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16 Sep 2019
21:45:17@ravage:xentonix.netNilsso it "protects" them by default
21:46:05@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagierthat is... actually comforting to know
21:46:38@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagiercause i have not the slightest idea how to firewall my smartTV
21:46:47@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagiertry again pls
21:46:56@ravage:xentonix.netNilsonly protects incoming traffic
21:47:06@ravage:xentonix.netNilsyour smarttv can reach any tracker it wants :)
21:47:24@ravage:xentonix.netNilsping or 8443?
21:47:42@ravage:xentonix.netNilsnothing yet
21:47:57@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagier Nils: joking, my TV is rooted
21:48:25@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagierbut i guess a lot of people won't realise that their oven is suddenly online via ipv6
21:48:50@ravage:xentonix.netNilsIOT v6 opens a lot of opportunities
21:50:01@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagierand a lot of backdoors
21:51:42@ravage:xentonix.netNilsyou can test with https://tools.keycdn.com/ipv6-ping for example btw
21:51:55@ravage:xentonix.netNilsso you dont have to ask everytime you change something :)
21:53:35@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagieri think i'm gonna need help with the fritzbox if you are experienced there
21:55:13@ravage:xentonix.netNilsshould look like this
21:55:28@ravage:xentonix.netNilsi guess you added some open ports already?
21:55:41@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagiermind if I pm you ?
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17 Sep 2019
01:21:09@rickbutton:button.devrickbutton joined the room.
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In reply to @sheogorath:shivering-isles.com
Ralith: You might want to set memory limits using docker, systemd or the init system of your choice (if they are capable of doing that).
thanks for suggesting this, I had no idea systemd had that capability and was wasting my time being mystified as to why the global oom killer was so unhelpful
01:37:40@ralith:ralith.comRalithvery easy to set up, and now I can be confident my server won't die of resource exhaustion because I pressed the wrong button in riot android
01:40:27@ralith:ralith.comRalith or rather, I can be confident that it will die rather than grinding to a halt until I can remotely reboot it :P
01:51:53@ralith:ralith.comRalithoh man, I can even set my torrent server to have minimum-priority I/O access, awesome

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