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20 Jun 2022
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon Also holy crap so expensive. Kind of wild that I technically paid $70 for 64GB of DDR4 a little over a year ago. And this is supposed to be an upgrade.
Here's hoping most of that is just going to Simula to get it off the ground, instead of Intel.
@_discord_305847762430328833:t2bot.ioMalekiRe#6969 01:56:09
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw Ye there's an appropriate markup on it, vs the headset which has a fairly thin margin 02:27:29
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw I basically looked at how much other vendor charge for a 32g upgrade and oriented myself on that 02:28:02
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon Laptops manufacturers always charge out the ass for upgrades, yeah.
But you need it
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon Kind of what's good about Framework. Which I also had to buy since Simula's too far off. (Thankfully 12th gen. P series, so it's actually more powerful than simula. Good to have meaningfully different products, actually.)
With that, it's so much cheaper because you can buy cheap ram and storage separately.
Except that I got the stupid expensive one for the cores, which they rightfully should charge up the ass for. So in that case, it actually evens out
21 Jun 2022
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgHrafn Blóðbók changed their display name from Hrafn Blóðbók to Hrafn Blóðbók 🎃.07:01:26
@tauoverpi:tchncs.deLevyIs the RAM upgrade tied to the email address used or the shipping address?11:16:16
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw Name/email 11:38:17
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon Just make an account and you should see both orders there 11:59:46
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22 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgHrafn Blóðbók changed their display name from Hrafn Blóðbók 🎃 to Hrafn Blóðbók.09:09:44
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27 Jun 2022
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28 Jun 2022
@_discord_418227674259914772:t2bot.ioNova#1555 :3 02:51:53
29 Jun 2022
@valentinen:matrix.orgValentinenSociety would collapse without :3 fr01:31:44
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoses :3 12:43:39
@_discord_305847762430328833:t2bot.ioMalekiRe#6969 :3 14:15:34
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw з: 15:03:16
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw * :з 15:03:25
@_discord_869685082024194148:t2bot.iovaporduck :3 17:59:55
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 :4 18:44:41
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 DUCK 18:44:43
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 * I DUCKED UP 18:44:49

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