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14 Jan 2020
16:20:32@turrican:raumdock.deturricanMe too, me too.
17:38:44@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982 joined the room.
17:38:54@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982Sorry I am back now lol
17:39:11@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982Just wanted to check the other rooms before coming back here
17:39:21@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982Do you guys know this game?
17:39:39@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982hana1 copy.gif
hana1 copy.gif
17:40:19@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982Kinda hard to believe how Nintendo used to be involved with a Barbie Tetris game lmao XD
17:40:45@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982Or in this case, a Sailormoon clone lol
17:42:19@philgamerk982:matrix.orgphilgamerk982This was like back in the days when Nintendo used to release some weird games that were only exist in Japan while we only think of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Pokemon as well asAnimal Crossing and SmashBros as well lol XD
15 Jan 2020
08:14:31@wolf:subak.clubwolfI did not know. Now I know.
09:18:35@arehandoro:42beyond.spacearehandoroWhat is the name of the game?
16 Jan 2020
12:02:34@wolf:subak.clubwolfquite usefull
13:59:13@askab:livegen.netWeeb Furryhttps://youtu.be/_gVlgdnNKRA
20 Jan 2020
13:57:56@iamben:matrix.org@iamben:matrix.org left the room.
21 Jan 2020
17:53:58@arehandoro:42beyond.spacearehandoro removed their profile picture.
17:56:48@arehandoro:42beyond.spacearehandoro set a profile picture.
18:18:35@dogresidue:matrix.orgDog Residuedo i see ppl talking shit about panepon
18:18:44@dogresidue:matrix.orgDog Residuedo we have to throw down
18:40:48@dogresidue:matrix.orgDog Residue"barbie tetris" come at me bro
19:36:27@askab:livegen.netWeeb Furrywho is panepon ?
20:49:47@wolf:subak.clubwolfI have no idea
22 Jan 2020
12:15:04@ncmoud:matrix.orgmacoud12 joined the room.
16:08:31@dogresidue:matrix.orgDog Residuepanepon is short for panel de pon
16:08:43@dogresidue:matrix.orgDog Residueit's that puzzle game they were talking abt if you scroll up
16:09:04@dogresidue:matrix.orgDog Residueit's unfair to talk shit about it because it's actually a really good game save for the absolutely broken high level strats
22:14:42@archbox:matrix.orgarchbox joined the room.

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