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6 Oct 2022
@bustycat:matrix.orgMeowOh that’s a third-person shooter game08:07:10
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)
In reply to @bustycat:matrix.org
Not sure if Metacritic User Score 7.3 is fair for Splatoon 3
salmon run is an 11/10, single player is decent, multiplayer is worse than splatoon 2
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)I expect DLC to finally top octo expansion, but alterna is definitely a mere second best single player splatoon experience12:29:00
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)like, octo expansion, but made too easy because it has to be a glorified tutorial12:29:13
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)and after alterna is difficult only because it has long sections without checkpoints, not because it's challenging12:29:34
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)netcode is worse than S212:29:46
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)constant connection errors and disconnects12:29:54
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)game crashes12:30:07
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)broken weapons12:30:11
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)some of the worst specials from S2 are back12:30:17
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)they fixed a bug that lets you get out of bounds with a tacticooler, but the sloshing machine can still shoot through walls12:30:35
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)and even though anarchy is a better system than ranked, you'll eventually realize that solo queue matched with randoms isn't a good idea for a game that requires team play12:31:22
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)once you stop being a hard carry every match, you'll feel like throwing a match when you see comps that put you at an disadvantage12:31:45
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)I'm in S rank, yet it feels like I'm in C12:34:39
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)it's either clap or get clapped12:34:43
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)I'm not kidding12:34:49
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)I'm either losing with 3 gold medals and being a hard carry for the team12:34:58
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)or winning and getting 3 silvers because others did much better than me12:35:08
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)this kind of experience is normal at levels where people are still figuring out the game12:35:29
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)not seasoned players trying to climb to S+12:35:37
@bustycat:matrix.orgMeowSeems it is better to wait a bit longer for the better experiences based on feedbacks14:08:25
@bustycat:matrix.orgMeowThe hype is too big now14:09:16
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)also14:22:51
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)japanese players who lag hard everywhere14:22:56
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)why is matchmaking throwing me into games against people so far away, meaning both sides get a bad experience?14:23:13
@bustycat:matrix.orgMeowIt is one of the best-selling games in Japan15:18:05
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)yeah15:18:40
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)but how come matchmaking doesn't prefer people closer to me, who will have lower ping?15:18:51
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)I literally have clips of people rolling over me, me killing them and taking no damage15:19:03
@banyochan:matrix.orgbanyochan (she/her)even splatoon 2 wasn't as bad15:19:10

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