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30 Jul 2023
@hunter0one:matrix.thisisjoes.site@hunter0one:matrix.thisisjoes.site I think I have the right drivers because udev and dmesg pick up the Switch when its plugged in regularly, but in RCM plugging/unplugging shows nothing. 03:43:02
@hunter0one:matrix.thisisjoes.site@hunter0one:matrix.thisisjoes.site My serial # is a "potentially patched" Switch, would a patched one not be picked up when its plugged into a PC? 03:46:01
@ebic5766:matrix.org@ebic5766:matrix.orga patched one wont go into rcm06:55:13
2 Aug 2023
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6 Aug 2023
8 Aug 2023
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@silverhook:matrix.orgHookThis was extremely interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEUqLL8J4gI13:32:46
@ebic5766:matrix.org@ebic5766:matrix.orgits a free pass to an edgy powerful enemy15:05:13
13 Aug 2023
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15 Aug 2023
In reply to @ebic5766:matrix.org
a patched one wont go into rcm
Im confused why the screen goes to black then
@hunter0one:matrix.thisisjoes.site@hunter0one:matrix.thisisjoes.siteI cant find a single guide for Linux users except for when you get to injecting the payload23:19:24
17 Aug 2023
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18 Aug 2023
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24 Aug 2023
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25 Aug 2023
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2 Sep 2023
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3 Sep 2023
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5 Sep 2023
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8 Sep 2023
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13 Sep 2023
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14 Sep 2023
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18 Sep 2023
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20 Sep 2023
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28 Sep 2023
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1 Oct 2023
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