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6 Dec 2022
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Joke suggestions to #off-topic pls 01:01:58
@_discord_462252846059094018:t2bot.iowalidov (shin wasnt a joke) 01:02:37
@_discord_303533468779020288:t2bot.ioVern#1155 Shinath or Aradi would be my pick 01:08:41
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles Shinathi cool 01:09:19
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles I like it 01:09:20
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Anybody opposed to Shinathi? 01:18:19
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Seems to be the most popular so far 01:18:32
@_discord_169921205644558336:t2bot.ioJackimoff Wackimoff [They/Them] Shinathi good 01:25:29
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall Shinathi and Aradi have my vote 01:37:52
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhil I vouch for Shinathi 01:38:20
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 Imagine people who live nomadically like ashlanders and the old velothi but who became subjects of the house system and at some point adopted worship of the tribunal 01:50:22
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 That’s true guys down in shipal 01:50:28
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 * That’s the guys down in shipal 01:50:32
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk I like "Khadan" the most, tbh. 02:15:35
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their profile picture.03:33:53
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their display name from Shadowhawk#7858 to Shadowhawk.03:33:57
@_discord_462252846059094018:t2bot.iowalidov did Chimer in the time of Nerevar and/or the Nordic Occupation have the ash-choked voices? 09:43:34
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles Probably not 09:44:02
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 maybe in the middle or after the end of the Nordic conquest 09:44:57
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 They would have lived there for thousands of years by then 09:45:27
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhil I imagine they'd sound like something in between the Altmer and the Dunmer 10:04:26
@_discord_207572544964788224:t2bot.ioSchwerthelm#0245 I wonder how prevalent lung cancer is in Vvardenfell. 10:05:02
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 i think a good example of early Chimer accent is found through hearing how the Chimeri-Quey speak 10:08:43
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhil https://youtu.be/vrjTfRGSgK0 10:09:11
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 On a topic related, would all House Dunmer have different dialects of Dunmeris depending on which region they're from ? 10:27:12
@_discord_202868210767364096:t2bot.ioahackzhenet#5943 I’d think so yea 10:27:52
@_discord_202868210767364096:t2bot.ioahackzhenet#5943 We know Dres have their own script 10:28:00
@_discord_207572544964788224:t2bot.ioSchwerthelm#0245 You are referring to this? https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Dark_Elf_Script 10:42:35
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 * i think a good close example of early Chimer accent is found through hearing how the Chimeri-Quey speak 10:50:06
@_discord_202868210767364096:t2bot.ioahackzhenet#5943 Yes 10:52:43

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