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14 Mar 2019
19:21:02@ashleiyuko:matrix.orgAshlei the Shining God. changed their profile picture.
19:23:25@ashleiyuko:matrix.orgAshlei the Shining God. changed their profile picture.
20:30:09@cryingcicada:matrix.orgGod of the Crying cicadas joined the room.
20:36:13@brucelively:matrix.orgBruce Lively joined the room.
20:37:52@cryingcicada:matrix.orgGod of the Crying cicadasI scrolled up a bit to find that someone got fucked.
20:37:58@cryingcicada:matrix.orgGod of the Crying cicadasBest intro ever
20:38:58@cryingcicada:matrix.orgGod of the Crying cicadas changed their display name from Crying cicadas to God of the Crying cicadas.
20:45:34@brucelively:matrix.orgBruce Lively set a profile picture.
20:48:45@brucelively:matrix.orgBruce Lively changed their display name from brucelively to Bruce Lively.
22:41:53@sakurakara:matrix.org@sakurakara:matrix.org joined the room.
15 Mar 2019
02:51:55@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissistbanned@sakurakara:matrix.org@sakurakara:matrix.org.
17 Mar 2019
23:58:05@noellraisin:matrix.orgNoelRaisin joined the room.
23:58:48@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissist bitches ain't shit but nigger bread with glasses
23:59:41@7thchronicle:matrix.orgChronicles joined the room.
18 Mar 2019
00:05:03@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissist I think that link doesn't work for app, I'd just send the atlas one tell to go to general 2
00:11:32@thelittlemapgirl:matrix.orgLola the little narcissist invited @amethodofchaos1:matrix.orgStress by a Mountain of Books.
00:11:44@amethodofchaos1:matrix.orgStress by a Mountain of Books joined the room.
00:11:55@amethodofchaos1:matrix.orgStress by a Mountain of BooksThere
00:12:09@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissistsmexy
00:15:25@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissist ahh you see, if you all don't have an input on Mac's discussion on curry, you all can continue gossiping here
00:15:36@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissistshould try get all active members in here hehe
00:15:57@thelittlemapgirl:matrix.orgLola the little narcissistbuttttt babe
00:16:46@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissist Baby's butt is nice yup
00:17:04@amosyee:matrix.orgAmos The Narcissist (that was so lame I'm sorry)
00:17:25@thelittlemapgirl:matrix.orgLola the little narcissistgossiping is fun
04:45:06@kokichioma:matrix.orgkokichioma joined the room.
14:52:16@casanovadelight:matrix.orgcasanova joined the room.
15:05:29@masterseymour:matrix.orgMaster Seymour joined the room.

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