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9 Dec 2018
17:32:34@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodek, I had other problems with replication. I left the replication up but I'm now reading and writing to only the master.
17:35:17@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseOne of the questions has to do with the configuration documented at the bottom of https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:$smwgLocalConnectionConf with read and write set to DB_SLAVE. Is that what you are referring to setting to DB_MASTER?
17:39:33@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeNo, I only set up this: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgDBservers
17:39:57@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeit seems like the SMW-specific config should not be needed.
17:41:11@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseSo you don't think that following the instructions on that page would have fixed the type of issue you were having.
17:41:33@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeno, the issues I saw were not SMW issues
17:45:26@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeAlso note, this was me working on the percona db, so I would think that was at fault before I began looking at smw
17:45:40@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodemaybe I would come up with smw issues... who knows?
18:48:42@tgr:matrix.orgtgrwhy would you ever want to write to a slave DB?
18:50:28@tgr:matrix.orgtgris the assumption there that they are actually doing multimaster replication?
19:02:39@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeI wondered the same thing.
19:03:22@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode cicalese: if they copied that, maybe writing to the slave was the problem?
19:05:09@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseYeah, that's the question. Daniel is working with them to try to figure this out. But, the question remains whether anybody has successfully gotten this to work.
20:22:52@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseDoes anybody know if there will be any video/live streaming at SMWCon this week?
21:06:46@cicalese:matrix.orgcicalese jamesmontalvo3 : or anybody else that is using SMW 3.0, for the changes documented at https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Semantic_MediaWiki_3.0.0/Migration_guide, does that mean that you need to remove all of the "?"s in your queries, or is it just that they are not necessary anymore? That is, is there a lot of wikitext cleanup that is necessary when upgrading?
21:56:06@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3Not for general queries
21:56:29@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3 for template arguments when passing queries into templates and using named args
21:56:30@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3Ref: https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Template_format#Usage_for_template_arguments.3D.5Bnamed.7Clegacy.5D_.28named_args.29
10 Dec 2018
16:24:17@thomasoneill:matrix.orgthomasoneillDoes anyone know if there is a DL for opportunities for Wikipedians in Residence?
16:27:49@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseMaybe I need more coffee, but I'm blanking on what you mean by "DL". Maybe there's some useful information linked from https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedian_in_residence?
16:28:13@thomasoneill:matrix.orgthomasoneillDL = Distribution List
16:28:47@thomasoneill:matrix.orgthomasoneillI was wondering is opportunities are advertised somewhere? i.e. - an org is looking for a WIR.
16:29:45@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseNot sure, but there is a fair bit of information linked from the URL above.
16:31:30@thomasoneill:matrix.orgthomasoneillThanks Cindy!
16:32:45@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseSorry I wasn't able to make the meeting since I now have a concurrent meeting.
17:25:25@thomasoneill:matrix.orgthomasoneillNo worries... We had someone on from NIOSH and the question came up about WIR. Have a wonderful week!
11 Dec 2018
14:04:45@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeAnother day, another doller
18:38:16@sabinem:matrix.orgsabinemelnickiDoes anybody know of a wikitext syntax validator and/or a highlighter for the Atom editor?

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