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23 Sep 2020
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexabut in skyrim you might not be able to just travel straight there so you'll still have to travel13:50:24
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexaand that's why i buy a horse13:52:07
@prosciuttovegano:matrix.orgprosciuttovegano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljPFZrRD3J8 Alexa 14:45:36
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I aint touched animal crossing in a while
I never played it in my life. Why don’t they have a demo? 🙄
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i always found skyrim to shallow to go back to often
I actually prefer Oblivion because of that. Despite the worse graphics and awkward faces, it’s much easier to get lost in Oblivion‘s world than in Skyrim.
@prosciuttovegano:matrix.orgprosciuttoveganoYeah oblivion is great if you fix the scaling which kinda ruins it18:56:20
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexai love oblivion19:56:57
@js:nil.imjsI wish it were on Switch 😀21:03:31
24 Sep 2020
@prosciuttovegano:matrix.orgprosciuttoveganoIt should be portable to the switch too13:19:52
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexai want hl2 on switch14:38:58
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexait would literally be such a good fit14:39:03
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexaJUST. GIVE. US. VALVE. GAMES.14:39:10
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexastanley parable uses that same engine so tell me why it wouldn't work14:40:01
@n0where:matrix.orgAlexajust try and tell me14:40:05
@js:nil.imjsThe only hope is reverse engineering projects and then homebrew.15:57:48
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25 Sep 2020
@prosciuttovegano:matrix.orgprosciuttoveganoWhat did he mean by this07:25:06
26 Sep 2020
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@speccygirl:matrix.orgSpectrus (Matrix) invited @spectrumuk:matrix.orgSpectrum (Matrix).04:14:19
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@speccygirl:matrix.orgSpectrus (Matrix)Octoling for Smash04:14:47
@speccygirl:matrix.orgSpectrus (Matrix)hecc yeah04:15:00
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@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI don't care about smash, just give me splatoon 3 already14:24:22
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochanI even bought AC despite not liking it14:24:30
@wolf:subak.clubwolfI was not ready 14:27:09
27 Sep 2020
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