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27 Jun 2022
@_discord_366822727862190080:t2bot.ioDraconik#4325 * So, right now I'm working on an expanding the BM ice cave set. some of the prefab cave rooms have holes in the wall which connect to tunnel pieces. most of the connections are nearly the same, and all the tunnels are the same size, but of course they aren't snappable... I was thinking about editing these meshes to make all the tunnels use the same connection so they can all be swapped out
basically, is making variants of vanilla meshes like this worth it
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 Would be great for Uld Vraech and of course SHotN. 07:53:19
@_discord_327909382664880131:t2bot.ioAnrohaNexus https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/more-dreugh-weapons
Shortbow uploaded,ready to review bow animated by Aleist3r
@_discord_327909382664880131:t2bot.ioAnrohaNexus * https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/more-dreugh-weapons
Shortbow uploaded,ready to review bow,animated by Aleist3r
@_discord_327909382664880131:t2bot.ioAnrohaNexus * https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/more-dreugh-weapons
Shortbow uploaded,ready to review ,bow animated by Aleist3r
@_discord_215660376577146880:t2bot.iochef Yes 12:54:19
@_discord_511201827476209694:t2bot.ioEndoran#6014 Curious, would this be used as the navy equivalent of templar armour? ie. knight-protector equivalent commanders would be wearing this 20:24:41
28 Jun 2022
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil changed their display name from Taniquetil to Taniquetil#7708.03:19:35
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil changed their display name from Taniquetil#7708 to Taniquetil.03:19:50
@_discord_676435234975121419:t2bot.ioMammaHyena changed their display name from MammaHyena to MammaHyena#8530.12:54:22
@_discord_676435234975121419:t2bot.ioMammaHyena changed their display name from MammaHyena#8530 to MammaHyena.12:54:35
Download textureprogress.jpg
@_discord_241971919484616704:t2bot.ioWorsas#7885 Feel free to voice your thoughts on this. I've been struggling a bit to get a somewhat pleasant result with the cuirass, but admittedly the departure from the vanilla is still a thing here. I've been trying to work more closely along the concept art first, but couldn't achieve something worth looking at. 19:57:00
@_discord_241971919484616704:t2bot.ioWorsas#7885 I assume it's intended for the higher ranks in the Imperial Navy hierarchy 19:58:05
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall Oh this looks cool 20:01:41
@_discord_327909382664880131:t2bot.ioAnrohaNexus Cooool 20:16:47
29 Jun 2022
@_discord_511201827476209694:t2bot.ioEndoran#6014 Mostly just asking as it seems around as ornate as the templar armour, so i'd assume that they'd be used similarly, otherwise it may seem over decorated compared to the legion rank equivalent. 04:39:35
Download image0.png
@_discord_676435234975121419:t2bot.ioMammaHyena First of, it looks great, secondly perhaps the highlighted part could be changed to cloth (draped over armor) as to break up the steel texture a bit? 06:09:41
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 This is armor 06:16:21
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 * This is armor, I don’t think more cloth would be good 06:27:32
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 I kind of disagree with that depending on the style. Fancier Imperial armours do have incorporated cloth decoration, and if we were speaking in real world terms you get all sorts of variety.
In this case, those strips probably work better as metal IMO. One thing is that the brass diamonds/pyramids look like they're inset in the metal, when both for ease of manufacture and not compromising the structure of the metal they should probably be riveted or braised on top of the steel. Or embossed steel covered in brass/whatever metal, but either way projecting out.
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 Two minor suggestions I have: the reflection on those vertical strips makes them look very rounded, as though they have a cross-section like this: )
That's good for medieval armour, but for Roman and Greek-inspired armour a flat cross-section would IMO work better.
While Morrowind armours usually cheat a bit around the arm holes, I'd make the black hole on the side much larger, so that it goes about halfway down the side and the articulation only starts below that.
@_discord_676435234975121419:t2bot.ioMammaHyena Many armor sets in vanilla incorporates cloth. Don’t know what you are aiming at. 08:07:52
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Not over the chest 08:08:57
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Only set I can think of is the templar and those are more like strings 08:09:15
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 I think it would be too much to have those be cloth 08:17:41
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioJohn Blacklight Pickles be right 08:26:13
@_discord_462252846059094018:t2bot.iowalidov changed their display name from walidov to walidov#0036.13:03:25
@_discord_462252846059094018:t2bot.iowalidov changed their display name from walidov#0036 to walidov.13:03:37

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