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5 Sep 2019
06:13:33@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>Is that actually planned to happen?
06:16:21@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>
In reply to @aperionic:matrix.org
Anyword on the open source bridge?
06:50:52@platon:matrix.technicol.orgplatonThey released pgpjs so i think they will. But I maybe not even this year.
06:53:38@platon:matrix.technicol.orgplatonThey replied almost a month ago
06:55:17@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>

Recently I read here that protonmail is undergoing a security audit of the code of its apps. After this audit completed. they would release the source code for bridge.

06:55:23@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG> Looks like it's been three or four months at this point
07:30:15@platon:matrix.technicol.orgplatonMore than that. I believe since February. ..
07:30:43@platon:matrix.technicol.orgplatonI hesitate to cancel my plus account until they provide the sources
08:04:26@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG> I feel you. The fact that the bridge, and even more so the mobile app, has not been fully opened up yet it's a little bit concerning.
08:31:00@platon:matrix.technicol.orgplatonYep, and even though I trust them opening the bridge and mobileapp means you could have the bridge running on arm for RPI selfhosted for example and also get thirdparty app on android like K9 or having the app on fdroid... anyway freedom of choice.😁
08:40:28@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>Indeed
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7 Sep 2019
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Planned maintenance
8 Sep 2019
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9 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019
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Introducing multi-account support for ProtonMail Android
12 Sep 2019
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13 Sep 2019
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We added Ukraine to the ProtonVPN network!
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14 Sep 2019
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15 Sep 2019
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16 Sep 2019
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