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27 Sep 2020
@_discord_505490788218830906:t2bot.ioKintra the mod In that context, I don't think it matters 16:25:39
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) It supports the idea of the "inferior variety". 16:25:54
@_discord_404500716452052992:t2bot.ioM. A mean fok tink Japanese an Korean is cute, sae hit coud be lyc dat 16:25:56
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane A'm nae sayin fowk shidnae lairn it cause they hink it's "cute", but it is degradin 16:26:06
@_discord_505490788218830906:t2bot.ioKintra the mod She thought it was cute that I just randomly said Scots words. She doesn't find Scots cute, she wants to learn it because I've made her interested in it 16:29:01
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) That's cool then. But I doesn't sound right without the accent proper pronunciation. Methinks. 16:31:13
@_discord_90881161831682048:t2bot.ioTaeryth changed their display name from Taeryth to Taeryth#5129.16:32:55
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine In that context it didn't sound condescending 16:32:55
@_discord_90881161831682048:t2bot.ioTaeryth changed their display name from Taeryth#5129 to Taeryth.16:32:58
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine So that's why I didn't think it was a bad thing 16:33:02
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine Thought that was obvious 16:33:17
@_discord_90881161831682048:t2bot.ioTaeryth changed their display name from Taeryth to Taeryth#5129.16:44:29
@_discord_90881161831682048:t2bot.ioTaeryth changed their display name from Taeryth#5129 to Taeryth.16:44:31
@_discord_231038383890104330:t2bot.iosorcha the gaelic witch I think in the context of a relationship, "cute" isn't a bad thing. I find its synonymous with or what they really mean is "endearing" but like 17:36:59
@_discord_231038383890104330:t2bot.iosorcha the gaelic witch If someone was to be like, "aw the Scots dialect is so cute" then yeah, I'd be mad 17:37:17
@_discord_732087262225104900:t2bot.iocor changed their display name from cor to cor#8738.18:09:15
@_discord_732087262225104900:t2bot.iocor changed their display name from cor#8738 to cor.18:09:18
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.ioJack McL (Entohist) My partner (American) would call me and things I did cute, and I thought it was patronising at first. Having lived in the States, its definitely cultural and well-meant 18:37:52
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (gd)Redacted or Malformed Event18:41:56
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (gd) A'v finishit updatin ma site fur nou: https://cobradile.neocities.org/ 18:42:06
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey)
Sono ossessionat dalle lingue
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) Ye daen 'at on puprose? 18:48:07
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) (May sound rude but my Scots sucks, sry) 18:48:32
@_discord_695400754386829393:t2bot.iosomebody ue that's just how people talk down in the mezzogiorno 18:48:57
@_discord_695400754386829393:t2bot.iosomebody oh, Cobra has they/them in their description 18:49:34
@_discord_695400754386829393:t2bot.iosomebody so maybe that's what they were going for 18:49:35
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) True, but they use standard spellings for everything else 18:49:38
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) Okay, nvm 18:49:41
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioAndreas (a.k.a. Lacey) edit: Ye daen 'at on puprose? -> Ye daen 'at on purpose? 18:52:22
@_discord_505490788218830906:t2bot.ioKintra the mod Jack McL (Entohist) It all depends on context 19:35:17

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