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27 Jul 2021
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanthere you go15:32:05
@vince:kde.orgVincei actually have been enjoying the game ngl20:32:48
28 Jul 2021
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroomba joined the room.06:50:59
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroombaBuT yOu CaNt!06:52:50
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroomba changed their display name from roombatic to Troomba.07:11:10
@threetontypist:matrix.orgthreetontypisttbh this game was ahead of its time13:26:30
@threetontypist:matrix.orgthreetontypistIf it was released on the switch it might actually have saved the series13:26:42
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroombaI'd say it would have saved "Chibi Robo" and not the actual gameplay that you would see back on the gamecube13:53:55
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanwhat stopped them from making a proper chibi robo game on 3ds?13:57:33
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanbudget restraints?13:57:37
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanif they had to make a game on the cheap, the whole franchise was basically doomed13:57:47
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroombamaybe a money grab?14:09:42
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroombatry to revitalize the memory of people who played it on the gamecube and such?14:10:21
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanwith a game that only shares the brand?14:15:41
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanit's basically shovelware14:15:50
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanmore like toiletware though14:20:44
@roombatic:matrix.orgTroomba this game blows! 14:21:41
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanthis game leaves skid marks!16:08:17
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanthis game bowels!21:05:51
29 Jul 2021
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexaAnyone playing tga chronicles :304:44:36
@vince:kde.orgVincei think ill pick it up soon07:05:32
@askab:livegen.netAssKebabWaiting for my copy to arrive07:06:04
@toiletpaper.original:matrix.orgtoiletpaper.original joined the room.16:14:56
31 Jul 2021
@vince:kde.orgVincei feel like nintendo is being a little slow on news rn18:27:06
@vince:kde.orgVince i think a direct in august 18:27:14
@vince:kde.orgVinceor early sept18:27:23
@vince:kde.orgVince if anyone is curious 18:32:38
Download ima_0cb6cbc.jpeg
@vince:kde.orgVincethe skyward sword art is up on my.nintendo18:33:00

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