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28 May 2023
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 omg 04:48:07
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 what was that 04:48:08
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis WHOEVER is in charge of the matrix channel ( trosel is it you) needs to get on there and deal with that because the spambots are sending porn now 😐 04:48:08
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 y yeah 04:48:09
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 he said he deleted it (his matrix bridge thing) because of the stress 04:48:09
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 * he said he deleted it (his matrix bridge thing) because of the stress 04:48:11
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 No i didn’t because people begged me to keep it lol 04:48:11
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 MATRIX SUCKS 04:48:12
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@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 yeah some dude send a d pic 04:53:51
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 honestly is the bridge even worth it, this is the 2nd spam bot today alone 04:53:55
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 IT IS NOT 04:53:57
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 DELETE IT 04:53:59
@_discord_730443502114045984:t2bot.io·𐑜𐑤𐑨𐑕 ᚸᛚᚫᛋ I’m not sure if it’s exclusively this one but if it is this one seems more trouble than it’s worth 04:55:27
@_discord_359080012856557569:t2bot.ioseweli#3798 I think the Telegram channel for Kotava is empty from a long time. It was a bad idea to bridge it. 05:48:11
@_discord_359080012856557569:t2bot.ioseweli#3798 Anyway, I can't find the link to this group anymore. But we can't do anything on the Telegram group because I remember there is no more administrator in it. 05:52:31
@_discord_359080012856557569:t2bot.ioseweli#3798 But, thinking about that... This group has probably been deleted. The spam comes directly from the bridge: Matrix 05:55:54
@_discord_359080012856557569:t2bot.ioseweli#3798 * But, thinking again about that... The Telegram group has probably been deleted a long time ago. The spam comes directly from the bridge: Matrix 05:56:26
@_discord_359080012856557569:t2bot.ioseweli#3798 I propose to set this Discord server to make any bridge impossible. What do you think? 05:59:21
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 I mean not all bridges are bad… 07:05:43
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 look at the Globasa bridge. They ask regular questions and participate like normal humans 07:06:09
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iokapucino#9309 changed their display name from kapucino to kapucino#9309.10:37:15
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29 May 2023
@_discord_480793516331630592:t2bot.ioCosta digdatol ekotuson 🍺💦 This is what I come back to 17:09:07
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30 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
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