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We create our own awesome and amazing cases for the open Librem 5 phone by Purism | Etherpad: https://pad.freifunk.net/p/Etherpad_for_Librem_5_Case_Creating_Community | Wikifab: https://wikifab.org/wiki/Group:Librem_5_Case_Creating_Community | GitLab: https://source.puri.sm/Librem-5-Case-Creating-Community | Unofficial: The L5CCC is not affiliated in any way with Purism!43 Servers

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8 Jan 2021
@angus.ainslie:talk.puri.smAngusSure NP 00:27:23
@amgine:matrix.orgAmgine‽Like five seconds after I get my e-mail that mine is shipping...00:27:30
@amgine:matrix.orgAmgine‽Which reminds me to get back to setting up this new OS.00:27:47
@angus.ainslie:talk.puri.smAngusDesign the cae now and I'll have it printed by the time your phone ships00:28:08
@amgine:matrix.orgAmgine‽<grins> Will try, but first - e-mail client!00:28:52
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9 Jan 2021
In reply to @kyle.rankin:talk.puri.sm
Yeah, I saw that :D I can't wait. What's that controller and is that just a clip that attaches to hold a handheld PC?
@thndrbvr:matrix.orgthndrbvrSlightly off topic? Anyone know if the Steam controller works for the L5? And any attachment clip things that would fit both to make a good mobile controller?10:37:57
@thndrbvr:matrix.orgthndrbvr Also, for whoever's interested in peeking at the Steam controllers CAD files: https://steamcommunity.com/games/353370/announcements/detail/901091250587575759 10:39:31
@thndrbvr:matrix.orgthndrbvr Here's an interesting idea. https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamController/comments/5c8fva/discussion_steam_controller_chatpad_prototype_v10/ But, with a backlit keyboard, battery, and connects to the USB type C port and maybe has an additional port and mSD card slot under the backcover (ya know, to hold additional games and such).. Oh, and a clip for the L5. 11:11:04
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11 Jan 2021
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14 Jan 2021
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15 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021
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20 Jan 2021
@sebastian.krzyszkowiak:talk.puri.smSebastian KrzyszkowiakSteam Controller works fine11:27:35
@amgine:matrix.orgAmgine‽ \o/ 21:06:13
@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) 21:09:00
21 Jan 2021
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23 Jan 2021
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24 Jan 2021
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