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Official MoniGoMani Help Room where you can ask for help to get MGM running or with optimising it. Read the documentation before asking questions though: https://github.com/Rikj000/MoniGoMani/blob/main/VERYQUICKSTART.md Questions about the `development` branch might be ignored! (This branch is not meant for end users)2 Servers

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16 Oct 2022
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 On hold for the time being, due to limitations of my time 16:27:20
@_discord_727981551400386581:t2bot.iostrepito66#3488 oh ok 16:32:40
19 Oct 2022
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7 Nov 2022
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8 Nov 2022
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11 Nov 2022
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13 Nov 2022
@_discord_246693248423165955:t2bot.ioAJ_4real#6745 Which is better for MGM? FTX or Binance? 15:20:58
@_discord_246693248423165955:t2bot.ioAJ_4real#6745 I think Binance but idk for sure. 15:21:14
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 Do not use FTX! 16:25:01
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 It's about to go bust 16:25:03
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 Please move away the majority of your funds from CEXes (Centralized Exchanges).

FTX is likely the first of more CEXes to fall
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 Binance is the best when it comes down to having many coin-pairs available though 16:26:48
@_discord_246693248423165955:t2bot.ioAJ_4real#6745 How safe do you think it is though, seeing what's happening with FTX 17:49:07
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 At this point in time I believe every CEX is risky,
due to FTX imploding + the macro-economic recession which is upon us.
I can see other CEXes which aren't in good financial backed conditions also imploding due to the fallout of FTX,
being people panicking and withdrawing funds from CEXes.

Which ones will implode is hard to say, but a lot will depend on their financial backing / reputation I think.
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 Remember CEXes are just as bad as banks,
you give them the keys to your wallet, allowing them to do nearly everything with your funds within legal limits,
including gambling in the stock markets and loaning it out to people with no stable income source.
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 CEXes quite are against what crypto stands for,
being "taking the power away from centralized parties of power (central banks)",
who currently print our FIAT money into oblivion..
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 So I only use CEXes for data for machine learning, and trading,
but absolutely not to hold my funds for long periods of time
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 * So I only use CEXes for data for machine learning, and easy trading/swapping,
but absolutely not to hold my funds for long periods of time
@_discord_246693248423165955:t2bot.ioAJ_4real#6745 Which exchanges should I use for trading? 18:08:48
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 For long holding always use a private wallet, one of which you only have the key, not the CEX aswell 18:09:07
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 I'd recommend KuCoin and Binance 18:09:36
@_discord_246693248423165955:t2bot.ioAJ_4real#6745 Okay. 18:09:42
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 * I'd recommend KuCoin and Binance for Freqtrade/MGM 18:09:48
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 However for manual trading, aim to use DEXes as often as you can (Decentralized Exchanges) 18:10:10
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 They allow you to simply use your private wallet 18:10:20
@_discord_119397325998129152:t2bot.ioRikj000#5379 No need to send the funds to a CEX (where they can do whatever they want with the money under the hood) 18:10:40
21 Nov 2022
@_discord_968970244234281090:t2bot.ioJoe 乔·拜登 joined the room.02:56:54
26 Nov 2022
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28 Nov 2022
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