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6 Sep 2019
04:53:20@turrican:raumdock.deturrican So nice. I simply don't know where to start...
12:39:49@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichIt was worth the wait!
12:57:23@wolf:subak.clubwolfNext Year: N64
13:14:43@turrican:raumdock.deturricanI hope so, that would be cool!
17:07:00@turrican:raumdock.deturricanThat sums it up perfectly
17:07:14@turrican:raumdock.deturricanThe Nintendo feeling 😄
17:07:49@wolf:subak.clubwolfyup :'D
23:51:06@fun_times:matrix.orgFun Times joined the room.
7 Sep 2019
14:37:30@turrican:raumdock.deturricanYay, I did it for the millionth time! 😁👍
14:38:03@wolf:subak.clubwolfhaha nice nintendo setup btw :p
14:38:55@turrican:raumdock.deturricanThanks, yeah, I like it too ❤️
17:23:36@thekgg:matrix.org@thekgg:matrix.org left the room.
19:02:54@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichyeah, it's great!
8 Sep 2019
19:50:41@fun_times:matrix.orgFun TimesWhat's the blue box under the right side of the TV? Also the things on the left side of the stand and the CD?
20:01:59@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichlooks like a gamecube
20:15:21@turrican:raumdock.deturrican Yeah, on the right side there's a GameCube and on the left there's an NES Mini. My SNES Mini isn't connected at the moment.
20:19:20@turrican:raumdock.deturrican I also have a Virtual Boy and a Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Micro. And a Super Game Boy. And a DS Lite and 3DS XL. Oh, and some Game&Watches. Yes, I'm a Nintendo addict. 😊
10 Sep 2019
01:43:45@fun_times:matrix.orgFun Times
In reply to @autismsandwich:matrix.org
looks like a gamecube
not that, under the TV, not next to the stand. IK what a purple lunch box looks like
04:33:15@turrican:raumdock.deturrican That's only a cardboard box, nothing video game related.
12 Sep 2019
11:28:19@fun_times:matrix.orgFun Timesah, I saw the blue so I assumed it was Wii U related
12:45:10@turrican:raumdock.deturricanNo, my Wii U games along with all my other Nintendo games are in a cupboard with glass doors in my "office". It's beautiful to look at! 🥰😁
12:47:10@wolf:subak.clubwolfIf there's any French here, that's hilarious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUP18IU3MEc&feature=youtu.be
22:19:18@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichI watched the video in English and it's one of the most unintentionally funny videos I've watched in a while. Is the dub really bad in the French version?
13 Sep 2019
04:26:07@wolf:subak.clubwolfThe dub is hilarious because the lips are ot sync woth the voice. It sounds like online tv shops or man vs wild.
15 Sep 2019
21:59:27@fun_times:matrix.orgFun TimesWell in XCX I'm attemting to finish the "Marry Me!" basic mission the mad man way to see how the game reacts. Does Hope say something different? Does the game act like I didn't finish it even though I did? Does the game just flat out not count the Natural Pearls, or nope me when I get 10? Lets find out gamers.
22:00:17@fun_times:matrix.orgFun Timesoh I'm also doing XCX skell-less

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