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16 Jan 2021
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey The what? 23:30:09
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Atavism 23:30:24
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane The idea aat fowk bein less evolved or regressin 23:30:54
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Oh... 23:31:11
17 Jan 2021
@_discord_393536327053869067:t2bot.ioiolo Tf does that mean? 😂 01:59:49
@_discord_393536327053869067:t2bot.ioiolo 2formalwelsh4me 02:03:17
@_discord_715362574937489489:t2bot.ioweeSven https://youtu.be/OZnLNYgeUHE 02:37:31
@_discord_386771476633616386:t2bot.ioLaichar https://twitter.com/Laichar1/status/1350749299873771520 10:18:48
@_discord_386771476633616386:t2bot.ioLaichar innit 10:19:02
@_discord_393536327053869067:t2bot.ioiolo Ffs 12:30:47
@_discord_609325087262375939:t2bot.ioStotz Nver heard of that 12:37:49
@_discord_345570247480311808:t2bot.ioぜの#0001 changed their display name from 最高の不和の名前 (tgzeno)#0001 to ぜの#0001.12:38:23
@_discord_345570247480311808:t2bot.ioぜの#0001 changed their profile picture.12:38:49
@_discord_609325087262375939:t2bot.ioStotz really weird article 14:11:30
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Interesting, though, the part about the "populist conspiracy theory". I see this sort of nepotism in other language minorities but with the difference that their members aren't in positions of power in the govt but only in their respective organisations. 20:17:57
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey I'm not saying it does or doesn't exit in Wales. I have no idea. But it's a thing in the world. 20:18:36
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Especially the part about securing funding for everything. 20:19:28
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey * Especially the part about securing funding for everything. 20:19:55
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey I used to see it as "affirmative action" (a.k.a. "positive discrimination") but in one community I follow it's going far beyond that. 20:21:18
18 Jan 2021
@_discord_172002275412279296:t2bot.ioMcTatsumaki Walcome tae 'E Scots Leid server, The Cheshire Catt! 03:26:15
@_discord_172002275412279296:t2bot.ioMcTatsumaki Walcome tae 'E Scots Leid server, Æ's to Æ's! 03:27:19
@_discord_388916558040137729:t2bot.ioOfficiallyAsian#4024Redacted or Malformed Event03:27:40
@_discord_388916558040137729:t2bot.ioOfficiallyAsian#4024 w e l c o m e 03:27:49
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_524410197750317067:t2bot.ioÆ's to Æ's#8570.03:27:54
@_discord_524410197750317067:t2bot.ioÆ's to Æ's#8570 joined the room.03:27:54
@_discord_524410197750317067:t2bot.ioÆ's to Æ's#8570 Hello. 03:27:54
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_367518729573236737:t2bot.ioThe Cheshire Catt#8259.03:35:16
@_discord_367518729573236737:t2bot.ioThe Cheshire Catt#8259 joined the room.03:35:16
@_discord_367518729573236737:t2bot.ioThe Cheshire Catt#8259 Hello, mortals 03:35:16
@_discord_163510132720926720:t2bot.ioJames Welcome! 04:40:35

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