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4 Jun 2020
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5 Jun 2020
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9 Jun 2020
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Some fun with un0rick - playing with an electromagnet controlled probe (bard rite), 3.5MHz transducer, seem to yield images. The first us (on the left hand of the image) are fuzzy, near field I'd guess, but signal is clearer in the focal zone. Probe driven for 30fps, 160 lines per image, ~90degree angle, but I may be wrong with respect to the cinematic of the movement, tricky with magnets and electromagnets. Mechanics are described in this patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US4399703 . 19:49:51
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Videos of the probes in operation (though these are 7.5 and 9MHz) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iUkeJvSXtE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iUkeJvSXtE 19:53:05
11 Jun 2020
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12 Jun 2020
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16 Jun 2020
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18 Jun 2020
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Some interesting read : "Quality Assessment of the Neural Algorithms on the Example of EIT-UST Hybrid Tomography" - ping GJ8GJGNR https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342135026_Quality_Assessment_of_the_Neural_Algorithms_on_the_Example_of_EIT-UST_Hybrid_Tomography 16:31:01
@alfred:matrix.kiwifarms.netalfred 22:25:05
19 Jun 2020
@_slack_usdevkit_UGJ8GJGNR:matrix.orgjean.rintoul Go the hybrid modalities. Very interested in relationship between current and ultrasound 05:36:31
@gunter:ggc-project.degunter 08:39:57
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20 Jun 2020
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu 6E49CNV6 thanks for the claps 😉 Would you be interested in proof reading an article from this team for the journal of open hardware, as we'd need to strengthen our non-native grip on english command? 😉 13:14:09
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24 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020
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@_slack_usdevkit_U6E49CNV6:matrix.orgmhough Really interesting thanks 16:49:33
@_slack_usdevkit_U6E49CNV6:matrix.orgmhough An overview of neuromodulatory tFUS https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/06/aiming-ultrasound-brain-raises-hope-new-treatments 16:50:45
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26 Jun 2020
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Thanks for sharing this! Would be interesting to add this in the current review. For info, I'm in touch with a team working on StimDust - i'm sure this is part of what you are monitoring 😃 Out of curiosity, we were looking for an english native speaker to review a paper, would you spare some time? 😉 12:28:06
@jacques:feneas.orgjacques 19:38:53
27 Jun 2020
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Here's the stimdust paper.. exciting. ping 6E49CNV6 15:48:09
@_slack_usdevkit_U6E49CNV6:matrix.orgmhough Very happy to look at this. Jose Carmena spoke at NanoNeuro this week about BCI and they asked him about this 15:51:05
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu (uups just to be clear the paper to be reviewed is another one 😃 but thought you'd like the stimdust one ) 15:52:13
30 Jun 2020
@sven:tchncs.desven 21:18:06

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