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12 Jan 2024
@_discord_1019009989005824010:t2bot.ioCampbell Think I might join 17:29:55
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) Go for it 20:05:02
@_discord_117035690339860482:t2bot.ioCobra_3000 [sco/en_SCO]{it}(gd) It would be cool to see the American variant revive in some form! 20:05:14
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.io_me0wster whit gets cried a jawbox nouadays is basically a Belfast sink 20:50:19
13 Jan 2024
Download image.png
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.io_me0wster mibbe should be renamed gamer's/student's tartan. Laptops are the common cause now 06:49:43
Download figure-fig1_Q320.jpg
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.io_me0wster Will Ðe Draigon seppo, common term your way or not really 07:42:25
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon I've heard of it but I'm not sure I hear it commonly 08:05:22
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon I know what it means though haha 08:05:36
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.io_me0wster is there a lot of rhyming slang in Straya too? 08:17:12
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon If there is it's not around me honestly 12:31:20
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon In the past maybe eh but otherwise it's just a few set expressions you might hear sometimes 12:31:35
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon Main one that comes to mind is "dead horse", I hear that maybe once or twice a year on average lol 12:32:05
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.io_me0wster oh wow that's a new one 12:36:43
@_discord_749411088398811209:t2bot.io_me0wster and only works if non-rhotic I guess 12:37:02
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon Mm yeah 13:06:11
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon Also big oof, had the last event of the Australian Esperanto Congress a bit ago, so I'm now back in my room packing my stuff before it's time to sleep and then leave tomorrow 13:07:20
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon I hate when things are over hah but hey it's been a nice week. Just before me and some others were together in the common room of this part of the uni accommodation, had some stuff to drink and ended up singing a bunch of Esperanto translations of songs out of some song books I'd grabbed 13:08:23
@_discord_209246900216528896:t2bot.ioWill Ðe Draigon Going to be weird heading back home where nobody will be speaking Esperanto around me! 13:09:14
@_discord_1019009989005824010:t2bot.ioCampbell Do you ever post on the Esperanto server? I haven’t noticed 14:10:47
@_discord_1019009989005824010:t2bot.ioCampbell Never mind, I see now 15:09:43
14 Jan 2024
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21 Jan 2024
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23 Jan 2024
@ehlle:matrix.orgehlle (trans fem, 16)(maryland) changed their display name from ehlle (trans fem, 16)(maryland) ζ to ehlle (trans fem, 16)(maryland).01:19:18
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4 Feb 2024
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5 Feb 2024
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11 Feb 2024
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