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24 Jan 2022
@_discord_480054604105515019:t2bot.iofurtissim2 outward roll layout + intentional MY alt finger or something = epic 03:47:38
@_discord_744037679565373531:t2bot.ioEV🦄 that's a bad alt finger 03:49:58
@_discord_480054604105515019:t2bot.iofurtissim2 well obviously no alt finger is the way to go 03:50:21
@_discord_744037679565373531:t2bot.ioEV🦄 that's better 03:50:29
@_discord_744037679565373531:t2bot.ioEV🦄 also the eo oe au alts on mtgap 03:51:17
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch EV🦄 what's better? 04:07:02
@_discord_744037679565373531:t2bot.ioEV🦄 the original my alt lol 04:07:25
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch well to each their own oppinion tbh 04:09:21
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch in terms of the y I like where I placed it myself 🙂 04:10:47
@_discord_744037679565373531:t2bot.ioEV🦄 i can understand 04:11:34
@_discord_480054604105515019:t2bot.iofurtissim2 FY swap looks very viable but i think it's pretty good 04:16:09
@_discord_480054604105515019:t2bot.iofurtissim2 if you don't want NY sfb then i think it's fine now 04:16:10
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch makes it slightly worse beacuse hy is a .05 sfb 04:23:46
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch by swap is overall better in that case 04:24:28
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch but I decided against it bcs I rather have y on the left for less stretches 04:24:51
@_discord_480054604105515019:t2bot.iofurtissim2 👍 04:25:06
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch it's a super close call though 04:25:45
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch so only time can tell if I end up with yb swap or not 04:26:10
@_discord_143166306710061066:t2bot.ioTobirousch already rethinking things again. I should get on and continue typing! 04:31:30
@_discord_108237555928952832:t2bot.iodonuts_and_ joined the room.06:11:16
@_discord_783169875244744724:t2bot.ioQuarky joined the room.10:52:19
@_discord_906437538741358592:t2bot.iohalogen https://youtu.be/Zvm50g1YU7c 12:00:27
@_discord_906437538741358592:t2bot.iohalogenDownload pn1601-jokinenA.pdf12:01:52
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioShrigma Mayl 🐌unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioShrigma Mayl 🐌 woag 12:04:44
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioShrigma Mayl 🐌 youtube comments > 12:04:55
@_discord_783699437670236190:t2bot.iodustyn | WIP Actually they tried 15:50:06
@_discord_783699437670236190:t2bot.iodustyn | WIPScreenshot_20220124-164805_1.png
Download Screenshot_20220124-164805_1.png
@_discord_783699437670236190:t2bot.iodustyn | WIP But this ia more about UI/UX than it's about layouts .. 15:50:13
@_discord_783699437670236190:t2bot.iodustyn | WIP To quantify the cost of changing an UI in regard of relearning cost for users to adapt .. kind a interested 15:50:14

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