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28 Mar 2020
21:33:01@tgr:matrix.orgtgrI guess add some debug logging to Job::factory where it constructs the title
29 Mar 2020
11:22:11@gharbeia:matrix.orgA.Gharbeia changed their profile picture.
30 Mar 2020
16:36:15@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshI stumbled upon a mismatch between the "what links here" vs "file usage" numbers. Where would I submit a ticket for this? I never know how to find the right place in phabricator
16:56:15@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelsh(I found https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/How_to_report_a_bug )
18:04:22@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand I'm not sure if it's a "bug or a feature", but on the file pages, I've noticed if an image is linked, but not displayed, it won't be counted in the File usage statistics, but will be counted on the "what links here". The removal of one colon to make it an image fixes it ([[:File:Example.jpg|Example]] vs. [[File:Example.jpg|Example]]).
18:11:21@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshhmm, maybe that made sense to someone but I use these tools when I move a page and determine if I should leave a redirect or not. I never would have thought there would be a discrepancy between the two displays.
18:12:41@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshif that's the distinction (how would I confirm that?) then I'd suggest changing that wording under "File usage" from "There are no pages that link to this file." to something like "There are pages that display this image inline"
18:14:42@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan HilderbrandYea, if it's not a bug, then at least the text should be changed. Is it the same thing though, on the page you are looking at, was it a link to the image not displaying the image? Does changing it to display change the File usage?
18:35:04@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshIt was a link to the wiki page about that file, not displaying the image inline.
18:35:36@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshSo ... I could see someone liking the ability to distinguish between the two different things (linking to it vs showing it inline) but the way that text reads that's not what I assumed.
18:40:06@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan HilderbrandYeah, just tested with a few different things. PDFs act the same, but so do Excel files which is a problem because there's no way to "view" them anyway. Looking like this is a bug, not a feature.
18:47:05@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan HilderbrandFYI, that behavior exists as far back as MW 1.28.2 (from a wiki I checked)
19:28:46@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshif you don't mind, please add that info to the ticket I started. It would help build the story.
19:52:01@tgr:matrix.orgtgrfeel free to submit a patch :)
19:55:38@darenwelsh:matrix.orgdarenwelshI might .. but i'd want help knowing where to find that snippet of code and to verify I'm interpreting this right.
22:04:46@tgr:matrix.orgtgrif you want to change the message, that's in languages/i18n
2 Apr 2020
12:58:29@osnard83:matrix.orgosnard83 joined the room.
3 Apr 2020
00:39:48@samwilson:matrix.orgSam WilsonI'm using s3cmd to download a wiki's images data, and was just thinking how nice it was to have a sync command that doesn't care about trailing slashes (unlike rsync)... but no, of course it does! :p
21:33:10@rheingoldriver:matrix.orgrheingoldriverwhats the best way to autoformat php code according to wmf guidelines? im using sublime atm but i could use vscode or whatever to format if there's a file with the right guidelines
22:15:17@cicalese:matrix.orgcicalesephp codesniffer
22:15:52@cicalese:matrix.orgcicaleseIt will fix many violations with "composer fix"
22:15:56@cicalese:matrix.orgcicalese rheingoldriver: ^^
22:25:02@rheingoldriver:matrix.orgrheingoldrivernow go afk and nap or something :)
4 Apr 2020
18:24:37@hexmode:matrix.orghexmodeionos (1&1) has a mediawiki pushbutton selection for hosting + $200 credit. I'm trying it out
18:25:07@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode(discovered after someone posted about problems to the support desk.)

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