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15 Sep 2019
23:03:27@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Ok thanks
17 Sep 2019
03:00:48@_discord_85812810960879616:t2bot.ioNerveCoordinator Any progress on the popup-as-new-surface problem?
21:41:12@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsingerRedacted or Malformed Event
21:41:20@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsingerRedacted or Malformed Event
21:41:58@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger NerveCoordinator No. I've been working on the VR stability issues (see below; just updated our github issue).
23:32:33@_discord_85812810960879616:t2bot.ioNerveCoordinator kk
18 Sep 2019
00:25:51@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger NerveCoordinator I'm looking at the popup problem again now to see if I can make some progress while waiting for responses to my godot_openvr problem.
21:09:18@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Popups. I opened a GitHub issue for popups: https://github.com/SimulaVR/Simula/issues/90 I'm getting some annoying Godot errors.
19 Sep 2019
01:39:26@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Created a new popups branch with popup code logic drafted. Getting black textures again :/
02:12:19@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw black textures == usually a GL error (invalid context, some missing call)
02:31:21@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw i'm super tired so i can't look rn but i might glance over the diff later
02:42:32@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Ok cool. I don't think it's OpenGL actually. The _draw command for the viewport isn't even getting called.
02:42:45@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger So there's no texture being generated
22:48:41@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsingerRedacted or Malformed Event
22:48:55@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger unsafeInstance in godot-haskell. @lboklin By omitting godot-extra Simula can no longer use unsafeInstance

instance' :: (GodotObject :< a) => (GodotObject -> a) -> Text -> IO (Maybe a)
instance' constr className = do
  classDB <- getClassDB
  vt      <- (G.instance' classDB =<< toLowLevel className) >>= fromLowLevel
  case fromVariant vt :: Maybe GodotObject of
    Just obj -> asClass constr className obj
    Nothing  -> return Nothing

unsafeInstance :: (GodotObject :< a) => (GodotObject -> a) -> Text -> IO a
unsafeInstance constr className = instance' constr className >>= \case
  Just a  -> return a
  Nothing -> error $ "Could not instance " `mappend` className
Does the new godot-haskell give us a better tool than this?
22:49:12@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Right now Simula uses unsafeInstance quite a bit.
22:49:32@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger I can just import this function into Simula but if there's a more idiomatic way LMK
20 Sep 2019
08:37:31@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklin It's been a while now but isn't unsafeInstance just an instance' with an unsafe cast?
08:41:01@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklin Oh the snippet reads
08:42:42@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklin So yeah, just use instance' and cast with tryCast
20:25:06@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger But instance' is also from godot-extra
20:26:23@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Oh wait I guess we have G.instance' but I can't find it in the new godot-haskell
22:22:18@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklinIt should be available
21 Sep 2019
20:32:51@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger Converting Simula to Godot 3.1 is taking me forever
20:34:43@_discord_527610988812304384:t2bot.iogeorgewsinger @lboklin Why make classes opaque https://github.com/SimulaVR/godot-haskell/commit/4e9f1815f78b9ba85618e9ff93b86d9705715e22 ?
20:49:16@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklinBecause using those constructors is not type safe. You can get the same type with type safe code and thus fewer bugs
20:50:20@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklinSame reason Haskell doesn't compile type errors
20:53:28@sudoreboot:feneas.orglboklinThe reason it's unsafe is that using those constructors you can create any godot class type using any kind of object regardless of whether it's that type or not. That's code that shouldn't be allowed in my opinion

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