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6 Oct 2022
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Going somewhere fun? 22:38:12
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey * Hey guys did you know that... 22:38:18
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Foo mony vap emotes dae ye hae? 22:39:29
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine Gonna meet long-time online friend face to face for the first time, he's flying into the state in a bit. And then we're going to over the next couple of days go to PAX Aus, gaming convention 22:39:52
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine And well idk how many tbh but a couple lol 22:40:11
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Flareon is objectively the most huggable Pokémon? Ya I did 22:40:20
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine nah it's vaporeon is the most cool :) 22:40:35
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine (appreciate my attention to detail on the mismatching text kthx) 22:41:13
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Noice! Is that what "the thing" is for? :o 22:43:16
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine perhaaaps 22:43:20
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Aight lol 22:43:20
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine As in yes 22:43:21
@_discord_604690678974251039:t2bot.ioBozydar#6047 Growlithe 22:52:35
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Am stairtin tae hink am the auldest here 23:02:09
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Am 28 23:02:10
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane shakes cane Get aff ma lawn afore a gang aa Anakin on yese yunglins 23:03:08
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine 23:08:02
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.ioJack McL Whitareon? 23:09:57
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine Hecking, I was going to chuck my little jolteon plush in this bag of mine before I left but I hesitated and so didn't 23:12:00
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine I have a little servine plush tho but still 23:12:15
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Fit a shocker 23:12:21
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Gen 1 'lutions done ✅ 23:12:52
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine 23:13:17
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine Hrng I hate '就' I can never wrap my head around it 23:57:58
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine The basic use in certain constructions and such with a kinda meaning of 'then' I get... but when reading stuff I see it again and again but can never figure out why it's there 50% of the time 23:59:09
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine This is just a bit of an exclamation of hating things that are confusing that must just be a 'you get the sense of where it goes eventually' type thing, hrngh 23:59:45
7 Oct 2022
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey "就"恐惧症 00:01:46
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey "jiu"phobia 00:01:52
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Servine https://tenor.com/view/hatred-flabbergasted-cat-men-hero-gif-23351070 00:02:11
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey Do not the cat 00:02:34

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