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13 May 2022
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)I assume they'd be fine with just saying if they don't have plans to go physical11:08:42
@vince:kde.orgVincei asked tetris effect devs if they were getting a switch physical release awhile back11:40:37
@vince:kde.orgVincejust ask and they are always really helpful11:40:49
14 May 2022
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15 May 2022
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16 May 2022
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)is it working?06:07:46
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In reply to @banyochan:matrix.org
is it working?
@vince:kde.orgVincegot it on discount because of the right hinge plastic “being broken” and a chip on the shell11:41:15
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)you can probably do the shell swap by yourself11:41:32
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)there's this weird chinese shell that tries to look like a ds lite11:41:42
@vince:kde.orgVincei dont need to shell swap thh11:41:49
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)and some sellers are selling these as refurbished model that never came out11:41:59
@vince:kde.orgVincei also picked it at a local retro gamestore11:42:25
@vince:kde.orgVincewhich is next to a retro arcade11:42:35
@vince:kde.orgVinceboth on my trainline11:42:45
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)actual arcades being a thing…11:49:14
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)wow11:49:19
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)even stores that just sell games are basically nonexistent where I live11:49:28
In reply to @banyochan:matrix.org
actual arcades being a thing…
its whole gimic is that its all retro
@vince:kde.orgVincethey have pinball machines13:12:50
@vince:kde.orgVince retro arcade cabinets 13:13:00
@vince:kde.orgVincemodern consoles on the side13:13:07
@vince:kde.orgVincereally fun place13:13:13
@vince:kde.orgVincei need to go one of these days13:13:20
@vince:kde.orgVincei havent gone in years13:13:31
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