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23 Oct 2021
@_discord_856587780008443915:t2bot.ioVee, gay witch | she/they#5906 so wis Scots before Englis? 14:22:37
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Whit dae ye mean? 14:22:47
@_discord_856587780008443915:t2bot.ioVee, gay witch | she/they#5906 like wis Scots a hing before we an the Germans split aff an we went tae the UK 14:27:06
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Lang afore ay 14:27:35
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Scots cam fae Airlan, nae Germany 14:28:59
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane As fur the leid, aat split aff aifter the Inglis cam here 14:29:16
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Ur yese no on aboot Gaelic? 14:29:18
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Scots is as aud as Inglish, but byeth cam frae the syem insular West Germanic continuum 14:29:23
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Scots the fowk cam fae Airlan 14:30:20
@_discord_856587780008443915:t2bot.ioVee, gay witch | she/they#5906 oki 14:30:27
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Ay, though Scots o coorse comes frae the Northumbrians o Lothian at wes tyen ower bi the Kingdom o Scots an cam te regaird thorsels as Scots 14:30:39
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Scots themsels is Gaels frev Airland ay 14:31:17
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 o coorse wiv influence frae the Aud Cumbrians, Picts, an Northumbrians an aa 14:31:50
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 an Inglish is nobbut standardised sooth-east Mercian, Scots is North Bernician an maw Northumbrian is sooth Bernician 14:35:07
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 aw can tawk a canny amoont aboot deep linguistics topics aw’s sorry ef aw gan on a bittie 14:36:09
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Ay, Scots came fae Northumbrian Anglisc, Inglis came fae Mercian 14:36:29
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) * Ay, Scots came fae Northumbrian Anglisc, Inglis came fae Mercian 14:37:33
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Ay, an Northumbrian an Mercian elwis differed frae yen another 14:39:26
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Se what we caa Scots hes elwis differed frae what we caa Inglish 14:39:58
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Thay hiv bin divergin intae wan anither ower-time, tho 14:40:23
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) The tide micht be tirnin, tho 14:40:29
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) We'r seein a Scots renaissance the nou 14:40:45
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) A'v noticit fowk here hiv bin tawkin mair braid Scots (an Northumbrian) ower time 14:41:06
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 It’s a shyem but ay, nooadays the myest feck o Scots an Northumbrian is mixed wiv Inglish iv ivory day speech 14:41:35
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Bit like a said, a hink fowk ur tirnin hings aroond 14:41:51
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Slaw-like, bit ay 14:42:00
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) * Slaw-like, bit ay 14:42:09
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 that wes the language aw wes browt up wi, but maw granda’s native tongue is “proper” Northumbrian an he slips intiv it agyen when he’s varra emotional 14:42:31
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 Ay, it’s se canny te see 14:42:47
@_discord_801217332223017000:t2bot.ioRobertG#1710 The internet hes been sic a muckle help wi’d an aa 14:43:14

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