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10 Apr 2021
@_discord_827207195111325759:t2bot.ioChuggieLimpet No pressure den!! 😉 14:25:03
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Nah, was in reply to Kintra. I don't know any Shetland. 14:26:28
@_discord_305753486048624660:t2bot.iogriceylipper Yis du does Lacey! 14:27:19
@_discord_305753486048624660:t2bot.iogriceylipper BDW whit's du seein trow dee lookin-gless? 14:28:51
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey A dumb faess 🤪 14:35:32
@_discord_305753486048624660:t2bot.iogriceylipper Da only dumb faess belangs tae dis nonie at's mixed up a mirror an a magnifyin gless - whit a föl am I! 14:40:04
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Is du no read da peerie story?? 14:45:54
@_discord_305753486048624660:t2bot.iogriceylipper I did... dat's whit maks it waar 14:46:30
@_discord_505490788218830906:t2bot.ioKintra the mod Ciphrius Kane Surprised you're still watching lol. I'm gonna get a snack and take my medication real quick 15:34:11
@_discord_505490788218830906:t2bot.ioKintra the mod totally forgot #vyce-channel existed lmao 15:34:33
@_discord_505490788218830906:t2bot.ioKintra the mod i'll use that from now on 15:34:39
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane A'm jist watchin passive, readin a beuk at the same time 15:34:53
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane GoldenEye bi John Gardner 15:35:04
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLaceyRedacted or Malformed Event15:55:06
@_discord_172002275412279296:t2bot.ioMcTatsumaki Walcome tae The Scots Leid server, mcmisher! 20:49:43
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Hey 20:53:05
@_discord_585922679912267797:t2bot.ioStonedApe Wagwan 20:53:16
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) 007? 20:53:21
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Aye 20:53:32
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Huh 20:53:36
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Didnae ken it wis a beuk 20:53:40
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) * Didnae ken it wis a beuk 20:53:42
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Aye, seicont Bond beuk bi Gardner 20:53:56
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Novelisation ae the film 20:54:02
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Ah 20:54:05
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) A sud see aboot gittin massel a copy 20:54:14
11 Apr 2021
@_discord_172002275412279296:t2bot.ioMcTatsumaki Walcome tae The Scots Leid server, HejHejmonika! 08:13:28
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine Welcome 08:17:04
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Hey 08:24:28
@_discord_818573180204613642:t2bot.ioLern Anent Wur Leids Hiyaz! 09:52:03

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