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24 Oct 2021
@kenojuice:matrix.orgshoosh changed their profile picture.21:47:24
25 Oct 2021
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@adeptinversion:matrix.orgAdeptInversionYall like my patch? Lol21:27:32
@slinkytheperson:matrix.orgSlinky | Certified ChucklefuckNoice23:32:37
27 Oct 2021
@nutabunga:matrix.orgnutabunga [visit inmc.fun] (kits in stock) changed their display name from nutabunga [visit inmc.fun] to nutabunga [visit inmc.fun] (kits in stock).00:26:10
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@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010to hell with designing in helmets. This isn't my area01:54:49
@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010 * to hell with designing in helmet. This isn't my area01:55:02
@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010 * to hell with designing in helmets. This isn't my area01:55:26
@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010I'm going to amazon01:57:24
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotiis that blender?02:38:11
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotiif so, I have a question02:38:23
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotiwhen do you reach for FreeCAD as your tool of choice, and when do you reach for Blender02:38:45
@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010Yeah, it’s blender. I typically use it over FreeCAD when I have to build around something organic. There’s a lot of unique geometries on the human body and sometimes it’s just easier to directly move a vertex than rebuilding your part02:44:42
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotithat makes a lot of sense02:45:13
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotiso by default, you'd do FC? Or do you use blender more often02:45:46
@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010 I use FreeCAD by default for mechanical devices. If I’m making something to interface with a non uniform shape like a head, I immediately use to blender. 02:52:41
@capekoviroboti:matrix.orgcapekovirobotivery cool03:09:48
@kenojuice:matrix.orgshoosh changed their profile picture.04:52:04
@mercvrivs:matrix.orgpsyxo changed their display name from Iago to psyxopompos.06:50:06
@mercvrivs:matrix.orgpsyxo changed their display name from psyxopompos to Iago.07:04:39
@mercvrivs:matrix.orgpsyxo changed their display name from Iago to psyxo.07:14:06
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@dbcoop16:matrix.orgdbcoop16Proof I found a much better design for your NVGs18:20:30
@proof10010:matrix.orgproof10010 Oh shit…. About to go full operators 18:31:14
@adeptinversion:matrix.orgAdeptInversionLmao thats sick21:24:50
@lawyersplaydota:matrix.orglawyersplaydotaI need that in my life23:12:07
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