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Official MoniGoMani Help Room where you can ask for help to get MGM running or with optimising it. Read the documentation before asking questions though: https://github.com/Rikj000/MoniGoMani/blob/main/VERYQUICKSTART.md Questions about the `development` branch might be ignored! (This branch is not meant for end users)2 Servers

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23 Jan 2022
@doev:matrix.orgDoevA few weeks ago I ran into some errors while installing these requirements. The installer.ssh log didn't show that, separate install did. Might be something there17:14:44
@doev:matrix.orgDoevAnd you're welcome17:17:32
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 Hmmm, I'm still having the same issue :/ I saw no errors when installing the dependencies 17:21:28
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 also, I tried to update my git (I was on 2.25 now on 2.34) but that doesn't change it either 17:22:31
@doev:matrix.orgDoevCan you paste the complete error?17:24:11
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/ben/Documents/dev/Freqtrade-MGM/monigomani/mgm-hurry", line 1209, in <module>
  File "/home/ben/.local/share/virtualenvs/Freqtrade-MGM-3KQinBov/lib/python3.9/site-packages/fire/core.py", line 141, in Fire
    component_trace = _Fire(component, args, parsed_flag_args, context, name)
  File "/home/ben/.local/share/virtualenvs/Freqtrade-MGM-3KQinBov/lib/python3.9/site-packages/fire/core.py", line 466, in _Fire
    component, remaining_args = _CallAndUpdateTrace(
  File "/home/ben/.local/share/virtualenvs/Freqtrade-MGM-3KQinBov/lib/python3.9/site-packages/fire/core.py", line 681, in _CallAndUpdateTrace
    component = fn(*varargs, **kwargs)
  File "/home/ben/Documents/dev/Freqtrade-MGM/monigomani/mgm-hurry", line 140, in up
  File "/home/ben/Documents/dev/Freqtrade-MGM/monigomani/mgm-hurry", line 251, in install_freqtrade
    self.freqtrade_cli.download_setup_freqtrade(target_dir=target_dir, branch=branch,
  File "/home/ben/Documents/dev/Freqtrade-MGM/monigomani/user_data/mgm_tools/mgm_hurry/FreqtradeCli.py", line 179, in download_setup_freqtrade
    repo = clone_repository(GIT_URL_FREQTRADE, temp_dirname, checkout_branch=branch)
  File "/home/ben/.local/share/virtualenvs/Freqtrade-MGM-3KQinBov/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pygit2/__init__.py", line 222, in clone_repository
  File "/home/ben/.local/share/virtualenvs/Freqtrade-MGM-3KQinBov/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pygit2/callbacks.py", line 93, in check_error
  File "/home/ben/.local/share/virtualenvs/Freqtrade-MGM-3KQinBov/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pygit2/errors.py", line 65, in check_error
    raise GitError(message)
_pygit2.GitError: authentication required but no callback set
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 i'm gonna try on my server, to see if this is related to my computer 17:25:41
@doev:matrix.orgDoevπŸ‘ hope that works17:26:53
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 🀞 17:31:01
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 well that seems to work on my server, freqtrade installed successfully and now mgm is installing. So I guess there is something wrong in my git install on my pc, I will check that later 18:00:12
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 anyway thank you so much for your help Doev 18:00:33
@doev:matrix.orgDoev Glad to hear! And you're welcome. Good luck! And if you know things to improve, or have some ideas, be sure to discuss them here! 18:08:17
@_discord_162506018524233728:t2bot.ioEffay#6391 I'll sure do ! 18:09:14
Download Screen_Shot_2022-01-23_at_23.01.59.png
@_discord_546990231182770187:t2bot.ioMKJ52#6775 thank you for the guidance on TA-Lib, i did as you suggested but now i'm getting the following error. Incomplete setup, no prompts to install freqtrade, monigomani, etc. 19:04:48
@_discord_364067047371571202:t2bot.ioWincho#3732 joined the room.19:53:58
@_discord_364067047371571202:t2bot.ioWincho#3732 Hello guys! Awesome developments here. Recently started working with Freqtrade python to learn and experiment with, any chance i can use this framework on windows as well? Thanks! 19:53:58
@_discord_558634940498182155:t2bot.ioLyam#6470 Seems like there are still missing dependencies. Check out the install guide for raspberry pi 4 mentioned by Doev earlier especially sudo apt install -y git jq curl expect python3-venv libhdf5-serial-dev hdf5-tools python3-pip python3-psutil build-essential automake gcc zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libbz2-dev wget llvm libncursesw5-dev xz-utils tk-dev libxml2-dev libxmlsec1-dev libffi-dev liblzma-dev cmake gfortran python3-dev 21:09:24
@doev:matrix.orgDoev The last line of the error refers to libssl, so missing dependancy as Lyam stated. 21:47:20
24 Jan 2022
@_discord_830120630942564403:t2bot.ioMuzo you guys are awesome! I was away for about 2 months and I see you've made a lot of progress 00:02:10
@_discord_830120630942564403:t2bot.ioMuzo we still don't have a dockerized mgm right? 00:03:42
@_discord_558634940498182155:t2bot.ioLyam#6470 Docker support is disabled since October (check github issue 148) but as far as I know Bloodsucker is currently working on docker support 00:20:39
@_discord_830120630942564403:t2bot.ioMuzo got it
looks like mgm-hurry is doing great installation and so on
@_discord_546990231182770187:t2bot.ioMKJ52#6775 I have a mac with the M1 chip and im running into a lot of problems haha, is there a comprehensive guide for installing on the M1 chip? 07:12:34
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 Doev & Lyam, thank you guys for helping the new users out throughout the weekend! Been too busy.. but I do appreciate the help a lot! πŸ™‚ 07:22:55
@_discord_558634940498182155:t2bot.ioLyam#6470 The official docs state additional requirements for MacOS in the Installation section. Maybe something from there isn't installed πŸ€” 09:46:36
@_discord_558634940498182155:t2bot.ioLyam#6470 You can find a link to the docs on the github page or in #πŸ“’οΈ±moni-go-mani 09:49:12
@_discord_652501590686564352:t2bot.ioDoev#7736 joined the room.10:51:09
@_discord_652501590686564352:t2bot.ioDoev#7736 You're welcome Rikj000. And it's a win win as well, learning new stuff while helping hehe. 10:51:09
@_discord_652501590686564352:t2bot.ioDoev#7736 MKJ52 try installing the requirements and if it still doesn't work, you can always paste the error here 10:52:10

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