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25 Sep 2022
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli joined the room.11:34:38
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Metals spawns a sbt server, right? When I run sbt myself I get
[warn] sbt server could not start because there's another instance of sbt running on this build.

Is there a way to use the existing server?
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 yes 11:34:43
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 you have two options: use the metals sbt server, or have metals use your sbt server 11:34:44
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 if you want to use the metals sbt server, shutdown your server and instead use sbt --client 11:34:44
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 if you want metals to use your sbt server, then do sbt --client and then shutdown 11:34:44
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 this will kill the metals server and it will connect to yours 11:34:44
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 personally I prefer to force metals to use my server 11:34:44
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 * if you want to use the metals sbt server, shutdown your sbt and instead use sbt --client 11:35:52
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Thanks! 11:36:07
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Second question: is there a way to find out what sbt is currently running? 11:36:34
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 wdym? 11:36:44
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli I've had it happen a couple of times that when I try to run my server the port is already bound by something 11:37:22
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 if you found out what sbt is currently running, what would you do with that information? 11:37:52
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Tell it to stop 😃 11:38:09
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 sbt --client then shutdown 🙂 11:38:16
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Right 11:38:30
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Thanks! 11:38:32
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 🙂 11:38:33
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Is sbt-native-packager the preferred way to create docker images from sbt? 11:38:57
@_discord_270243703015079946:t2bot.ioBalmungSan#5059 AFAIK yes.
Although, for simple projects I have been fine using sbt-assembly and a simple Dockerfile

However, I have been wanting to give sbt-native-packager a try.
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 sbt-native-packager is the way, yes
it lays out dependency jars separately from the main app jar, which is the thing you want for lazy loaded classes
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 it's also super easy to use, so why not. 14:05:52
@_discord_105318445331030016:t2bot.ioOlli Yeah makes sense! 19:15:30
@_discord_631855417747832833:t2bot.iosideeffffect#8379 Hello everybody. I have a question about cross compilation with sbt.

I have a project which is crosscompiled to multiple Scala versions and multiple platforms.

When I run sbt '++ 2.11.12' -v Test/compile, sbt tries to compile certain projects for 2.13.8 🙀 Specifically those that have scalaVersion := "2.13.8" or crossScalaVersions -= "2.11.12".
Even though the documentation says that
When a [command] is passed in to ++, it will execute the command on the subprojects that supports the given <version>.
I don't even see any
[info] Setting Scala version to 2.11.12 on 25 projects.
[info] Switching Scala version on:
[info] Excluding projects:

or anything like that, which is a bit worrying.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help, hint or pointers 🙏
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 you are not doing anything wrong 21:55:54
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 that's just sbt 21:55:58
@_discord_631855417747832833:t2bot.iosideeffffect#8379 Well... but isn't the behavior in direct contradiction with the documentation and the intent of the ++ feature? Shouldn't we file a bug for this? 21:59:45
@_discord_631855417747832833:t2bot.iosideeffffect#8379 You might want to give https://github.com/schmitch/sbt-jib a try 😉 22:02:01
@_discord_631855417747832833:t2bot.iosideeffffect#8379 * You might want to give https://github.com/schmitch/sbt-jib a try 😉
It makes the container image layers in a way that caching works well (unlike sbt-native-packager)

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