries for literally an entire episode
16:33:16@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerso 20 minutes of crying baby
21:37:52@fruit_salad:matrix.orgfruit_saladThey are both awesome when you're a retarded kid.
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23:51:12@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller Holograms on chocolate - YouTube
26 May 2020
In reply to@ecmuller:matrix.org
DBZ was unwatchable always, nothing ever happened, but they didn't fill that in with something sort of silly, it was just 20 minutes of reaction shots
I never liked DBZ growing up either, to me it always seemed they spent three episodes charging up their power while grunting the whole time, but seeing people get excited over DBZ makes me want to watch it
02:57:40@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusI have the unfortunate burden of being a die hard Cleveland Browns fan, which, if you're not from the US, is the laughingstock of the NFL, having only 2 winning seasons in 20 years, but our star defensive lineman and our quarterback are big DBZ fans and did the fusion dance as a touchdown celebration last year and that stuff makes me want to watch DBZ
02:58:14@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusAll the old normies has no clue what it was XD
03:10:13@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusOh haha, yep that's our team
03:10:45@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusIt wasn't our QB though I guess, I guess that makes sense since they wouldn't be on the field at the same time
03:12:44@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusOh it wasn't Myles either, it was two of our tight ends
03:13:09@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusShit I can't remember details from before last Tuesday
03:19:58@celestialtuba:librem.oneMobusBut I know Myles is a big fan too because when his son was born he tweeted about it referring to his son as "his Gohan"
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