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17 Jun 2018
13:46:44@4arch:matrix.org4arch joined the room.
29 Jun 2018
18:29:20@towaii:matrix.orgtowaiiI played it on the PC! haven't gotten it for the switch yet though
30 Jun 2018
08:43:33@tammas:matrix.orgtammas I kinda feel like the movement using the joycons is a bit gummy. But I haven't played it on any other system so I'm not sure is it's really so or just me.
2 Jul 2018
11:36:38@towaii:matrix.orgtowaiiwere you using dpad buttons or stick? a lot of shmups I've played don't feel very good when moving with a joystick...
11:39:32@tammas:matrix.orgtammasYeah the stick because the buttons were quite spaced out and felt weird.
11:40:12@tammas:matrix.orgtammasI guess I need to buy a controller with a decent dpad.
11:40:59@tammas:matrix.orgtammasIs the pro controller dpad any good?
11:42:39@towaii:matrix.orgtowaiiit is hard to press the dpad buttons IMO on the pro controller
11:43:17@towaii:matrix.orgtowaiiI got the official wired controller and I like its dpad, FWIW
11:43:35@towaii:matrix.orgtowaii(the one with the snap-on/off dpad attachment)
11:50:32@tammas:matrix.orgtammasOkay. Cool little game though. I like the way it hurts my brain.
19 Jul 2018
11:40:21@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their profile picture.
26 Jul 2018
21:18:21@towaii:matrix.orgtowaii set their display name to towaii.
3 Aug 2018
12:09:44@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeel joined the room.
4 Aug 2018
16:35:24@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeelAnyone here got Skyrim on Switch?
16:36:48@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeel It feels quite dark on handheld. Was wondering if it's just me or if there is really a difference.
9 Aug 2018
08:23:55@tammas:matrix.orgtammasAre there no graphical settings to tweak?
12:12:28@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeelNo, and the issue is mainly only in dark areas.
12:12:39@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeelThat is caves etc.
12 Aug 2018
19:10:28@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from james h jackson jr to james jackson jr.
19:22:43@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from james jackson jr to james h jackson jr.
13 Aug 2018
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17 Aug 2018
10:58:05@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeel DIABLO 3 IS COMING TO NINTENDO SWITCH!!!!!
10:58:21@aqeeliz:matrix.orgAqeel (apologies for all caps, just very excited :D)
4 Sep 2018
01:36:36@jacky7710:matrix.orgjacky7710 joined the room.
8 Sep 2018
05:49:06@chromebeta:matrix.org@chromebeta:matrix.org left the room.
11 Sep 2018
23:07:57@Maitre-Labousne:matrix.org@Maitre-Labousne:matrix.org left the room.
5 Oct 2018
15:00:33@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their profile picture.
6 Dec 2018
03:42:21@brocellous:matrix.orgBrocellous joined the room.

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