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24 Sep 2020
@tgr:matrix.orgtgr * There is no difference whatsoever between {{note}} and {{:note}} internally, other than the source page being in a different namespace 18:16:05
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrIf you want to list transclusions of a specific page, use the "what links here" feature18:16:51
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrif you want to list all the transclusions where the source is in some given namespace, use the list=alltransclusions API18:18:21
@tgr:matrix.orgtgror a DB query against the templatelinks table18:18:36
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand The list=alltransclusions API looks like exactly what I'm after. I'll give it a whirl, thanks! 18:23:23
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand Yup, that's what I needed, thanks tgr 19:04:02
@tgr:matrix.orgtgr Note that it lists indirect transclusions too (page foo transcluding {{bar}} and page bar transcluding {{baz}}), and transclusions via redirects. That's usually a good thing but if you want to see direct transclusions specifically, I don't think there is a better way of that than trying to parse wikitext (which of course will be fragile). 19:06:55
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand

That gave me what I wanted.

I do feel like a dope though, I know alltransclusions exists and I can use that page to build my query, but I can't find alltransclusions from the API sandbox. I start with action=query but can't find it when I expand the "action to perform". What am I missing?

@tgr:matrix.orgtgraction->query, select action=query on the left, list->alltransclusions19:17:06
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrit's a modular system19:17:12
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrthe query module knows about the 'list' parameter; the main module doesn't19:17:55
25 Sep 2020
@cscott:matrix.orgcscott joined the room.15:37:23
@cscott:matrix.orgcscott set a profile picture.16:34:32
@cscott:matrix.orgcscott changed their profile picture.16:34:40
@cscott:matrix.orgcscott changed their profile picture.16:34:57
@cscott:matrix.orgcscott changed their profile picture.16:35:03
@freephile:matrix.orgfreephile hey cscott 19:42:38
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrAny thoghts about the call for organizing movement strategy discussions? https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Topic:Vunb24jox2rjf2o520:25:16
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrThis seems like a good opportunity for MWStake to step up its game wrt. liaising with third-party users.20:26:07
In reply to @freephile:matrix.org
hey cscott
Hey there! There used to be a #mwstake-extensions channel? Eventually the parsoid team is going to have to start porting extensions to the new parser, I was hoping to connect with that community to help ease that transition.
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand tgr I added that to the next meeting agenda but that makes a lot of sense to me. First time seeing it, I need to read through it more, but I already see some topics I'm interested in. 20:54:30
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand cscott Here's a link to the extension room although blasting it here in general probably makes sense. 20:56:12
@cscott:matrix.orgcscottHuh, that just hangs the element client when I try to join the room. :(21:11:41
@cscott:matrix.orgcscottI'm fine with using general, at least for the initial steps.21:12:02
In reply to @cscott:matrix.org
Huh, that just hangs the element client when I try to join the room. :(
#mwstake-extensions:matrix.org is the more canonical link, in case that helps. I don't think the room itself has anything special going on.
In reply to @tgr:matrix.org
#mwstake-extensions:matrix.org is the more canonical link, in case that helps. I don't think the room itself has anything special going on.
Yeah that worked. Probably just a client or bridge bug.
@bryandamon:matrix.orgBryan Hilderbrand Maybe mobile vs. desktop? My link works for me on mobile, but Gergo's doesn't. 21:51:35
26 Sep 2020
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrVoting on the MediaWiki logo variant has started! https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Project:Proposal_for_changing_logo_of_MediaWiki,_2020/Round_221:04:12
@tgr:matrix.orgtgrAlso, reminder that the Gitlab consultation is still ongoing for a few more days: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/GitLab_consultation21:05:51

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