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25 Jan 2020
16:01:47@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakuI can only help with the latter
16:01:53@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanI imagine for Debian it's enough to run the pip3 install command in the README. It probably goes into PYTHONPATH. Docker is a bit more complicated since PYTHONPATH directories are all to read-only paths in the image.
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
are you using docker or just a virtualenv?
Obviously no. As I said this is a plain, ordinary debian with the deb installed from the official debian repo (well, experimental section, but anyway)
16:03:08@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakuI would just try the global python env
16:03:11@grin:grin.hugrin nolan: I fear it screws up the system; does pip have some dry-run flags?
16:03:21@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakusynapse will complain if it isn't able to find the module
16:04:04@grin:grin.hugrinwell there's no pip on the system, this suggests the possible negative implications of installing and running it.... ☚ī¸Ž
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
synapse will complain if it isn't able to find the module
yes but I will complain if everything else stops working
16:04:56@grin:grin.hugrinwould be nice to do it pipless
  • sigh *
16:06:01@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanPretty sure there's a Pip Debian package, but I'm not a Python person. You may also be able to check it out somewhere.
16:06:05@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakucan't help you in that case 🙂
16:06:17@grin:grin.hugrin kuhaku: ok thanks.
16:06:46@grin:grin.hugrin nolan: there is, but it's fiddling with the rest of the system in nonstandard way. well, okay, had to try.
16:07:05@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku grin: I would suggest compiling python from source and installing synapse there with a virtualenv
16:07:22@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanThen again, PYTHONPATH may not be enough, I imagine Synapse iterates through a directory somewhere to load all modules it contains. Where this directory is should probably be documented alongside each platform if we'll need to start using antispam modules. :(
16:07:20@grin:grin.hugrinsince it's a 5 line script I guess I can simply move it under the dir and had to include its name somewhere
16:07:54@grin:grin.hugrin yep, that somewhere is my specific problem.
16:08:12@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakuI think synapse is just loading a plain old python module?
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
I think synapse is just loading a plain old python module?
Probably, but presumably it needs to distinguish its own addons from other modules installed via pip. It's probably enough to do a git clone...somewhere...
16:11:38@grin:grin.hugrinhow can I see the pythonpath by python3?
16:12:05@grin:grin.hugringotcha. print(sys.path)
16:26:54@miloignis:matrix.orgMiloIgnis_old_account joined the room.
16:29:07@grin:grin.hugrin miloignis: I see you.
16:29:14@grin:grin.hugrin miloignis: also try #ping:maunium.net
In reply to @grin:grin.hu
miloignis: I see you.
I can't see this on my room409.xyz side - is it possible that my server is somehow making only outgoing stuff and not receiving anything?
In reply to @grin:grin.hu
miloignis: also try #ping:maunium.net
Ok, I can join and ping it, but I receive no responses on the room409.xyz side, but I can see that the bots are responding from this account
16:33:41@grin:grin.hugrin MiloIgnis_old_account: I don't see any errors on your server locally
16:40:15@grin:grin.hugrin MiloIgnis_old_account: I have invited your old account to the direct chat as well
16:40:37@grin:grin.hugrinbut anyway, your well-known is bad AND your server refuses connection on 8448

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