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7 May 2018
20:22:43@urza:matrix.orgurza changed the room name to "HCPP 2018" from "HCPP 2017".
20:23:06@urza:matrix.orgurza changed the room topic to "Hackers Congress Paralel Polis 2018" from "Hackers Congress Paralel Polis 2017".
20:23:20@urza:matrix.orgurzaThere you go fellas
20:28:48@merovingian:matrix.orgketominer invited @weedcoder:matrix.orgweedcoder.
20:44:58@roland:planitz.atrolandSame question as last year (this time sooner though) is anyone interested in GnuPG key signing?
20:45:36@merovingian:matrix.orgketominerwould be nice
20:46:29@roland:planitz.atrolandPerfect. One can never plan those things top early ;)
23:43:18@weedcoder:matrix.orgweedcoder joined the room.
14 May 2018
11:05:53@weedcoder:matrix.orgweedcodertl;dr you mail client execute mime from decrypted pgp, there is the vulerability.
11:13:40@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtakthx4tldr reduction ;)
11:14:54@merovingian:matrix.orgketomineractually the vulnerability doesn't have anything to do with gpg itself
11:14:59@merovingian:matrix.orgketominerThey figured out mail clients which don't properly check for decryption errors and also follow links in HTML mails. So the vulnerability is in the mail clients and not in the protocols. In fact OpenPGP is immune if used correctly while S/MIME has no deployed mitigation.
14 Jun 2018
20:52:24@merovingian:matrix.orgketominerรงa manque d'un chan BH2018 aussi
15 Jun 2018
7 Jul 2018
21 Jul 2018
22:57:13@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtakhttps://theintercept.com/2018/07/21/ecuador-will-imminently-withdraw-asylum-for-julian-assange-and-hand-him-over-to-the-uk-what-comes-next/ ๐Ÿ˜ž
13 Sep 2018
22:04:25@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqjIWmiAidw
24 Sep 2018
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30 Sep 2018
18:11:07@roland:planitz.atroland Reminder: I'd like to get my GPG key signed at HCPP18. So however is interested: feel free to contact me via MATRIX or in Person.
3 Oct 2018
08:51:02@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtak joined the room.
08:56:55@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtak https://blog.trezor.io/satoshilabs-withdraws-support-hcpp-explain-why-public-letter-8bdba09e015d
08:58:59@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtakroland: what is it good for?
09:00:14@roland:planitz.atrolandsmrtak: key signing?
09:01:02@smrtak:matrix.orgsmrtak I'm reading wiki already
15 Nov 2018
11:14:44@b.b.2k16:matrix.org@b.b.2k16:matrix.org left the room.
18 Nov 2018
09:34:45@enum:tchncs.deenum joined the room.

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