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16 Jan 2021
@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme https://youtu.be/Akf4vQs7R9A 06:59:38
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@_discord_234361846092660738:flowtivity.ioNCerebralus https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tTWIv9GfdQE
Sybil - All through the night (1989)

The wonderful Sybil, singing - All through the night. Still love this song and it's some 20 years later. If I were a DJ stranded on a desert island with one record bag, this tune had better.

SYBIL "All Through The Night" (Good Vibrations Mix) A1, Vinyl, 12", Promo, 1989.

Sybil Don't Make Me Over.

A music video I made for the movie Sybil to...

@_discord_234361846092660738:flowtivity.ioNCerebralus https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7pTAmdvnrH4 16:59:24
@_discord_234361846092660738:flowtivity.ioNCerebralus I also swear the pornhub drum loop meme has ruined me because I hear it in everything 16:59:41
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@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme https://youtu.be/pMl8CraRBk0 18:54:05
@_discord_214763095044784128:flowtivity.ioplayer Ah, MSX FM 19:20:32
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17 Jan 2021
@_discord_148602164850196481:flowtivity.ioGranny I wish rapping was more popular in dnb, the crazy dj on msx fm fit the music so well 03:23:44
@_discord_148602164850196481:flowtivity.ioGranny his name is mc code breaker and he's done a bit of music since then 03:24:06
@_discord_148602164850196481:flowtivity.ioGranny really, I like rapping in almost every genre except for actual rap music 03:25:09
@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme “From London to liberty” 03:35:17
@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme https://youtu.be/qEPpxlT0ibw 03:45:26
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@_discord_234361846092660738:flowtivity.ioNCerebralus HI NRG rapping is actually kind of cringe imo 14:44:51
@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme https://youtu.be/mXgbZWNpIX0 20:57:42
@_discord_177155011942285313:flowtivity.ioPolishmeme Jeff dyck did the sound effects for the game. 20:57:52
@_discord_352128182931161090:flowtivity.ioNemesis[🇷🇺] https://youtu.be/i86HpFDXLrQ 23:13:41
18 Jan 2021
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19 Jan 2021
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20 Jan 2021
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