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1 Aug 2021
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 Time to drop both my engines and write a raycaster. 16:46:44
@_discord_419037980028698646:t2bot.iodan jia#7921 there's also this that's quite performant, I believe it's GB: https://gbhh.avivace.com/game/back-to-earth-3d 16:56:51
@_discord_415632131029729290:t2bot.iojvsTSX#1193 how many KiB can you transfer on one Vblank using a good loop? 16:58:21
@_discord_755055255426957412:t2bot.iozlago (may contain : annoying) X ran at like 20 FPS i think 16:58:30
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 Only 256 KiB. Add some SMK style-enemies and a map generator and you could port TES 1. 16:58:43
@_discord_415632131029729290:t2bot.iojvsTSX#1193 small screen games offen use 3KiB of tile data 16:58:44
@_discord_755055255426957412:t2bot.iozlago (may contain : annoying) cant wait to see a new homebrew 3D gameboy game 16:59:13
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioDevEd personally I consider this to be cheating 17:04:05
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioDevEd not to mention the fact that it would make actually playing the damn thing next to impossible 17:04:32
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 especially on SGB 17:24:27
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 Assuming no sprites on the screen and no timer or serial, it should be possible to copy 16 bytes from WRAM to VRAM per hblank on DMG. 17:29:16
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 Enough for a 144x112-pixel canvas in 2 frames 17:29:54
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 In GBC double speed mode, you might be able to get away with HDMA copying 16 bytes and code copying the other 16 17:41:26
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 Wouldn't it be better to GDMA all 32 bytes? 17:44:13
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 I seem to remember a NICCC port or something had a problem with GDMA spilling out of mode 0 into mode 2 on at least some GBC SoC revisions. 17:50:38
@_discord_369657328686989314:t2bot.ioDrush#1939 Cavencruiser Wrong channel 18:15:40
@_discord_398540227796271104:t2bot.ioCavencruiser#9554 oh 18:16:29
@_discord_398540227796271104:t2bot.ioCavencruiser#9554 oops 18:16:35
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 That’s a good point. Ideally you shoot for fun games despite limitations, rather than bad games because of them. 19:37:29
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 Evelin What does the bottom option say? 19:53:55
@_discord_323417759507808257:t2bot.ioEvelin#1006 return 19:54:09
@_discord_323417759507808257:t2bot.ioEvelin#1006 like 19:54:18
@_discord_323417759507808257:t2bot.ioEvelin#1006 return to title screen 19:54:29
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 Oh, I couldn't tell what the U and N were. 19:54:55
@_discord_323417759507808257:t2bot.ioEvelin#1006 I see 19:55:20
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 For some reason it looked more like "RETWRK" 19:55:31
@_discord_323417759507808257:t2bot.ioEvelin#1006 fun fact, the font is the only shared asset between the PC and GB port 19:55:34
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 * For some reason it looked more like "RETWRK" 19:55:35
@_discord_323417759507808257:t2bot.ioEvelin#1006 everything else is made from scratch 19:55:53
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 I've been pondering this since seeing these Doom updates 😉 21:57:31

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