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18 May 2022
In reply to @_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.io
(re: the screenshot i posted in #showcase: don't mind the programmer art, i really need an actual pixel artist)
Awesome nonetheless!
@_discord_236088176081371136:t2bot.ioOtesunki#9535 changed their display name from 2pi42n2c-u23prcnwueyboycbwqpwbun#9535 to Otesunki#9535.08:03:18
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@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 DevEd Having recently been pondering "eyes on a shape" ideas this appeals to me 🙂 14:39:52
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill (you can get the gbcompo 2021 build of rebound here: https://deved.itch.io/rebound) 14:40:43
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Already have it on hand, but thanks! 😄 14:40:54
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Oh yeah, the moving eyes add a lot over the compo version. Great job! 14:41:39
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill btw if you don't have the latest version i'd highly recommend updating since some of the older builds have bugs of the "how the hell did i not catch that" variety 14:42:19
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 I suppose the eyes are still a part of the base player tiles, and not distinct sprites, right? Probably not worth decoupling those unless you add a lot of movement. 14:42:36
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill I've considered that, could work but it would require a substantial rewrite of the player code 14:43:57
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 I'll bet! 14:44:04
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill i've also considered some squash and stretch animations, but never got around to implementing them 14:44:46
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Would probably look slick. 14:45:27
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill fun fact: I originally wanted to fake squash/stretch animations with 8x8 sprites but then I ended up using 8x16 mode 14:45:42
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Ha! 14:45:56
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 The allure of 8x16 is strong. 14:46:08
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill right now implementing proper squash/stretch is basically impossible since the player sprites are restricted to 16x16 14:46:58
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill * right now implementing proper squash/stretch is basically impossible since the player sprites are restricted to 16x16, and Boink takes up the entirety of that 14:47:51
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Ah, no funky metasprite action. Something I've managed to never actually bother using myself 😉 14:48:11
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 I think partially because once I open up the floodgates of dynamic metasprites I'd need to bring in an artist to truly justify it. 😛 14:49:01
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill funny you should mention metasprites, I'm actually using metasprites in another project 14:49:07
Download unknown.png
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill tl;dr remake of an amiga demo 14:50:06
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Looks familiar 😉 14:50:33
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill graphics are copied to VRAM using HDMA, which I ended up backporting to Rebound for a huge speed boost 14:50:43
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill yep it's Puggsy 14:50:44
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill the final version will have better sprites for Puggsy and a non-placeholder background 14:51:59
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Excellent. 14:52:07
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