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20 Oct 2020
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️Type /join #conduit:conduit.rs16:36:18
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️if you're using conduit16:36:25
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️Otherwise type /join #conduit:matrix.org16:36:31
In reply to @elr:whiteout.link
Well t2bot.io includes a bot with privileges on external server (own one of t2bot.io) and allows you to bridge rooms in any matrix server (in practice this depends on federation and matrix.org has issues) with a discord one, for example

Some other instances like feneas one has its own bot instance in their server. Blob.cat has it limited to bridge rooms in their server.

For this case to work the bot must join in each room on both sides having needed privileges in required cases (to create virtual users as bots in discord or inviting here which is called pupetting, it requires you to give it privileges in the room or channel or discord server)

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21 Oct 2020
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@zughy:privacytools.iozughyheyo, has Veloren has an official Matrix community? Can't find the "+" link17:45:19
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️The discord bridge is still very broken, so we will hold on with managing community things until it works properly17:47:19
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22 Oct 2020
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23 Oct 2020
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@neptune_tty_42:matrix.orgAndythe_greatHi, I'm new to Veloren. Can I sleep to skip the night like in Minecraft?14:26:32
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️I don't think that's possible yet14:27:10
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️In singleplayer you can use /time I think14:27:23
@neptune_tty_42:matrix.orgAndythe_greatThanks, using /time 9:00 work14:30:47
@timo:conduit.rsTimo ⚡️ * In singleplayer you can use /time I think14:27:25
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24 Oct 2020
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