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17 Nov 2019
21:46:19@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger kanetw Is it possible/likely that our SIGUSR1 modifications to godot are somehow causing these HMD freezes? I'm trying to reproduce HMD freezes with normal godot 3.1 master + a stripped godot_openvr/demo and have so far been unable to (but last time it took me a several minutes to reproduce a freeze with the stripped demo).
21:48:42@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger There's nothing going on with SIGUSR1 in godot_openvr so this has to be incredibly unlikely.
22:02:02@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw it's possible openvr uses SIGUSR1 for wakeup
22:44:27@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger IIRC we had HMD freezes before we every messed with XWayland
22:44:43@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger That said I was unable to induce a freeze using pure godot 3.1
22:44:52@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger So it's either SIGUSR1 stuff or gdwlroots
22:48:44@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger I just commented out SIGUSR1 stuff in our Simula's godot binary. Going to see if I can induce a freeze in Simula using xdg apps
23:00:34@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger kanetw Does the following sufficiently demonstrate that godot_openvr doesn't use SIGUSR1?

george@UbuntuBox:~/godot_openvr$ grep -nr SIGUSR
23:00:50@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw n
23:00:58@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Ok...well...so far no Simula freezes
23:01:05@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw strace the godot binary while launching a nonsimula project
23:01:21@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger After taking out SIGUSR1 and our call to start_xwayland
23:01:27@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw and grep for USR1
23:26:27@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsingerRedacted or Malformed Event
23:26:35@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsingerRedacted or Malformed Event
george@UbuntuBox:~/godot_openvr_master_stripped/demo$ strace ~/godot3.1/bin/godot.x11.tools.64 2> strace.txt
# ...
george@UbuntuBox:~/godot_openvr_master_stripped/demo$ cat strace.txt | grep SIGUSR
23:27:03@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Doesn't look like it's being used ?
18 Nov 2019
00:31:08@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw grep without the SIG
00:31:15@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw just USR
00:48:35@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Still returns nothing.
00:58:13@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw hm
21:25:02@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger ❌ Just reproduced our Simula freeze with XWayland/SIGUSR stuff removed, so that's not it.
21:26:34@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger kanetw Can you think of anything in gdwlroots that might be causing HMD freezes?
21:34:38@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw not off the top of my head
21:34:46@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw if you could find out what exactly stops being called, and what still is
21:34:48@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw that'd help
19 Nov 2019
00:26:43@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger > if you could find out what exactly stops being called, and what still is
> that'd help

What do you mean? Like what godot_openvr functions are being stop/called?
01:19:07@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw basically what changes from our perspective when it hangs
02:30:05@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger > basically what changes from our perspective when it hangs

Am I looking in godot_openvr primarily, or across the whole system? Should I just print statement everything when doing this for inspection?
02:30:56@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger I ran a bunch of tests today and posted the results: https://github.com/GodotVR/godot_openvr/issues/55#issuecomment-555301850

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