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Information hub for news and serious discussion about the coronavirus epidemic. The semi-real-time map for the spread is this link: https://app.isnew.info/2019-ncov Since there is a huge shortage of masks, here is a video showing you how you can make a disposable mask with a full-sized paper-towel, 4 rubber-bands, and 2 staples: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=CgkCpK2XRR4 You might even make it double-layered by using 2 paper towels instead of 1 Here is an other tracker that has daily updates about what happened on a particular day: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus If you need to know what supplies to have, or which masks and suits to wear feel free to ask and share.44 Servers

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10 Jan 2021
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12 Jan 2021
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13 Jan 2021
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14 Jan 2021
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15 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021
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18 Jan 2021
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@ns1:matrix.orgns1Any investigations or conceptual models on the mRNA vax payload crossing to cranial or intestinal neuronal cells for replication/transcription ... or for that matter crossing to any immunologically privileged organ/cell type? As of this writing, all IP sites in humans are known to support CoV-2 replication in vivo. Will the mRNA vax payload similarly reproduce?09:16:27
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA Generally interstitial fluid and nervous system is not the site of RNA transcription. It happens inside cells, the shots are made into the muscle 10:15:14
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAde-facto: if israel didn’t get vaccines from those companies they would call them anti semitic lol10:17:44
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA dxrwzy9y: only get the N95, that has a LOT number and serial number, do not get KN95 they are fake chinese masks, if a mask does not have a lot number on it or the rubber bands then it’s not a real N95.
I would also suggest getting an R95 instead, after wearing N95 for a year I can tell you it’s really disgusting passing smokers, I end up lifting the mask to evacuate the smoke, with P100 I didn’t smell anything, an R95 should be able to block it as well, P95 exists too but they will be much more expensive.
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA Both R95 and P95 however will have life of 40 hours each, whereas N95 is generally 4 hours, even though I’d wear one for a few weeks till it was grey and gross outside from all the pollution 10:29:48
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIA I’m vaxxed now so I started to wear a surgical mask that I change pretty much daily 10:30:28
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Generally interstitial fluid and nervous system is not the site of RNA transcription. It happens inside cells, the shots are made into the muscle
cia, replication/transcription obviously takes place IN CELLS as mentioned... the interrogatory concerns the available research on IN VIVO CELL TYPES that support mRNA activity resulting in budding/presentation of transcriptomes to the host immune modulators?
@ns1:matrix.orgns1What is the distance and tropism of any expected payload transport from The intramuscular injection site? Are any cell types other than those proximal to injection later recruited via mRNA vax engineering?10:50:41
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@de-facto:matrix.orgde-factomRNA itself would not survive without being protected inside their transport vehicles those LNPs (lipid nano particles), because there are all kinds of enzymes around very quickly destroying all kinds of free floating RNA18:02:22
@de-facto:matrix.orgde-factoonce those LNPs delivered the mRNA into cells it also wont survive for long (even despite all their tricks to make it last at little bit longer) because mRNA is the natural intermediate for protein production, hence its normal for cells to constantly remove all types of mRNAs at different rates to make place for new "protein recipes" (aka mRNA) in their protein production capabilities.18:08:07
@de-facto:matrix.orgde-factoso the interesting question would be if there are studies about the diffusion of those LNPs in muscle tissue, i.e. how localized do those stay at the injection site?18:09:09
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