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10 Dec 2018
15:46:32@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaYou enter and then exit instantly, isnĀ“t?
15:46:34@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiI just tested this in the hall.
15:46:37@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaI will add to the bug list
15:46:46@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsuginot sure if such an issue exists in other maps.
15:47:02@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaAh, that another one .... hmmmm
15:47:29@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaI understood this will happen just in EasyRPG
15:47:36@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaI will seek if there's a workaround
15:47:45@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattafor hide the past map
15:48:01@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiOkay, btw, a small issue.
15:48:28@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiThe camera seems to be too high when you are going down.
15:49:43@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiThe video for climbing the stairs looks quite right.
15:51:20@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiI feel like I am 2 meters high when I am going down the stairs :P
15:52:30@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiNormally people won't look at the stair which is directly below him
15:53:04@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaIt's a perspective thing. I added that to the Cesar TODO list
15:53:16@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattato see the situation and mitigate that
15:54:06@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiOkay, I believe that's all for this time.
15:55:34@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiAnd thank you :)
15:56:24@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiShould I submit the current build to Steam for their review?
15:56:38@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiIt won't really affect anything though.
15:58:41@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaI don't think there more language issues
15:58:50@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaso I think we can do it
15:58:59@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaxbox controller is supported now
15:59:03@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiokay, then let me submit it.
15:59:14@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaand steamcloud config fixed
15:59:23@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattaand the suggestion some has implemented
15:59:32@ebarbaguelatta:matrix.orgebarbaguelattathank you
16:04:13@akatsugi:matrix.orgakatsugiSubmitted, let's say what they will say.

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