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16 Sep 2017
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18 Sep 2017
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11:59:15@bazzspeed:matrix.orgbazzspeedHi everyone. Can anyone give me a example of how long a recovery/rebalance would take with Ceph ?
12:02:26@bazzspeed:matrix.orgbazzspeedWe're trialing Luminous 12.2. Bluestore OSDs, sata+bcache + ssd block.db. Performance is great, rebalancing/removing osds is slow as molasses
30 Sep 2017
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2 May 2018
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5 Jun 2018
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28 Jul 2018
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14 Aug 2018
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18:48:51@ronny:synapse.dst.fjit.noRonny Aasen
In reply to @bazzspeed:matrix.org
Hi everyone. Can anyone give me a example of how long a recovery/rebalance would take with Ceph ?

there are some variables that can control the backfill/recovery speed. eg osd recovery sleep hdd have a delay for each recovery op, to avoid lagging the production traffic with the recovery traffic. ; osd max backfills say something about how many backfills a given osd can deal with at the time.

also, if a disk dies, all the other disks shuffle data around, so more osd/hosts = faster. but when a single osd is restored to the cluster, it is the one disk that needs to write all the data, so in that case it will be the limiting factor.

18:49:45@ronny:synapse.dst.fjit.noRonny Aasenmatrix is perhaps a bit slow, so you need patience :P
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22 Nov 2018
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2 Jan 2019
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9 Jan 2019
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2 Feb 2019
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5 Feb 2019
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