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23 Jan 2021
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanwith hardly any play testing18:33:00
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI want luigi's mansion with sane controls on switch18:37:43
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanrather than having to figure out how analog triggers were used on gamecube18:37:55
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanthe release of SM64 in 3d all-stars is probably the worst release of the game ever18:47:55
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanbad emulation, bad rework of textures, bilinear filtering instead of tri-point, bad screen size18:48:23
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochannintendo is known for stealing work on their own games18:48:31
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanso they could've shipped a reverse engineered port to the switch18:48:44
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanoh, and rumble in that game is just awful18:48:56
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanspend 5 minutes to build it on your PC or whatever and you'll have a MUCH better time18:51:06
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanand no shindou crap to deal with18:51:17
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanit's like the edition that removes everything that made the game good18:51:41
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanno gay bowser, no BLJs18:51:52
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI really want a metroid prime collection on switch this year23:54:44
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanalso, PLEASE include flick stick as an option besides splatoon controls23:54:55
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanbecause if there are no gyro controls, I'll refuse to buy it out of principle23:55:07
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanand just wait until I upgrade my gaming rig and set up dolphin with a switch pro controller23:55:20
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI assume there's no analog trigger fuckery there23:56:14
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanbecause I hate analog triggers, they're the sole reason I actually bought a copy of 3d all-stars for myself23:56:32
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanso I can experience how bad sunshine really is23:56:37
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanalso, I still haven't had a chance to hold a dualsense23:57:42
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanand know whether it can emulate hair triggers23:57:48
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI just didn't feel like putting up with setting up controls for sunshine23:59:08
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanand I guess all EFB effects just made it unplayable on my iGPU23:59:24
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI'm impressed that switch can run one of the most notorious gamecube games this well23:59:42
24 Jan 2021
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochansplatoon with flick stick would've been insane, a much faster game than it already is00:06:04
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