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5 Jul 2018
14:51:38@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundalso to add: i understand that i have strong opinions on the freedom of chat, please don't let them get you off your decision of what's the best for the project :)

(not to forget the spirit/movement around it, federation/openness is a core belief of the community)

part of these beliefs are that nobody should force someone into a specific client/network for chats. that's one of the reasons why they started writing bridges for other chat networks (e.g. i can join all big irc networks, gitter, etc over the federated matrix network)

14:56:22@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundso we're might be able to meet everyone's beliefs with bridging a few networks (e.g. i'm in a gitter room over matrix, and noticed a few days after joining that it wasn't a matrix native one :D)
15:11:19@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsund guylepage3: what do you think of the ui/ux of https://zulipchat.com? (no federation but thread support)
15:33:21@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Yeah. I get the closed silo part for sure.. I HATE being locked in for sure.. But the UX needs to be there.. especially for onboarding people.
15:33:24@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3There is also good old IRC... Lol.
15:33:28@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3I feel as though every developer has used IRC at one point or another
15:40:11@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3 set a profile picture.
15:48:10@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundyeah, irc is still somehow surviving and i don't know why, despite (or probably because?) it has no features 🤔
15:49:54@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundi think irc has a strong community that really likes sticking to it (and probably also network effects)
16:58:22@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3So seems as though a lot of large open source projects are using discord
16:58:34@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3React, etc..
17:04:03@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3hm.. I feel we should be using one of the main chat apps for onboarding folks.
17:04:26@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Gitter, Discord, Slack for chat...
17:05:00@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Then Discorse for our forum
17:09:06@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3I've moved back over to Slack for the time being folks.. Having all these chat apps open is.. 😒
17:14:11@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3 hmm... vsund just created a Zulip account. It's quite similar to Slack.
17:15:06@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundi really like the ability to thread conversations, that a major bummer in slack
17:15:52@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsunde.g. hesitating to ask an engineering question because there's an on-going conversation in #engineering etc
17:17:48@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3seems like a lot of the big projects use Gitter or Discord..
17:17:57@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3do either offer thread support?
17:19:49@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundiirc both not even offer the horrible slack-like threads 😅
17:27:48@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3 Sorry for not being clear vsund but do Gitter or Discord offer thread support?
17:29:41@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundnot that i'm aware of, and i think they don't even have this horrible thread support slack offers
17:30:28@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3wow.. hm.. how is this sooooo bad.. lol..
17:30:51@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3anyways.. i'm just heading back over to slack for the time being..
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16 Jul 2018
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