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25 May 2022
@_discord_532589899216584705:t2bot.ioBauhaus911#7350 Is there a way to tell SBT to unload a dll that got loaded from running a scala app that loads a dll when it runs? Otherwise I have to continously exit sbt to the OS shell and re-launch SBT which is not efficient at all. 14:29:20
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 Bauhaus911 I would guess setting fork := true solves your problem. The sbt manual on forking https://www.scala-sbt.org/1.x/docs/Forking.html says:
By default, the run task runs in the same JVM as sbt.
Hence the dll will be loaded into the save JVM as sbt, but if you set fork then the application will be ran on a new JVM.
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 in IJ there's a checkbox 14:58:04
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | sbt
"sbt sources" under the download section
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 your next sbt refresh should grab the sbt sources and then you can navigate them the same as library dependencies 14:59:06
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 oh but if you're using BSP I'm not sure if that works 14:59:31
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 or if it works but is different 14:59:36
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 try it out in any case 14:59:41
Download Screenshot_171018.png
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 the setting "sbt sources" only exists when the project is imported as a sbt project. If the project is imported as a BSP project you get this: 16:10:26
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 ah in that case you're hosed 16:11:28
Download Screenshot_171119.png
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 if I try to navigate to a sbt source I get this 16:11:30
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 IMO if you're using BSP you might as well use vscode instead of intellij 16:11:37
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 you're losing a lot of the IDE power anyway 16:11:44
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 and usually I can click in attach sources and point to the correct location, however I can't find the sources of sbt on my computer, nor how to download them 16:12:07
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 I run, build, test, etc on a terminal outside of IntelliJ. The refactors, syntax highlight, Go to implementation, etc all work well. I'm using BSP because my projects are in Scala 3 and when I was using sbt IntelliJ was having problems 16:14:22
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 sometimes I need to use vscode because metals has a better support for Scala 3, but I much rather use IntelliJ instead of vscode 16:15:13
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 finally found them. Specifically for the "Keys.scala" the sources are at ~/.cache/coursier/v1/https/repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/scala-sbt/main_2.12/1.6.2/main_2.12-1.6.2-sources.jar 16:30:29
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 for any other file the way to get there is to execute ("Keys" is the file we want to get the sources for):
cd ~/.sbt/boot/scala-2.12.15/org.scala-sbt/sbt/1.6.2
for file in ./*.jar; do echo $file; unzip -Z1 $file | grep "Keys"; done
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26 May 2022
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@_discord_392428121342869534:t2bot.iotgodzik#4885 Lasering have you tried reaching out to the jetbrains folks on their discord server? They should be able to help out. 09:40:45
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@_discord_413542295946657802:t2bot.iodarkfrog#6530 I'm trying to find documentation on running each test in its own forked process while allowing several concurrent test to run simultaneously. Unfortunately, most of the results I find online are for very old versions of SBT that don't work anymore. 12:13:18
@_discord_667373364456849425:t2bot.ioLasering#6803 That is a very good idea. Gonna give it a try. Thanks! 13:39:51

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