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24 Jan 2019
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25 Jan 2019
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30 Jan 2019
12:02:55@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorGuys how are you
12:03:24@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorI know the schedules are off but I'm doing the securing part anyway...
12:03:45@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorIf someone can help me with Tasks int part II I would appreciate
12:04:28@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorI've put the @ResponseBody annotation above the method that returns the list containing task object
12:05:17@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorbut when trying to parse it in the Load Method of the HTML i get a SyntaxError
12:05:32@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorunexpect end of file
12:06:22@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorI've put the @CrossOrigin(origins = "/**") as the exercise asks but get CroosOrigin error too when trying to add any task
12:06:48@paulor:matrix.orgpaulorSo I'm out of options to solve the problem now... anyone has any tip?
31 Jan 2019
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18:16:13@jiii:matrix.orgjiiihey, anybody doing the advanced topics part 3? i´m having trouble with the quiz: ISSUER. i´m not seeing any of the given issuers as the issuer of the certificate of the page https://cybersecuritybase.mooc.fi/advanced/part3.html#quiznator-plugin-5c50d30922536461746141a6
18:16:29@jiii:matrix.orgjiiiso is it a bug or am i this stupid? :D
18:28:46@jiii:matrix.orgjiiii think the material is not up to date... in the chapter "1.8. Certificates" there´s a picture of the certificate page in firefox and it shows a certificate for f-secure.com that is valid from 15.4.2016 through 20.4.2018.
2 Feb 2019
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5 Feb 2019
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6 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2019
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13 Feb 2019
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17:33:54@dutyfruit:matrix.orgdutyfruitHey the part5 is broken for you ?

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