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29 Dec 2023
@kenny3:matrix.orgkenny3ok, I cleared the sync data, but that didn't seem to work. Then I realized I still had tabs open that had been opened via this mechanism when I wanted github.com to go into my Work container. I went through and closed all those tabs and that seemed to have fixed it. Maybe that's helpful.22:37:38
@kenny3:matrix.orgkenny3Or, I could have misconstrued those. I'm pretty sure I restarted my browser after each step, but I was also going back and forth to the stove to get dinner ready as I did some of this. So not the most attentive debugging :P22:38:50
@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinAt least, it worked 🙂 22:39:53
@kenny3:matrix.orgkenny3Oh and first time I actually ever looked at the codebase today, too. I just assumed it would be unapproachable. Outside of the fact that I've only ever written one extension and have limited JS experience, the code was very approachable and readable. Nice work.22:41:23
@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinGlad it's still approachable even tho developers working on it changed over the years. Btw, if you're curious, you can also look at the container code in Firefox itself. A lot of it is also in JS and surprisingly easier to understand than a lot of people think. You can browser it on searchfox (main entrypoint https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/components/contextualidentity/ContextualIdentityService.sys.mjs)22:54:52
4 Jan 2024
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6 Jan 2024
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@fkbord:matrix.orgfkbordHi there! Can I use a VPN that is not MozillaVPN with firefox multi-account containers add on?14:44:09
@fkbord:matrix.orgfkbordAlso, is there a way that I can link the default ctrl+t to open a new tab with a default container? I see that when I do ctrl+t I get a new tab but it does not belong to any of my containers14:50:21
@bjherbison:mozilla.orgB.J. Herbison

fkbord: VPN use and containers are totally separate issues. Some sites might have problems inside a VPN (I saw a mention of a VPN issue in another room earlier today) but the issues should be totally independent of container use.

I don't know of any way to select a container to use with control-t, but there are some container add-ons that create tabs. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=container
(The default control-t does use a container -- it's the default, unnamed container.

@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny Colin
In reply to @fkbord:matrix.org
Hi there! Can I use a VPN that is not MozillaVPN with firefox multi-account containers add on?
If your VPN provider offers SOCKS support, you can configure it through the Advanced Proxy Settings in Multi-Account Containers.
8 Jan 2024
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@trulsaa:matrix.orgtrulsaaI love an use the multi account containers plugin a lot. So much so that i have around 30 different containers. For some urls i am unable to lock into opening in only one container. In these instances I need choose the container I want to open the url in first. I am unable to find a noen clunky workflow for this. Are any of you familiar with this? What is your flow? My idea is a setting you could toggle on that makes it so that the search field in the container panel is focused when the panel is opend. This way I could use a shorcut to open the panel -> search -> click enter to open the correct container. Would this be a good ideea and possible to implement?12:39:21
@bjherbison:mozilla.orgB.J. Herbison trulsaa: I just open a container tab and then type or paste the URL. I suggest looking at container add-ons in add-ons.mozilla.org to see if any satisfy you. 18:12:25
9 Jan 2024
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11 Jan 2024
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12 Jan 2024
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23 Jan 2024
@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinYou also got a shout out in "This week in Firefox" newletter 🙂 https://blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2024/01/22/happy-new-year-these-weeks-in-firefox-issue-152/00:36:43
8 Feb 2024
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@ozzloy:matrix.orgozzloyheya! i am trying to remove a site from "always open in [name] container." and i am unable to figure it out.00:16:10
@doti:catboyindustries.codotipull up the container ui from the extension ui 01:17:18
Download image.png
@doti:catboyindustries.codoti * pull up the container ui from the extension ui , then go to manage containers and select a site container01:17:45
Download image.png
@doti:catboyindustries.codotithen you can click manage site list and remove a specific site01:18:07
12 Feb 2024
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18 Feb 2024
@donrudo:matrix.orgDon Rudois there a way to track the history for a specific container? I am trying to keep some sites within the container enabling the "Limit to designated sites" on, but seems like a few redirects are missing and are kicked out when I start a new session from it unless I disable the option.21:10:29
@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinHistory isn't aware of containers.21:32:43
@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinThat needs to be implemented in Firefox itself.21:34:11
@donrudo:matrix.orgDon RudoI see21:44:54

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