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25 Mar 2023
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioCicero Yes 🥖 15:00:19
Download image.png
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 https://www.imperial-library.info/content/flora-morrowind-alchemists-resource#:~:text=Hackle%2Dlo%20leaf%20is%20a,is%20also%20able%20to%20paralyze.

Who is Laria? It's fan fiction?
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 * https://www.imperial-library.info/content/flora-morrowind-alchemists-resource#:~:text=Hackle%2Dlo%20leaf%20is%20a,is%20also%20able%20to%20paralyze.

Who is Laria and Nalion? It's fan fiction?
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioAveno 🤷‍♂️ 17:01:22
Download image.png
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 ok I'm convinced 17:01:50
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 a bit disappointing to realise it being coca is maybe headcanon 17:02:10
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 * a bit disappointing to realise it being like coca leaf is maybe headcanon 17:02:19
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioAveno it being "succulent" also makes me feel its not that appropriate to be smoked without being dried first 17:03:16
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioAveno but i don't think there's any dried leaf 17:03:23
@_discord_207572544964788224:t2bot.ioSchwerthelm You can make some 17:03:47
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall It's food but chewing it raw for long enough makes it a stimulant
There, it's both
@_discord_962693203046309969:t2bot.iominifly#9308 Well any plant must be dried so it can be smoked.
In the case of succulents, I'm not sure you'd be able to smoke them, even once you dry them. I'm trying to picture dried aloe vera, and that doesn't look smokeable at all.
@_discord_365569785540509707:t2bot.ioAHumpierRogue#8490 Cookie gate is actually dumb though, this is serious stuff. Though I think the dumbest one I recall is being against tomatoes 18:23:58
28 Mar 2023
@_discord_729372885046788107:t2bot.ioSaddboye changed their display name from Gladdgirle to Saddboye#5640.00:19:58
@_discord_729372885046788107:t2bot.ioSaddboye changed their display name from Saddboye#5640 to Saddboye.00:20:06
@_discord_176901499190902785:t2bot.ioDelemis, the Imoster of Agungus changed their display name from Delemis, Archmage of TR district to Delemis#3550.03:46:02
@_discord_176901499190902785:t2bot.ioDelemis, the Imoster of Agungus changed their display name from Delemis#3550 to Delemis, the Imoster of Agungus.03:46:06
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralecRedacted or Malformed Event05:24:04
@_discord_207572544964788224:t2bot.ioSchwerthelm The question is if it really is a succulent plant or just succulent as in juicy. From the way it is presented in game, it does not exactly look like that type of plant, leading me to think it is probably just being described as juicy. 07:04:09
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall "tasty edible juicy leaf" ehhh... 07:21:14
Download Tobacco.webp
@_discord_414544547876569092:t2bot.ioRevane#3786 tbh, fresh tobacco looks pretty juicy too. I'd think that's edible if I didn't know it wasn't 08:26:21
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall I mean using succulent in that sense, in that sentence, seems a little strange 18:57:05
@_discord_207572544964788224:t2bot.ioSchwerthelm why not? 18:58:01
29 Mar 2023
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke changed their display name from Tammilisäke to Tammilisäke#2930.00:25:13
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke changed their display name from Tammilisäke#2930 to Tammilisäke.00:25:16
31 Mar 2023
@_discord_616664853050032138:t2bot.iofaerie changed their display name from faerie to faerie#0122.01:18:38
@_discord_616664853050032138:t2bot.iofaerie changed their display name from faerie#0122 to faerie.01:18:40

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