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14 Apr 2020
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]lole20:23:27
@ignis:matrix.fortgroup.usIgnisew matrix.org20:23:47
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA unbanned @jfk:jews.ripjfk.20:23:56
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAill just mute him instead of banning20:24:26
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs] CIA: what happened to the old account? did you abandon it willingly or was it deactivated? 20:24:36
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA invited @jfk:jews.ripjfk.20:24:49
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]if it was deactivated then you should move to an alternative homeserver20:24:51
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAchanged room power levels.20:24:54
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAdoesnt matter20:25:44
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAit was a logistic mistake20:26:04
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]if it was deactivated then you're just positioning yourself for the exact same scenario by having all your admins on the same homeserver20:26:13
@monk:matrix.kiwifarms.netmonkHe was doing naughty things with it.20:26:19
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]i've had matrix.org accounts deactivated, no shame in it, they are sticklers and hate us20:26:36
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]but you should be careful and make an account on a secondary homeserver in case matrix.org decides to take action20:26:56
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]use federation for what it is and what it is good at20:27:08
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAwe will add alternatives dont worry 20:27:24
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIANYC coronavirus sent a mass text message asking for people who are cured to donate their blood plasma20:28:39
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAhealthy people can donate blood like twice a week20:29:04
@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 CIA by the way, the way i set this room up is usually how i set up all my rooms: power level -1 will mute people from talking but they will still be able to use reactions to messages, and power level -2 will mute them from both talking and reacting 20:29:21
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAokay fair enough, i just used the mute button and it sets the -1 automatically20:30:06
@ff777:matrix.orgFF777you have a mute button?20:30:17
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAyes in the desktop version20:30:29
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]do /op <user> -120:30:37
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAill PM you 20:30:43
@benis:nerdsin.spaceBenis :DDD [Powning Noobs]same thing20:30:39
@tidux:matrix.orgtiduxhello where is the goronabirus :DDDDDDD20:33:02
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAchanged room power levels.20:33:15
@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0 joined the room.20:33:32
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA!!cases New York20:37:31
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA * !cases New York20:37:48

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