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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_327910780861284362:t2bot.iohaagch#5957 bluetooth doesn't do high quality audio + microphone input. the bluetooth profiles with microphone input have really low playback quality. and I mean really low. 22:32:02
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon That too 22:32:10
@_discord_327910780861284362:t2bot.iohaagch#5957 using the high quality audio profiles and the microphone at the same time may work but apparently there is no standard for it 22:32:47
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon I can sometimes forget that because you can use a device's built in mic plus good Bluetooth playback 22:32:52
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon My headphones might still be good in this sense, actually, but I'm pretty sure the mic is still pretty bad. Just i can have okay audio 22:33:32
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon Maybe 22:33:35
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw i didn't realize how horrifying bluetooth was 22:38:00
@_discord_145240891932672000:t2bot.ioGreen0Photon Aptx is owned by Qualcomm, which is necessary to make bt audio a minimum of less shit 23:14:49
24 Jan 2022
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 This project is really cool. Biggest gripe I've seen thus far is that programs which communicate with an existing process don't behave like you'd expect; EG firefox if firefox is already open. I assume this could be alleviated with XPRA, but there's no built-in GUI option that I'm aware of. Will keep experimenting. 03:45:40
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Is it known if simula does anything in particular to fonts? When I open a terminal emulator it cant find the one I like, even though I can add it fine when I launch the same emulator in a regular desktop. It's xfce4-terminal if it matters. 04:02:49
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Also, is there a way to enable GLX contexts for hardware-accelerated programs like games? 04:07:24
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 It would also be neat to have a hotkey that hides the software mouse cursor icon on demand. 04:40:44
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw the firefox stuff is unsolvable unfortunately due to how firefox does things 04:59:04
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw probably nix shenanigans 04:59:13
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw * probably nix shenanigans, maybe it's only using nix-supplied fonts 04:59:23
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Yeah I suspected as much. Was hoping someone already encountered this specific issue and knew how to make it behave. 04:59:43
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw we need to fix that, it broke at some point and it's really annoying 04:59:53
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Ok. Cool to know it's planned to be supported. 05:00:12
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 How will the support be for VR games? Currently launching a VR game from steam forcefully stops simula, rather than just "minimizing" it or similar, but I suspect that's my setup at fault. 05:01:18
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw we haven't worked on that yet 05:01:48
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw if we can get minimizing to work without killing apps that might be a good solution 05:02:04
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw ideally in the future you'd be able to seamlessly combine simula and games 05:02:31
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw * ideally in the future you'd be able to seamlessly combine simula and games/othre v rapps 05:02:33
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw * ideally in the future you'd be able to seamlessly combine simula and games/other vr apps 05:02:38
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Is there an existing workflow that allows someone to detach simula from the VR backend? I could see it being possible with a wrapper script that could be injected in steam launch options, so fairly seamless. 05:03:08
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Unless there's not currently a way to do that without losing apps/closing simula. 05:03:29
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw not rn 05:06:07
@_discord_268918317325090816:t2bot.ioNEON725 Is there an approximate date or commit where this was known to be working? Or is it suspected to be an upstream/dependency/environment change? 05:27:11
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw likely before we moved to godot 05:29:54
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw it's doable just need to figure out the right wayland thing 05:30:10

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