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6 Dec 2022
@_discord_700458929171333224:t2bot.ioThe Fluxbender#9904 * I just individually stacked all the leaf UVs onto the same portion of the texture. Please tell that's not how you actually do this 02:24:38
@_discord_700458929171333224:t2bot.ioThe Fluxbender#9904 * I just individually stacked all the leaf UVs onto the same portion of the texture so they look all the same. Please tell that's not how you actually do this 02:24:50
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris i'm a pictures moth, show picture 02:24:56
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris no words good 02:25:00
@_discord_700458929171333224:t2bot.ioThe Fluxbender#9904Capture.PNG
Download Capture.PNG
@_discord_700458929171333224:t2bot.ioThe Fluxbender#9904 * There has to be some way to have them all share 1 of these instead of needing to stack them like this 02:26:25
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris okay cool 02:26:28
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris snap to vertex works in the uv 2d editor 02:26:51
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris and you can make a selection and do m, a to merge at center 02:27:21
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris or select everything and do m, b to merge by distance 02:27:47
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris i can't tell here whether the leaves are all divided into the same number of segments. if they're divided into different numbers, then you would probably want to merge UV vertices with first only the 2-segment leaves selected, then only the 3-segment leaves selected, and so on 02:30:53
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris it can help a lot to have both Vertex > Snap selection to cursor (keep offset) and Vertex > Snap cursor to selection in your Q menu for the UV editor 02:34:00
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris because then if you unwrap and you need a bunch of similar things to end up stacked on top of each other you can select one, do q, c to center the cursor on it, and then select the rest one at a time and do q, s 02:35:19
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris of course the real galaxy brain move is to unwrap your first leaf correctly and then make duplicates of it for the rest of the leaves, so their UVs stay correct 02:36:46
@_discord_700458929171333224:t2bot.ioThe Fluxbender#9904 Okay... I'm still reluctant to actually do that, because it would mean unwrapping that torture of a vine/long bark thing again. Even cutting it up with seams did little to make it manageable 02:39:06
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris what? just unwrap only the leaves 02:39:30
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris you don't have to unwrap the entire mesh 02:39:40
@_discord_700458929171333224:t2bot.ioThe Fluxbender#9904 how 02:39:49
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris select only the faces which you want to unwrap 02:40:01
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris then unwrap 02:40:06
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris also you can alway pin uv points 02:42:26
@_discord_654120370235768832:t2bot.ioHemaris by selecting them in the UV editor and pressing p 02:42:44
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their profile picture.03:33:54
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their display name from Shadowhawk#7858 to Shadowhawk.03:33:57
@_discord_453464067558998026:t2bot.ioVenuSprout#6740 These look so fantastic, and the hand painted style works so well for morrowind. One thing to look out for if you haven't yet is to make sure the hats fit on all the heads, since it looks like quite a tight fit on that one 04:43:11
@_discord_453464067558998026:t2bot.ioVenuSprout#6740Download tr_help_head_01.nif04:46:30
@_discord_453464067558998026:t2bot.ioVenuSprout#6740 Here's a reference for most of the head shapes in TR 04:46:30
@_discord_321319827891552256:t2bot.ioFeivelyn#3341 thanks, will be pushing some verts around when necessary 11:59:05
@_discord_321319827891552256:t2bot.ioFeivelyn#3341 * thanks, will be pushing some verts around where necessary 11:59:12
@_discord_321319827891552256:t2bot.ioFeivelyn#3341 do you have one for whole body as well by any chance? 12:01:13

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