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10 Aug 2020
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorI'm glad I found a decent staff, gonna use it more from now on18:39:23
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpwhenever i connect to server.veloren.net it always puts me in the starting point rather then where I signed off at. is that expected?18:57:42
@impish-doorknob:matrix.orgCapsizeGlimmerIt's a known issue19:07:36
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@ygor:matrix.orgYgorI thought it was intentional to prevent you from camping the boss room in the dungeon19:14:09
@impish-doorknob:matrix.orgCapsizeGlimmerI think the plan is that you should log in at your last saved waypoint.19:24:40
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorYeah, that makes sense19:26:55
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorI just found out you can mount the training dummy 😂19:27:57
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorAnd I think it's the only thing you can mount right now if you're not an admin19:28:28
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoYou can mount your pets19:56:40
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorThat's working now? I thought I tried like 2 days ago20:06:03
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoI could ride one a few days ago20:23:00
@timo:koesters.xyzTimopress F while looking at it I think20:23:14
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoActually I might have been using an admin account, not sure20:23:54
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorIt's not working for me20:24:50
@ygor:matrix.orgYgorThough I did manage to get my wolf into the dungeon, and it makes things a lot faster20:25:24
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@marina1212121:matrix.org@marina1212121:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:02:45
@impish-doorknob:matrix.orgCapsizeGlimmer banned @marina1212121:matrix.org@marina1212121:matrix.org (Link spam).23:03:17
11 Aug 2020
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpTIL there's an 'official' veloren wiki00:11:58
@impish-doorknob:matrix.orgCapsizeGlimmerI've never seen that octarus page before. Not sure how "official" it is. https://book.veloren.net/players/getting-started/index.html is the most complete "wiki" for veloren.00:14:58
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@donp:donp.orgdonpdonphttps://bevyengine.org/news/introducing-bevy/ looks interesting18:01:26
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@donp:donp.orgdonpdonp * https://bevyengine.org/news/introducing-bevy/ looks interesting22:18:39

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