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21 Mar 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu For the fun, an old mech probe πŸ˜ƒ 20:01:09
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu This comment is fantastic πŸ˜ƒ 20:04:10
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu And moar interesting mech probes. 20:20:45
25 Mar 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Lib now cleaned up a bit, ultrasound images in 3 lines of code ;) https://github.com/kelu124/pyusbus 21:00:08
1 Apr 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu What I wished we could be doing with ultrasound - and where things are already developed : https://phys.org/news/2021-03-classification-single-pixel-detector.html . Brilliant ! Could definitely be a plus for single element designs ^^ 13:31:43
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Worth reading, as well as its ultrasound equivalent https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/3/12/e1701423 13:33:00
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu 8Z3VB1T2 i've got some #challenge for you ! I have somehow received RF packets from a probe, seems like I have RF data. But unsure if I'm getting ADC data, or rather IQ from a demodulating chip (like the AFE58XX family copied). How could I know if what I'm observing is IQ or raw RF ? The signal I'm supposed to have should be around 3.5MHz here, with an imaging depth at ~20cm. How could we find back what we have? 15:49:16
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu So I have here lines, FFT and block diag 15:49:41
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu With an FFT with moar points 17:16:51
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu And with a loop of 5 frames πŸ˜‰ 18:55:21
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu And the GIF 18:58:22
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu All cleaned up and summarized at https://github.com/kelu124/pyusbus/blob/main/experiments/20210401-Convex.ipynb 20:06:06
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu slightly better gif 20:31:18
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Slightly better gif 20:32:03
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Very nice!! Hmm do you know the sampling frequency and/or pulse repetition frequency? 23:30:43
5 Apr 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu A recap here, not yet integrated timestamps http://un0rick.cc/goodies/usbprobes 15:18:02
6 Apr 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Did a little compressed sensing ultrasound for a class project: https://williammeng.com/ee367.html Based on the Kruizinga 2017 paper, but with a very simplified simulation-based model. 20:14:08
7 Apr 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Great report! πŸ™Œ 01:32:45
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 If you know the sampling frequency, then a trivial way to determine if it's RF data is just look at the carrier freq (either as peak in FFT, or just count the samples per cycle in time domain) 01:34:02
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Other than that... IQ data should have two separate streams for I and Q components (or a single stream of complex numbers representing I + jQ) 01:35:55
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Another possibility is that the signal is downconverted (so entire spectrum is shifted down), then the output is a single stream of real numbers but the spectral content is lower than the original spectrum. 01:39:00
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Thanks for this! That's a black box so no way to get the sampling freq, just have this array πŸ˜… Agreed for the two series, I'm wondering though if the array I have is not two interleaved arrays, so that odd indices are I and even Q. 07:20:49
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu That's just so cool. 15:26:03
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Now, up to us to find an experimental setup πŸ˜ƒ 15:26:17
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu FPCMHBA6 could we discuss making a mask for a large piezo? πŸ˜‰ 15:26:44
11 Apr 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U01TXUVBL6N:matrix.orglukas.brausch joined the room.17:50:30
@_slack_usdevkit_U01TXUVBL6N:matrix.orglukas.brausch Hello. 5M5PLH9S kindly invited me to this Slack. My name is Lukas Brausch and I'm currently doing my PhD at Fraunhofer IBMT in Germany (https://www.ibmt.fraunhofer.de/en.html). I mainly focus on using signal processing / machine learning techniques to classify 1-D ultrasound RF signals for age verification, muscle state classification and liver state classification. I'll read a bit about your work on here. I'm by no means an ultrasound hardware person but let me know if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on any project when it comes to ultrasound signal classifications. πŸ™‚ P.S: I'm also on Twitter (@LukasBrausch). 17:50:30
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Welcome 01TXUVBL6N, really good to see you here πŸ˜ƒ 17:56:08
12 Apr 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U01N3PNAHS9:matrix.orglewismcfadyen Welcome 01TXUVBL6N! 01:23:59
13 Apr 2021
@veysel1landa:matrix.orgVeysel Δ°rlanda joined the room.16:18:59

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