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We create our own awesome and amazing cases for the open Librem 5 phone by Purism | Etherpad: https://pad.freifunk.net/p/Etherpad_for_Librem_5_Case_Creating_Community | Wikifab: https://wikifab.org/wiki/Group:Librem_5_Case_Creating_Community | GitLab: https://source.puri.sm/Librem-5-Case-Creating-Community | Unofficial: The L5CCC is not affiliated in any way with Purism!18 Servers

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8 Sep 2019
17:51:05@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrBetter photos are coming prob in a blog post/FAQ
17:54:45@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrWho is gonna make their device even thicker with a case?
18:03:57@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7k If I remember the drawings from the presentation correctly and the bezel&back are all one piece/replaceable I will forego a case and just replace the shell if it gets too bad. Otherwise maybe electrical tape.
18:07:58@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrive never used a case on any phone so i deff wont be using one
18:10:08@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjri ordered 2 devices so i can get one in the very first batch i backed in 2017 during the campaign then other day bought another one that ill take from the last FIR batch
18:12:25@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7kThat is smart, reserve your spot in line for the upgrade.
18:13:46@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrplus i wanted to beable to say i had one of the first ever made with first batch now
18:14:15@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrhope the case makers get all the specs they need soon to start cranking out cases for those who want cases
18:15:19@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7kYea, even if you were to sell it, resale value will be high on this device I would imagine.
18:16:20@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrplus heat issues and how good cellular radio works thru the outer body for the first device im sure will determine if they put one on or not
18:17:42@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrif cell signal is just average naked im sure people may say lets not cover the signal up even more
18:20:25@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7kI think purism could set a new president here if they sell new shells.
18:22:24@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7kThey could sell a new aluminum shell for less than the cost of an aftermarket case because the mold cost is already paid for in the production of the device.
18:23:14@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7k*some after market cases.
In reply to @fuzzy7k:matrix.org
I think purism could set a new president here if they sell new shells.
be like this company follow in their foot steps https://shop.fairphone.com/en/
19:24:04@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrscroll down that page
19:24:40@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrthey are on their 3rd device they release 1 new device every 3 to 4 years
19:25:55@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrScreenshot from 2019-09-08 15-25-09.png
Screenshot from 2019-09-08 15-25-09.png
19:26:34@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrwhole phone comes apart in 2 mins and they seel parts for anything that breaks shells cameras extra batteries etc etc
19:27:59@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrso i too hope purism will follow in their foot steps and offer such things
19:28:55@jameshjacksonjr:librem.onejameshjacksonjrthose are the spare parts fairphone offers
22:14:38@fuzzy7k:matrix.orgfuzzy7kNice, precedent already started.
9 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019
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13 Sep 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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19 Sep 2019
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