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23 Jul 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith 5M5PLH9S so if my assumptions are correct then I am interested in purchasing an Elmo board, but it seems that the tindie link is pretty old. are you still making them? or will I have to get one made based on your altium file? 17:09:32
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith conversely, for my needs, in your opinion would it be easier to go the bitscope/arduino route? it seems that you had some pretty good results with that set up as well 17:18:26
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Hey again 028V9ZMXKP, and welcome here! 17:31:23
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu I wouldn't recommend using my design if not to be used for ultrasound 😃 17:31:50
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith thanks for all your wonderful documentation 17:32:09
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu No worries! 17:32:14
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Can we start with the specs, as in the "must have" categories and "nice to have"? 17:32:17
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Must have is wireless + 2.5Msps ADC ? 17:32:27
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu How many bits on the ADC ? 17:32:54
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith must have streaming 2Msps, 8bit 17:33:08
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith everything else can be pushed down the road, but streaming over wifi is the end goal yes 17:33:37
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Okay, let's have hence something akin to 2MB/s 17:35:01
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith correct 17:35:20
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Wifi can be your friend, but it's tricky. Too many middlemen in between. TCP will wait for packets confirming they have been received, lowering feasible bandwidth 17:35:52
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu UDP can be your friend, but you'll never know if you miss something. 17:36:10
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Btw, do you want to acquire bursts or continuous? 17:36:23
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith continuous 17:36:29
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith the wifi transmission can be in burst however 17:36:41
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Tricky indeed. 17:36:41
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu there's no choice for wifi, protocol imposes packets hence bursts 😃 17:36:59
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu You'd need to have large packets, to optimize the overheads of the packets vs the actual message in a packet 17:37:30
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith yes, experimentally I've been able to get ~5MB/s over wifi 17:37:32
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Using TCP or UDP ? 17:37:42
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Hum using a microcontroller to stream? 17:37:56
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith yes, leveraging PyLSL 17:38:09
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu ah I'll have to look into this, not aware of that. 5MB/s seems very good. 17:38:55
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu hum then it'll depend on your microcontroler 17:39:12
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu some can have embedded ADCs allowing 2.4Msps (STMs if I remember well) 17:39:31
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith yes, thats kind of what I've been seeing. I'm less concerned with the wireless transmission and more concerned with teh continuous acquisition at this stage though 17:39:48
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith yes I saw the stm32 dev boards, but am unfamiliar with them, have you used them? 17:40:30

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