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11 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu First prices are 13USD for untracked parcel (would not recommend) and 28 USD for slower UPS (tracked). Yup, for memory, it can easily store 256us acquisitions, that represent 256*64 points. To test for your piezo, I would have tested 10khz at 1% duty cycle (hence 10khz * 1/1% ~ 1MHz 😉 ) - but I'm no transducer expert 😃 20:54:44
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Apologies, I have "Onboard RAM for 64k points saves", so using 64Msps acquisitions, that's a bit larger. Acquisitions at heart level or ~15cm should be OK. 20:56:03
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Even at max acquisition/ADC frequency. 20:56:16
12 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U01J55ULD9U:matrix.orgmichael.stix Perfekt. Thank you 🙂 Regarding all this and different available solutions i think the lit3rick is the best option. Would you recommend the RasberryPie4 2GB to control it? https://www.tindie.com/products/kelu124/a-ultrasound-pulse-echo-phat-lit3rick/ 14:02:13
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Yup, normally all should work, even the pi zero or w. You could consider putting a small one and put a server on it to control it :) 16:10:13
13 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U01J55ULD9U:matrix.orgmichael.stix Sorry wrong link: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/ Meant to send the RB link. OR do you think one of the older models would work too? 08:21:04
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu I assume all will work. For un0rick, I have tried on both, but only on the pi4 for the lit3rick. 08:38:15
@_slack_usdevkit_U01J55ULD9U:matrix.orgmichael.stix Ok great. And finally I am I right, that the only things else I need for the lit3rick are: 1x 40 pin header to solder and connect to raspberry 2x sma header to connect to the probe 08:41:15
@_slack_usdevkit_U01J55ULD9U:matrix.orgmichael.stix https://www.digikey.at/product-detail/de/taoglas-limited/EMPCB-SMAFSTJ-B-HT/931-1175-ND/3522337 08:41:56
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Hum quite :) pmfor pulse echo only on a common tx rx chnnel, one sma only is required. But you can solder wires too on the sma footprint. To access the hv+ hv- i would also tecommend you using two 2x1 2.54" headers 08:43:08
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Maybe not the right size for this sma. Brb 08:43:48
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu The default footprint is Amphenol 132357-11 08:51:11
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Drawing: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/catsy.582/132357-11.pdf 08:52:27
14 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U01KMDLDL6L:matrix.orghomin.ro joined the room.12:07:43
@_slack_usdevkit_U01KMDLDL6L:matrix.orghomin.ro Hi guys! Thanks 5M5PLH9S for this unbelievable project guided me to this slack. After I read the whole docs, I am wondering is it possible to reach the medical use level ultrasound system? Like this company https://www.butterflynetwork.com/ , and if possible how much do you guys think we need to pay for the whole system? 12:07:43
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Heya 01KMDLDL6L! How are you? Hum to be fair that's quite easy, butterflynetworks got a few years and hundred M$+, give us the same and we're on the road to building it 😃 12:12:23
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu More seriously, there's quite a steep step here, as they managed to get rid of mechanical designs while building on piezos on silicon. And slapped a couple of patents on top of that - virtually allowing to stay on silicon for the whole tech stack. 12:13:42
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Quite smart, considering that you can remove the sensors bottleneck from your supply chain. 12:14:19
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu That being said, I guess one could even put oneself even ahead of butterflynetworks, that's be with laser ultrasound, and/or compressed sensing at large (single sensor = technologically simple, but requires more software behind it). My bet is on the last one (see https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/3/12/e1701423 ). 12:16:20
@_slack_usdevkit_U01KMDLDL6L:matrix.orghomin.ro Damn it! This article helps! Thanks man 12:29:43
18 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu A few news on the un0rick : http://un0rick.cc/un0rick/usb-setup has an update for the usb firmware.. Now outputting vga video. 21:15:31
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu And for the curious ones, the lit3rick running micropython on a riscv soc :) http://un0rick.cc/lit3rick/upython 21:16:09
19 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Yup, the CMUT transducers that Butterfly uses are custom-made chips, and I don’t think anyone is commercially selling a CMUT by itself yet, so that makes it pretty much impossible for individual researchers/hobbyists to get them (unless you can afford the costs of doing a custom chip design+fabrication yourself, which is very expensive). Even in academia, they’re not easy to come by… in the lab where I’m working, we only have a very limited number of them. 23:38:30
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Photoacoustic (eg. with a laser) lets you get rid of the physical transducer for Tx, but you still need a physical transducer for Rx, so then you’re back to the choice of piezo or CMUT. Unless you use laser distance measurement for Rx, but that tends to be more expensive than the physical transducer it would replace. 23:40:53
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 I think single-element compressive sensing (article linked by 5M5PLH9S) will be the next big milestone for open source ultrasound! Using some low-cost motors + 3D printed hardware for the acoustic delay mask and rotation functionality. 23:43:27
20 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U8Z3VB1T2:matrix.orgwlmeng11 Looks fantastic, like it's a commercial product! 🎉 01:57:51
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Like how the fpga does the job. Throw in a riscv core and we could have a small dedicated unit :) 13:54:24
@_slack_usdevkit_U01HRKXAH53:matrix.orgjfeldmar Hi 5M5PLH9S, 01HEMQBHKR and I managed to setup to un0rick from scratch and it works like a charm. Congratulations and thank you 17:24:39
24 Jan 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_UGJ8GJGNR:matrix.orgjean.rintoul Thx for link- looks cool. 21:05:52

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