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18 May 2022
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Sae the Sami Ter server is rin bi Americans aat try an control fit happens there? 15:03:34
@_discord_237377666041249794:t2bot.ioCiphrius Kane Ter Sami e'en 15:03:38
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu the server is aboot aw the sami leids 15:05:06
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu the ter sami leid wis,
It was traditionally spoken in the northeastern part of the Kola Peninsula, but now it is a moribund language; in 2004, only ten speakers were left. By 2010, the number of speakers had decreased to two
@_discord_930151623928455210:t2bot.ioGerald the Cat#6229 Aye i mean in scotland we are quite open, within reason while we dont want people stealing the culture but we are quite open for new learners 15:07:50
@_discord_930151623928455210:t2bot.ioGerald the Cat#6229 We wouldnt accuse someone of being a settler for asking a question or trying to learn a dying leid 15:09:03
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu tbh, i don't wanna get into a discussion about this but 15:09:32
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu americans calling people entitled settlers is kinda..... 😬 15:09:42
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey speaking from experience 15:10:14
@_discord_568011003967832074:t2bot.ioAstroNone#5874 I- 💀 15:18:22
@_discord_297139315354632192:t2bot.ioLacey * speaking from experience /s 15:24:24
@_discord_930151623928455210:t2bot.ioGerald the Cat#6229 Yeah... 15:46:28
@_discord_913905288149598239:t2bot.ioDonnie Hullo, hoo’s yersels the day? 17:26:36
@_discord_913905288149598239:t2bot.ioDonnie Would you explain me their mentality because I’m an American, and I don’t understand what you mean by that 17:29:31
@_discord_913905288149598239:t2bot.ioDonnie * Would you explain to me their mentality because I’m an American, and I don’t understand what you mean by that 17:29:40
@_discord_897641490283626548:t2bot.ionitori Nae bad, whit liyk's yersel? 17:46:35
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) No bad, yersel? 18:10:18
@_discord_913905288149598239:t2bot.ioDonnieRedacted or Malformed Event18:57:18
@_discord_913905288149598239:t2bot.ioDonnie Those’re good to hear, an’ I’m well 18:58:13
@_discord_668160587141873679:t2bot.iotofer#6025 hi abuddie 21:28:01
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu hi tofer whit like 21:32:06
@_discord_668160587141873679:t2bot.iotofer#6025 am ancshus lol, yir sel 21:32:26
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu ach weel 21:34:34
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu a'v a bittie o a sair heid comin on 21:34:42
@_discord_668160587141873679:t2bot.iotofer#6025 ach a hed ack? or summin else? 21:35:15
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu ay 21:37:43
@_discord_128055327093424128:t2bot.iominttu a didna hae eneuch watter the day 21:37:46
@_discord_668160587141873679:t2bot.iotofer#6025 aye dee drink ap en 21:37:49
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.ioJack McL Ooftya. Naethin waur nor a bealin heid brocht on bi a drouth 21:45:34
@_discord_172002275412279296:t2bot.ioMcTatsumaki Walcome tae The Scots Leid server, Discross! 22:23:16

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