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4 Apr 2020
16:55:00@gcaillaut:matrix.orggcaillautIt's strange because I successfully joined #matrix:matrix.org and #dimension:t2bot.io
In reply to @gcaillaut:matrix.org
You mean giving to my friends the token used by the register_user script ? I'm affraid it's a bit too complicated for my friends
no, he means using the first tool I linked
16:55:16@cos:hacklab.ficos gcaillaut: I mean the matrix-registration link sent by tulir. That's what we use at matrix.hacklab.fi
16:55:44@cos:hacklab.ficosYou just tell the registration token to friends you want to allow in and they can self-register with it.
In reply to @gcaillaut:matrix.org
I have another question, I can't connect to this room from my matrix homeserver. Riot displays Failed to send_join via any server but it seems that my account has join the room
maybe try joining via another alias like #synapse:maunium.net if matrix.org is having some trouble
16:56:32@gcaillaut:matrix.orggcaillautThanks, I'll give it a look
16:58:18@clerian:wizzards.clubclerian joined the room.
16:58:23@gaetan:matrix.gcaillaut.frGaëtanThank you, it works with #synapse:maunium.net
16:58:43@gcaillaut:matrix.orggcaillaut left the room.
17:00:00@tulir:maunium.nettulir btw you should consider resetting your server to remove the matrix. subdomain, it's unnecessary and most people regret it later (it's harder to change later, since you need to reset everything)
17:02:02@gaetan:matrix.gcaillaut.frGaëtanI have several subdomains, serving various services. Why do people regret prefixing their domain with matrix ?
17:02:50@mikr:davralin.workmikrbecause it's like having gaetan@email.gcaillaut.fr
17:03:02@mikr:davralin.workmikrgaeton@mail.gmail.com doesn't sound so fresh now does it
17:03:22@gaetan:matrix.gcaillaut.frGaëtanHaha ok I understand
17:04:13@tulir:maunium.nettuliryou can delegate hosting to a different (sub)domain, just like with email
In reply to @tulir:maunium.net
btw you should consider resetting your server to remove the matrix. subdomain, it's unnecessary and most people regret it later (it's harder to change later, since you need to reset everything)
this is me ^
17:06:15@chris:scuchers.comChrisFor trying to diagnose that gap in messages, would anybody know if I should be looking in the federation reader worker logs or the main synapse logs?

Could this be the error related to the messages I'm missing:

Apr 04 12:16:55 localhost matrix-synapse[2674]: 2020-04-04 12:16:55,699 - synapse.federation.federation_base - 128 - WARNING - GET-694-$zTjQbxV26Zs_Jan_Km9kbq7YScafrGYhYMT0rKtJP7o - Signature check failed for $zTjQbxV26Zs_Jan_Km9kbq7YScafrGYhYMT0rKtJP7o: 403: event id $zTjQbxV26Zs_Jan_Km9kbq7YScafrGYhYMT0rKtJP7o: unable to verify signature for sender matrix.org: 401: Invalid signature for server matrix.org with key ed25519:auto: Unable to verify signature for matrix.org: <class 'nacl.exceptions.BadSignatureError'> Signature was forged or corrupt
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In reply to @freenode_auscompgeek:matrix.org
in my experience 1gb ram can be quite tight when you have other things running on the same server and have presence enabled
Thanks, disabling presence did it 🥳
18:20:39@sducatteeuw:matrix.orgSDuca changed their display name from sducatteeuw to SDuca.
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